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WWE WrestleMania 35: Top 5 performers of the night

Rahul Singh
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WrestleMania 35
WrestleMania 35

WrestleMania 35 has found its page in the history book, and we'd be the first to admit that it was a wonderful read. Sadly, yet proudly, WWE managed to deliver a noteworthy WrestleMania without its greatest performer, The Undertaker.

There'd be some people (like me) who'd say that 'Taker should have made an appearance. What's WrestleMania without The Deadman after all? Yet, we need to admit that WWE presented a damn fine show. Definitely one of the most feel-good shows in recent memory.

The Superstars rose to the occasion and delivered. Many with their wrestling skills, some on the microphone. Everyone raised their bar. Let's drop our hats to the best performers of the night.

Honorable mentions:

Paul Heyman

Paul Heyman is a true genius with the microphone in hand. It's as if he shows up on RAW and says ‘Baron Corbin ended Kurt Angle's WrestleMania day with an End of Days,” and we'd still love it, somehow.

Buddy Murphy and Tony Nese

Two stars of 205 Live delivered yet again. It was a strong, hard-hitting bout. It makes us wonder what they could do with the audience 100% invested in their story.


He's a human highlight reel, isn't he?


#5 John Cena

Many of us strongly believed that Cena would never appear in his Doctor of Thuggomomics gimmick again. Could we start calling the Attitude Adjustment as the FU again? Never. But that's exactly what happened on April 7 at MetLife Stadium. When we expected The Undertaker to appear with an old gimmick, it was Cena that did. Well, we don't have anything to complain about

It was a trip down the memory lane. Cena not only ripped Elias but also his own movies apart with his vocal talent. He used the complaints that the WWE Universe has had with him, referring to himself as the “Golden Shovel.” He even mentioned the ‘heel’ turn that may never happen, after all.

This segment felt 'Mania worthy, and reminded us how good John Cena is. He entered the show pretty late, yet we thought he could have taken some more time.

Every time Cena steps inside that ring, he tells why he was WWE's top guy for so long. He didn't even have a match, yet killed it on the microphone. If WrestleMania is a celebration, Cena celebrated in style, giving us moments that'll never be forgotten. Hence, he's our #5 performer from WrestleMania 35.

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