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Top 5 Moments from Elimination Chamber history

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Ever since its inception, the Elimination Chamber match has managed to capture the imagination of WWE fans. The steel structure with ideal rule set is sure to entertain the fans at every corner and it wouldn’t be any different this Sunday. WWE has lined up some interesting matches for the show and we might get to see some awesome moments as well.

The superstars competing inside the chamber on Sunday will however have some benchmarks from the past to meet. Over the years, there have been a lot of standout moments and jaw-dropping spots from the Elimination Chamber matches and here is a run-down of them:

Honorable Mention: Santino Marella surprises everyone (2012)

Santino Marella was probably never taken seriously by the WWE fans. Throughout his career, he was treated as a comedic character and that is why in 2012, he almost caused the biggest surprise of the PG era.

First of all, no one saw anything serious when Santino was included in the chamber match. Everyone though that Marella was just a filler character but that assumption soon turned on its head when he eliminated Cody Rhodes and Wade Barrett.

Marella was just moments away from being the World Champion when he almost came through Daniel Bryan as well. But WWE decided that it was better to end the fairy tale story there than giving Santino the World Championship.

Edge Cashes in (2006)

Technically this did not happen in the chamber. Instead, it happened after the chamber match. The incident happened at the New Year’s resolution pay-per-view of 2006. John Cena battled through a grueling Elimination Chamber match to keep the title around his waist but was met with a big surprise once the match concluded.

Edge earned the tag of being the ultimate opportunist that day when he came out with the Money in the Bank briefcase. He cashed in the contract and it took him more than one spear to keep Cena down. Now, the best part about all this was the story it told. One had to feel sorry for Cena after all he went through inside the chamber.

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