WWE SmackDown Review – 26 Feb 2015

WWE SmackDown 26 Feb 2015

The show started with Daniel Bryan addressing the WWE universe. He spoke about the β€˜No’ chants earlier and the support the WWE universe extended to him and how that instilled confidence in him to main event WrestleMania 30 and win the WWE WHC. He spoke about his failure at FastLane to capitalize the second opportunity given to him to main event this year’s WM. He also said that, he has big plans for this year’s WM before being interrupted by BNB.

BNB said that Bryan has lost his spot light and is looking to captivate people with words just like the lunatic fringe, Dean Ambrose. Ambrose interrupts BNB and a brawl between these two broke out in the ring. Bryan handed over the IC title to Ambrose and both Ambrose and Bryan kicked BNB out of the ring.

Dean Ambrose vs The Miz:

The Miz was put into a match with Ambrose. Ambrose attacked Miz and gave him a general round of beating. Ambrose gained momentum after he delivered a bulldog to Miz. He tried to follow it up with a jump from the top robe but BNB came to take away his title. Dean jumped on BNB and this deviation helped Miz to attempt a failed Skull crushing finale. Dean quickly delivered dirty deeds and picked up the win. Meanwhile, BNB sneaked away with the IC title.

Renee Young interviewed BNB backstage and he slandered Dean and Bryan.

Winner: Dean Ambrose

Natalya vs Naomi:

Natalya was accompanied by the tag team champs Kidd and Cesaro while Naomi got company of the Usos. The match was a mix of shoulder tackles, slides, submission holds and exchange of blows. The momentum shift in the match took place when both the divas collided in the middle of the ring and both were down.

Kidd tried to interrupt but was taken away by the Usos outside the ring. Natalya pretended an injury but while the referee was checking for her injury, she delivered a vicious clothesline to Naomi and bagged the victory.

Winner: Natalya

Swagger interrupts Rusev:

The US champ Rusev was addressing John Cena denying a rematch at WM 31. He was interrupted by Swagger, who claimed that Rusev was afraid of Cena. Lana ran her mouth over USA claiming that all WWE superstars were cowards.

Rusev went on the attack, putting Swagger in the Accolade submission while the Russian flag dropped over the ring.

Daniel Bryan vs BNB:

R-Truth was on the mic for this match. The match started with a series of blows and kicks by both superstars. Bryan went for a submission move but released it, attacking the right leg of BNB. Daniel looks for a running clothesline but BNB drops him in the middle of the ring. The two superstars fight outside the ring for some time and Bryan delivers a clothesline to BNB, back in the ring. DB follows it up with a series of kicks on the chest and blasts BNB’s head with a kick. DB covers BNB but Barrett kicks down at 2.

Bryan climbs top rope and jumps on BNB. Barrett blocks it and attempts for wasteland but gets caught in the Yes lock. Meanwhile, Truth steals the IC title from ringside. BNB breaks the hold and pushes Bryan into the steel post, shoulder first. BNB looks for a bold hammer elbow but DB delivers a running knee to Barrett for the victory.

Winner: Daniel Bryan

Byron Saxton interviews Roman Reigns backstage about FastLane and WrestleMania plans.

R-Truth finds Ambrose backstage and gives him Barrett’s IC title belt. Truth says that SmackDown is on fire with two title changes in the same night.

The Primetime players defeated two debutants.

Bray Wyatt cut yet another promo with a cryptic message to the Phenom.

Fandango vs Curtis Axel:

Winner: Fandango

Goldust vs Adam Rose:

Goldust delivered a power slam to Rose. Rose kicked Goldust on the head and climbed the top rope and tried to drop on Goldie. But Goldust blocked that move and delivered the Final Cut for the victory. Stardust was disguised as one of the rosebuds and attacked his brother.

Winner: Goldust

FastLane Rematch – Dolph, Ryback, Rowan vs Big Show, Kane and Rollins:

Kane and Rowan start the proceedings. Rowan delivered a high flying elbow to Kane and made a tag to Ziggler. Ziggler delivered a drop kick to Kane and Kane managed to tag Rollins.

Ziggler delivered a neck breaker to Rollins and followed it up with an elbow to the chest. He made a failed attempt to deliver the famouser. Rollins made a tag to Big Show and Show manhandled Ziggler and made a tag to Kane. Kane delivered a big boot to Ziggler and a series of tags between Kane, Rollins and Big Show were made.

Ziggler was covered by Rollins but Ziggler kicks down at 2. Ziggler delivered a famouser to Show and Show made a tag to Kane. Dolph delivered a DDT to Kane and made a tag to Ryback while Kane made a tag to Rollins. Ryback tossed Rollins in the middle of the ring and followed it up with a meat hook. Ryback attacks J&J security and made a failed attempt to deliver Shell Shocked to Rollins.

All the 6 superstars collided with one another and all chaos broke loose. Ziggler delivers a Zig Zag to Kane and Ryback delivers Shell Shocked to Rollins for the victory.

Winner: Ryback, Ziggler and Rowan.

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