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WWE SmackDown Live vs. WWE Raw: Who came out on top before Roadblock?

Can SmackDown Live redeem itself? We take a look at the best parts of each show this week to determine the winner!

Both shows need to up their games after last week’s borefest

Both shows were poor last week, but Raw managed to pinch a win and made the series 11-9. In a decision that is sure to divide the fans every week, I awarded the win to Raw because it was a more entertaining show and at the moment it is hitting the spot with the storylines and matches it has been broadcasting. 

The Superstars feel more believable, and I look forward to watching it more than SmackDown Live.

This is a stark contrast to the start of the draft, where SmackDown Live was the better show. Now that the novelty of it being live has worn off and the main event scene has become somewhat stale, it is just letting itself down lately. 

Raw may have a double champion by the end of this week, so SmackDown Live really needs to do everything it can this week so that it is not eclipsed.

This week we will be looking at the best of both shows once again and with Roadblock: End of the line coming up, I expect new matches to be announced along with some solid build up to get us excited for the festivities on Sunday. SmackDown has less pressure as it tries to build itself back up and add some legitimacy to the main event scene. 

Will Ellsworth show up again? With AJ Styles out of action until Boxing Day, we could be looking at a big blessing in disguise.

So without further ado, let’s get into it…

Sami is InZayn!

Foley lit a fire!

I thought Sami Zayn would be lost in the mix when he joined Raw and was a big advocate of him joining SmackDown Live. However, this feud with Braun Strowman is absolutely the right direction for the character to go. Mick Foley initially refused to give Zayn the match, due to his safety and other reasons that no-one really bought. 

This led to an awkward situation where he threatened to trade him to SmackDown Live.

As Zayn was successful in his singles match against Jinder Mahal, Mick Foley turned up to run over the finer details of the trade, triggering Sami, as he revealed he would be traded for Eva Marie. Zayn went insane and squared up to Foley showing a fire and desire that the Raw General Manager had been looking for. 

The trade was revealed to be a ruse to see if Zayn was ready for Strowman. Foley agreed he was and arranged the match for this Sunday at Roadblock. Mick Foley has this uncanny ability to use his promo skills to really put wrestlers over. He is a great choice as the General Manager of Raw. 

If he endorses someone, they will get over, as Foley has that sort of respect from the crowd. He’s done a fantastic job with Zayn so far in keeping him relevant in a very stacked card, and I am very excited for his match this Sunday at Roadblock.

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