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WWE Top Five Rumors of the week and Analysis: 26th September, 2016

Dean Ambrose's hiatus after No Mercy, Ziggler's contract status and more.

Ambrose to leave after No Mercy?

Clash of Champions proved to be a good outing for WWE. Although the pay-per-view did not create anything that broke the internet, it was a solid show that made the die-hard fans talk. A host of rumors about the pay-per-view came crashing down last night with the most notable one being about the return of Goldberg. But then again, the fan base is never going to stop speculating.

Keeping the wild rumors about Clash of Champions apart, some other interesting rumors poked up this past week including speculations about departures, plan changes and much more. As in the case every week, here is a compilation of all the major ones and their analysis.

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