WWE Wrestlemania 35: 4 indications that prove John Cena will replace Baron Corbin as Angle's opponent

Wrestlemania 35
Wrestlemania 35
Shiven Sachdeva

The entire WWE Universe was in shock when Kurt Angle announced that he would be taking on Baron Corbin his final match in WWE at Wrestlemania 35.

While it was reported that Angle had gotten to choose the Superstars he would face during his retirement tour, he was not given the choice when it came to his Wrestlemania opponent.

After a legendary career spanning 20 years, Kurt Angle deserved a farewell match that generated buzz much like Ric Flair taking on Shawn Michaels or the streak vs career match which saw Shawn Michaels being retired by The Undertaker.

Having The former Olympic Gold Medalist pitted against a mid-card talent has been seen as a rather underwhelming move by WWE, as a lot of fans were hoping that it would be John Cena who would retire Kurt Angle.

However, that still may be possible:

#4 Major fan backlash


Either WWE has lost complete touch with their fan base, or they thought that with fans getting their way with Kofi Kingston, and Becky Lynch being pushed to the top, Baron Corbin's little push would go unnoticed.

When Kurt Angle announced that he had "chosen" Baron Corbin as his very last opponent, there was a major backlash online with fans venting out their frustration and stating that Angle deserved better for his last match.

Even Kurt Angle's wife tweeted her disappointment, although the tweet was later taken down by her.

The fans backlash was so huge, that even WWE was caught off guard and reportedly were contemplating changing the announced match. However, in the end, they decided to continue with the build, even though the fans have continued to voice their displeasure. WWE may realise that disappointing the fans is not a good idea, especially on the grandest stage of them all, and give the fans a match that they have been waiting for.

#3 WWE keeping John Cena's Wrestlemania plans a secret

John Cena
John Cena

Even with Wrestlemania right around the corner, WWE has remained tight-lipped about The Champ's role at the grand stage. It has been reported that Cena is already in New York and will no doubt be part of Wrestlemania this year.

It is possible that WWE are planning something big and decide to replace Baron Corbin with John Cena at the very last minute.

#2 Kurt Angle wants John Cena to retire him

Kurt Angle is not happy
Kurt Angle is not happy

In the world of sports wrestling, it is usually considered an honor to retire on you back, which essentially means losing one's last match in order to promote another Superstar. Ric Flair did it, Shawn Michaels did it and so would Kurt Angle want to.

However, him losing to Baron Corbin will be highly anti-climatic and leave a sour taste in every fan's mouth. However, beating Corbin would prevent Angle from doing the "honorable" thing and taking a loss in his final match.

Even Kurt Angle himself was disappointed as Baron Corbin was not his choice for his last opponent. He has clearly stated that he would want Cena to retire him.

#1 Cena taking shots at Baron Corbin on Twitter


While John Cena hasn't been on WWE television in over three months, The Champ always knows how to make his presence felt.

John Cena had tweeted an image where he had hilariously photoshopped Baron Corbin. This indicated that John Cena might actually be involved in a match against Kurt Angle come Wrestlemania 35.

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