5 WWE Superstars Aleister Black can target after his return to SmackDown

Aleister Black is back!
Aleister Black is back!
Rohit Nath
Modified 24 Apr 2021
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After more than half a year away, Aleister Black is back. He moved to SmackDown in the 2020 WWE Draft but wasn't utilized for a single minute post that. While he was expected to be on the "chopping board" for the latest set of WWE releases, he surprisingly wasn't.

Instead, rumors emerged from PWInsider around the same time that WWE had already started filming vignettes and promos for his return. That turned out to be true, as Black was finally seen on WWE TV after half a year. It's a long-overdue return, and we're curious to see how it plays out.

What's interesting to note is that Black is a heel - which is picking up exactly where he left off. Here are five potential opponents for Aleister Black upon his return to SmackDown:

#5. Daniel Bryan - Could Aleister Black drive him out of SmackDown?

Daniel Bryan seems to be on the cusp of a big transition
Daniel Bryan seems to be on the cusp of a big transition

Daniel Bryan is set to face Roman Reigns on SmackDown next week for the Universal Championship. Reigns said that if Bryan loses, he has to go away. The instant assumption is that Daniel Bryan is being written off WWE TV and will go away for a while.

While there are plenty of ways to go about protecting Bryan, one great way to go about it would be to utilize Black while simultaneously setting up a rivalry for the future.

If Aleister Black were to have an encounter with Daniel Bryan, it could lead to him interfering in the match and costing the multi-time World Champion. If done right, a consistent push for Aleister Black could mean a blockbuster match against Bryan down the line.

Given how vocal Daniel Bryan has been about taking a step back, this might just be the right way to go about it.

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Published 24 Apr 2021
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