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What is the new Sportskeeda?

Sportskeeda has been redesigned and re-coded from scratch. The new site stresses on customization and gives the user options to select their preferences and follow the sports, teams, players and authors of their choice.

How do I customize my Sportskeeda ?

Go to Preferences and click on the red-coloured ‘follow’ button, depicted by a ‘+’ sign, attached to each sport, event, team, player and author.

What happens when I ‘follow’ something?

Once you follow anything, updates on the same will appear on your homepage. These updates will be categorized into sections like trending articles, recent articles, editor’s pick articles, videos, humour articles, etc.

How will I come to know about any new followers that I get?

If you’re a registered author on Sportskeeda, you will get a notification every time a user ‘follows’ you.

Can I see the preferences and followers of other users?

Yes. When you go to the profile of any user, you can see all the latest activities performed by that user on Sportskeeda, such as articles read, things followed, etc. If the user is an author, you can also see that user’s articles written and number of followers.