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WWE SmackDown Live Results: Analysing and grading each segment (27th December):

Yet another spectacular episode of SmackDown Live...


AJ Styles vs John Cena III is official for the Royal Rumble 2017, with the WWE Championship on the line

Once again, SmackDown Live produced a spectacular episode, with the special ‘Wildcard Finals’ edition to close the year living up to the hype. While Raw produced one of their worst shows of 2016, SmackDown Live exhilarated fans with one of their best, as the blue brand closed 2016 with a bang.

Each segment was extremely enjoyable, with the show feeling like a PPV when it went off the air. John Cena returned, challenging whoever emerged WWE Champion in the main event to a title match at the Royal Rumble 2017 in San Antonio, Texas.

SmackDown’s top four tag teams clashed in a Four Corners Tag Team Elimination match for the Wyatts’ championships, with American Alpha emerging victorious in a huge (and awesome) victory to win the titles.

Becky Lynch and Alexa Bliss clashed for Bliss’ Women’s Championship, with a new ‘La Luchadora’ costing Lynch the title in confusing fashion.

Dean Ambrose ambushed the Miz backstage, after the A-Lister’s actions towards him and Renee Young on last week’s episode, with an IC Title match announced between the two for next week’s show.

AJ Styles defended his WWE Championship in an outstanding main event against Baron Corbin and Dolph Ziggler, with Styles managing to retain the gold. These segments combined to produce another phenomenal episode from the blue brand, but which segments/matches stole the show?

Let’s find out, as I analyse and grade each match from the December 27th edition of SmackDown Live.

John Cena returns and issues a Challenge:

John Cena returned in spectacular fashion to open the show

Grade: 9/10

This was an excellent way to open the show, with Cena’s return immediately hyping up the crowd. It was awesome to see Cena back in a WWE ring after more than two months away, and he knows exactly how to control and work the crowd. He did it perfectly here with the raucous Chicago fans.

Cena challenging the winner of the WWE title match later was great, as it added more intrigue to see who would walk out Champion by the end of the night. Cena’s reasons for getting a title shot were also excellent, as he added some edge to his character by saying that he is John Cena, so he can do whatever he wants.

This was a new and extremely intriguing side of Cena, who often falls back into his usual corny shtick too often. Maybe we will see a more heelish side of Cenation against AJ Styles, and eventually The Undertaker.

Overall, a fantastic promo from Cena as usual, and a splendid way to open the show, with Cena’s title match at the Royal Rumble set to be another classic between him and the champion, AJ Styles.

Check out his return here:

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