WWE SmackDown Preview: Surprise for Roman Reigns, WrestleMania title feud set to begin? (Feb 5th, 2021)

WWE SmackDown looks promising this week
WWE SmackDown looks promising this week

We are all set for the first episode of WWE SmackDown after Royal Rumble 2021. The pay-per-view gave us exciting results that could have significant implications on the Road to WrestleMania. Between new title feuds and old alliances, a lot can unfold on the Blue brand tonight. Not to forget, Edge will make an appearance on WWE SmackDown this week.

In this article, we will look at things that can transpire on WWE SmackDown this week. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

#1 Edge challenges Roman Reigns for a title match at WrestleMania on WWE SmackDown

Roman Reigns needs to keep an eye on Edge
Roman Reigns needs to keep an eye on Edge

Earlier this week, Edge defeated 29 other Superstars to pick a historical win at Royal Rumble. Following the pay-per-view, he had a brief interaction with Drew McIntyre on RAW, but The Rated-R Superstar clarified that he would think about his decision. This segment then ended with Sheamus turning against the WWE Champion.

Soon after that, it was confirmed that Edge would make an appearance on WWE SmackDown. While it would be great to see Edge back on the Blue brand, the fans are excited to find out about The Rated-R Superstar’s plans for WrestleMania. Given the recent developments, one can’t be blamed for anticipating that Edge will pick Roman Reigns as his WrestleMania opponent.

This match will allow for the much-awaited Spear vs. Spear bout between Edge and Roman Reigns at The Grandest Stage of Them All. Moreover, it will allow enough time for the creative to slowly develop this rivalry without making Edge overwork from now until WrestleMania. This storyline has a lot of potential, and it could all start on WWE SmackDown this week

Both Edge and Roman Reigns are on two opposite sides of the spectrum in WWE today. One is quite possibly the best babyface when it comes to the amalgamation of good talent and nostalgia inside the ring. The other has established himself as arguably the biggest heel on WWE SmackDown and the entire business.

Edge challenging a Superstar from WWE SmackDown would make for a good surprise. In addition to that, it will be huge for Reigns who can now carry himself on the mic. Not to forget, he has Paul Heyman who can make you root for the worst guys in any storyline. It will be interesting to see how the creative will explore this potential feud going forward.

#2 Bianca Belair challenges Sasha Banks for the WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship at WrestleMania

Bianca Belair has her eyes set on the prize
Bianca Belair has her eyes set on the prize

On Sunday, Bianca Belair won the Women’s Royal Rumble after an excellent showing. She is expected to address her victory on WWE SmackDown this week. If the creative will take their time with Edge’s final decision, then we might see Bianca Belair make her choice sometime soon.

Belair was always billed as the next big thing in the women’s division. She has had brief interactions with Sasha Banks in the past, but both Superstars teamed up instead of facing each other. That could change on WWE SmackDown this week if Belair declares her intention to challenge Banks for the title at WrestleMania.

Interestingly both Belair and Banks are babyfaces right now. Hence, we could see a plausible heel turn as we inch closer to the biggest pay-per-view of the year. The two Superstars are extremely talented and can deliver a brutal feud as we inch closer to The Grandest Stage of Them All. It has been a while since we saw a big rivalry involving the WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship and it could very well change tonight.

#3 Big E enters a complicated title feud on WWE SmackDown

There is a new name in this mix
There is a new name in this mix

Big E’s Intercontinental Championship reign on WWE SmackDown has been eventful. He is currently involved in a feud with Apollo Crews, and the latter looks keen on taking the title away from the former New Day member. Additionally, he has also teased a plausible alliance with Roman Reigns, and we could see a few exciting developments in that area.

But Crews is not the only one posing a threat to Big E’s title reign. He has also been involved in several altercations with Sami Zayn. Zayn inserted himself in the title match on WWE SmackDown and expected to be involved in this rivalry going forward. Thus, we could soon see Big E defend his gold against both these Superstars.

Ideally, Big E should carry on with the title a little longer and face other opponents in his championship reign on WWE SmackDown. He could use this momentum when he is eventually pushed into the world title picture on the Blue brand. But for now, Big E has to focus on two opponents who are closely eyeing his every move.

#4 Baron Corbin continues his feud with the Mysterio family on WWE SmackDown

Baron Corbin would want his revenge on WWE SmackDown
Baron Corbin would want his revenge on WWE SmackDown

Baron Corbin has been feuding with the Mysterio family on WWE SmackDown for a few weeks now. Dominik Mysterio even eliminated Corbin from the Royal Rumble match that is bound to bear consequences. While Dominik Mysterio has had his moments against Corbin, he is yet to beat him inside the ring. The same applies to Rey Mysterio, but he might take a backseat as we advance.

Thus, we could see this rivalry continue on WWE SmackDown over the next few weeks. Interestingly, we could see the likes of Aalyah Mysterio and Murphy getting involved as the storyline moves further. Between shocking heel turns and jaw-dropping victories, there is a lot that can happen in this feud.

Any storyline involving Corbin works wonders in putting his opponent over with the WWE Universe. This is something that Dominik Mysterio desperately needs since he has had a relatively quiet time on WWE SmackDown in the last few months. We hope to see both the Superstars actively involved in a compelling narration that will end up benefitting the young talent this month.

#5 What’s next for Seth Rollins on WWE SmackDown?

Seth Rollins' return would be huge for WWE SmackDown
Seth Rollins' return would be huge for WWE SmackDown

At Royal Rumble, we witnessed the much-anticipated return of Seth Rollins. It appears that he is still a heel and will continue as a villain on WWE SmackDown. That said, Rollins will now actively look for new feuds since the Mysterio family is already busy with Baron Corbin. The possibilities are endless, and the creative will look the make the best use of his arrival on the Blue brand.

It is possible that we will see Rollins go after someone like Daniel Bryan on WWE SmackDown. The latter is not involved in any other storyline and could deliver a compelling feud alongside Rollins. This would certainly make for a better choice compared to putting both names in any title picture immediately.

We could also see Seth Rollins go after Big E and his Intercontinental Championship on WWE SmackDown. It would account for an exciting title feud that will set up a good match for Fastlane next month. But most importantly, it will be interesting to see if Rollins and Roman Reigns will cross paths on the Blue brand in the coming weeks.

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