WWE Survivor Series 2022: What if The Bloodline loses the WarGames Match?

Will The Bloodline fail at WWE Survivor Series 2022?
Will The Bloodline fail at WWE Survivor Series 2022?

Triple H could pull off a major swerve at WWE Survivor Series 2022 by booking The Bloodline on the losing end in the men's WarGames Match. The title of the ‘most dominant faction’ in wrestling history could be up in the air.

The Bloodline versus Brawling Brutes was a highly anticipated showdown and was booked via an injury angle. It started with Solo Sikoa breaking Sheamus' arm on the October 21 edition of SmackDown. The Celtic Warrior returned a month later with his brutish gang to challenge Roman Reigns' authority and set the plans for a WarGames Match at WWE Survivor Series 2022.


The Bloodline is the favorite to win and assert its dominance on the main roster. However, what could be truly spectacular is the victory over Brawling Brutes. It will pave the way for some interesting stories after WWE Survivor Series 2022 while also refueling the dormant ones on the Road to WrestleMania.

Sami Zayn will probably be on the receiving end of The Bloodline's frustrations. The Honorary Uce has a soft spot for Kevin Owens which could lead to a tragic failure of Roman Reigns' stooges. If such an angle pans out, the onset of a KO-Zayn reunion after the latter's heated split with the Uceys would be inevitable.

Meanwhile, Sheamus is going to be the next big thing in Roman Reigns' historic reign. He has been on a roll since his face turn. Expect the former rivals to battle it out for the WWE Title. Ridge Holland and Butch could keep The Usos busy while Drew McIntyre will look to settle things once-and-for-all with Solo Sikoa.

The Brawling Brutes are unfazed going into the WarGames match against The Bloodline at WWE Survivor Series 2022

Following their victory against Judgment Day, the Brawling Brutes were joined by Cathy Kelley in a WWE Digital Exclusive. Sheamus pointed out how each member of his team brings something to the table.

"We’ve got Butch who has been in three of them (WarGames), he’s our ace in the hole. To me left, Ridge “The Fridge” was made for this type of match. He’s a bleeding battering ram. We’ve got Drew McIntyre, a man I’ve had a bleeding intense rivalry with for twenty years, and a man I am delighted to go to war with."

He further added:

"And of course, KO, who dislikes The Bloodline just as much as all four of us. And we, what do we like to do? We like to go in for a fight. We are the Brawling Brutes and this Saturday, it is a bleeding war." (H/T SeScoops)

WWE Survivor Series 2022 will emanate from the TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts, on November 26.

Who, according to you, will win the Survivor Series men's WarGames match? Give your thoughts in the comment section below.

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