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Top 10 Immortal insults in WWE

The greatest insults are worth remembering..

Enzo and Cass have insults locked down

An insult in a pro wrestling rivalry is what makes the world go round; it heightens the crowd reaction and attempts to get over with them. If it’s a positive reaction for a babyface, or a negative reaction for a heel then it is all good. It can either give us some satisfaction or have us seething in anger. Over the years we have seen some great insults from either side that we will remember in time. If you have a conversation with a friend reminiscing the time an event happened, that’s just a great thing. 

My friends and I always talk about things like this – it reminds us of great times, and it’s something to this day we tell our kids about. That’s the fun part about all of this. Remembering how we felt, how much we either loved it or hated it. 

We had a lot of great insults and comebacks over the years, and while we can’t include everything right now, let’s take a look at a few of them for the time being. It is time to go down memory lane.

#10  Rated RKO gives DX a taste of their own medicine

When DX had their revival going on in the late 2000’s, they had their hands full with Edge and Randy Orton, better known as the team of Rated RKO. DX was always known to impersonate other teams, particularly ones they feuded with. The tables were turned on this one, as Edge and Orton decided they were going to parody the legendary team.

From their acting of being older to insulting everyone including fans, it was a pretty funny segment. The visuals were hilarious; Orton pulled off the chaps I’d say. Seriously though, I like how Orton played into the Legend Killer persona, which was brilliant. Plus, I had completely forgotten about when Triple H turned on him when in Evolution. So it was a good refresher to see all of that parlay in this. 

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