WWE TLC: Ranking the best match of all 5 gimmicks in the PPV's history

WWE TLC has been rich in gimmick matches.
WWE TLC has been rich in gimmick matches.
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Modified 09 Dec 2020
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Like several other gimmick-based pay-per-views in WWE, fans know what to expect with TLC. It was made pretty clear from the first edition in 2009. Aside from the titular TLC Match, WWE has held Tables matches, Ladder matches and Chairs matches at the event.

This diverse set of stipulation matches has brought about some excitement and drama, even if it has been difficult to organically book such bouts in recent years. There have been some great matches under various stipulations at TLC, as well as a few of them that did not deliver.

It isn't particularly easy to have a classic Chairs Match, considering the limitations of the stipulation. That being said, some such matches have delivered over the years. The same can be said for Tables matches, while a Ladder Match is almost always entertaining.

This list will look at the best match of each TLC stipulation in the pay-per-view's history, including one that was added for a solitary year. These are the standards that have been set, as far as the TLC pay-per-view is concerned.

#5 The Big Show vs. Erick Rowan: Stairs Match (WWE TLC 2014)

Back in 2014, WWE tried to get too ambitious with the TLC pay-per-view concept. They added another match type and changed the show's name to Tables, Ladders, Chairs, and Stairs. There has only been one Stairs Match in WWE history, and with good reason. So, by default, The Big Show vs. Erick Rowan was the best match under the gimmick. 

Fresh off a surprising babyface turn, the former Wyatt Family member stood up to The World's Largest Athlete. However, the match wasn't very good. The action was slow and plodding, with the only weapon used being the steel steps.

There was some innovative stair-based offense, like Big Show spearing Rowan through a wall of stairs stacked on each other. The finish also involved the steel steps, as Big Show used it to pin Rowan down.

This match proved that not every WWE weapon deserves its own match. TLC 2014 saw an overkill of these weapons, with a lot of dull stipulation matches. The Big Show and Erick Rowan were at the forefront of that.

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Published 09 Dec 2020
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