4 ways Sami Zayn can turn babyface in WWE

Sami Zayn can revert to being a babyface in four ways
Sami Zayn can revert to being a babyface in four ways

As a heel, Sami Zayn has left the WWE fans divided. He has had a good run as the bad guy, winning multiple titles. However, it can be argued that his babyface personality brought out the best in him.

Zayn was a face for thirteen years, from his debut in 2004 till 2017. The Underdog from the Underground had a naturally good vibe about him, which is still prevalent. His uplifting theme song combined with his helpful nature shouts "crowd favorite" in every way.

He excelled as a face, but WWE wanted to experiment with him. It has worked wonders, with Zayn being a fantastic heel despite his likable qualities. It remains to be seen how the company will book him after his current storyline with The Bloodline ends.

Hopefully, he will again be a good guy by then. Here are four ways WWE can book a potential babyface turn for Sami Zayn.

#4 Turn babyface on the Usos

The honorary Uce has no share in the gold
The honorary Uce has no share in the gold

Sami Zayn lost his Intercontinental Championship to Ricochet in March this year. Since then, he has been nowhere near gold. Considering his caliber, it's about time that his pitiful dry-run regarding championships is brought to an end.

Meanwhile, The Usos are the reigning Undisputed Tag Team Champions. They are on a high along with the face of WWE, Roman Reigns. The honorary Uce has no share in this glory. Moreover, he is neither getting respect nor acknowledgment from the fans for his role in helping them.

It is only a matter of time when WWE starts utilizing Sami Zayn differently. One way of doing so is by letting The Master Strategist snap. Jealousy or feeling of insignificance might cause him to attack Jimmy and Jey. Subsequently, he can team up with another superstar, preferably Kevin Owens, and feud for the tag titles.

The angle could lead to the Canadian star moving on from his obnoxious heel persona to begin a run as a babyface. This will also be beneficial to WWE as there isn't any competition left for The Usos as their feud with the Street Profits is becoming boring and monotonous.

#3. Sami Zayn feud's with Mr Money in the Bank

The recent episode of SmackDown saw Theory in a match against Madcap Moss. After the bout, he again declared his intentions of cashing in the Money in the Bank contract at SummerSlam. The spotlight was short-lived, however, as Sami Zayn interrupted his speech midway.

The Critic of the Critics warned the youngster of "consequences" if he went against The Bloodline. But Theory remained unfazed. He mocked Zayn's injury and his status as the honorary Uce, while calling him a “suckup.”

WWE could capitalize on this potential rivalry. Theory is a heel since he arrived on the main roster in 2019. While feuding with him, Sami Zayn can naturally revert to a babyface role.

He seemingly would lose the feud because WWE wants to push "the future" of the company. However, the three-time Intercontinental Champion would gain sympathy from the fans after the loss. It will kickstart his rise in popularity among the crowd.

Roman Reigns might suspend Zayn as the honorary Uce after his loss against Theory. This could provide an opportunity for him to strike against The Bloodline. With the newly-found crowd support, The Master Strategist would be better than ever to face off against The Tribal Chief in a traditional babyface versus heel scene.

#2. Helluva Kick The Head of the Table

Roman Reigns did get a taste of Sami's finisher earlier
Roman Reigns did get a taste of Sami's finisher earlier

The story unfolding on the blue brand is about Sami Zayn's obsession with Roman Reigns. He does not want to "disrupt the order of things" and wants to protect The Head of the Table.

Unfortunately for the former Intercontinental Champion, The Tribal Chief has no full-time role in The Bloodline. He occasionally abandons Zayn, leaving him in the custody of The Usos. It is only a matter of time before Brock Lesnar gets his hands on the honorary Uce. The Usos apparently won't be able to save him from The Beast Incarnate.

In such a scenario, Sami would get a new perspective on his idolization of Reigns. He would accuse The Tribal Chief of not protecting him even though the three-time Intercontinental Champion did everything for him. Turning babyface, he might want a piece of Reigns himself or make vivid plans to break the Bloodline starting from The Usos.

#1. Help the Beast Incarnate win at WWE SummerSlam

Sami Zayn can turn babyface by helping Brock Lesnar in his upcoming bout
Sami Zayn can turn babyface by helping Brock Lesnar in his upcoming bout

This year's SummerSlam will witness Brock Lesnar take on Roman Reigns in a Last Man Standing match. While the odds are on the Tribal Chief's side, Sami Zayn could hamper the 700+ day WWE title run.

The bout could possibly witness Theory cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase. Subsequently, the honorary Uce might come to the aid of Roman Reigns. After nullifying the Theory threat, The Master Strategist can turn the tables on The Head of The Table.

This would lead to a brief alliance with Brock Lesnar, where they double-team against The Tribal Chief, allowing The Beast Incarnate to obtain the title. This scenario would be in stark contrast to the one in SmackDown when Lesnar cost Zayn a championship opportunity against Reigns.

A cheap shot on the new champion after the bout would get them even while highlighting Sami Zayn’s involvement in the world title picture. He would have created an identity of his own by not playing second-fiddle to the Reigns vs Lesnar feud.

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