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WWE SmackDown Results November 8th, 2019: Winners, Grades, Video Highlights for latest Friday Night SmackDown

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Published 09 Nov 2019, 08:46 IST
09 Nov 2019, 08:46 IST

The Fiend made a huge impact tonight
The Fiend made a huge impact tonight

King Corbin kicked off SmackDown in the UK and hyped Survivor Series. He blamed Roman Reigns for some reason and kept ranting quite incoherently. He played a funny animation of a dog barking 'like a chihuahua' but Roman never came out. Corbin kept taunting Roman before finally leaving the ring after laying down his final burn.

Segment rating: B-

The New Day were backstage and Big E thought Xavier Woods was in jail when he was really in recovery after an injury. E was turning into a discount R-Truth.

The Revival (c) vs. The New Day - SmackDown Tag Team Championship match

7-Time champs baybee!
7-Time champs baybee!

Kofi & Dawson kicked us off and they both made the tags rather quickly. The New Day were in control and Wilder looked hurt as we headed for a break. The Revival hit a double team but E broke up the pin. Kofi hit an SOS but The Revival took out E right after with a tandem move for a near fall. Kofi hit the Trouble in Paradise with the help of E and secured the gold for the seventh time!

Result: The New Day def. The Revival to become the new SmackDown Tag Team Champions


Match rating: B

Rate New Day's Tag Team Title win right here!

Roman Reigns arrived at the arena and Shorty G filled him in on the opening segment from Corbin. Sami Zayn caught up with Daniel Bryan backstage to say that the offer to join him and Nakamura was still on the table.

Heavy Machinery were out to the ring for a match but NXT UK's Imperium were out to attack them. The Blue Brand Superstars flocked the ring and defended the Machinery. driving the attackers away.

Backstage, Bayley & Sasha Banks reminded us that they had their sights on Becky Lynch and Shayna Baszler ahead of Survivor Series.

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Modified 21 Dec 2019, 00:59 IST
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