4 AEW rumors we hope are true and 1 we hope isn't: Jon Moxley's future; John Morrison's deal; WWE not firing two major stars for fear of losing them to Tony Khan?

What is happening in the world of AEW?
What is happening in the world of AEW?
Sidharth Sachdeva

Welcome back to another column on AEW rumors that we hope are true and some we hope aren't.

MJF is continuously growing frustrated with his contract, while on the other hand, tension is mounting between WWE and Sasha Banks-Naomi.

Either way, this friction within both promotions could result in forenamed stars becoming free agents sooner or later. In today's edition, we'll discuss inside reports on the future of these stars.

Our top lead stories will shed light on John Morrison's deal with Tony Khan and Jon Moxley's future with the company.

With that said, let's dive straight into the top five rumors of the week.

#5 Hopefully true: Jon Moxley has re-signed with AEW

The Death Rider!
The Death Rider!

Jon Moxley is likely to stay with AEW for the foreseeable future, if reports from Wrestling Observer Radio are implying anything.

Dave Meltzer recently discussed the contract status of several original AEW members from the roster, who initially inked a three-year deal with the company.

Meltzer noted that while stars like Kenny Omega, Chris Jericho, and The Young Bucks signed a contract extension upon their contract expiry earlier this year, Moxley's deal has likely come up.

As per the reports, Mox has re-signed with the company, though it is unknown whether Mr. Khan picked up a one-year option or if the star signed a three-year extension:

"The first round of people [who re-signed] were the people who were signed on the first week of the year, January 1st essentially, Young Bucks and Kenny Omega was like February actually. Jericho, Cody Rhodes, and all that. They were due at the top of the year. Moxley would probably be one of those guys if he signed a three-year deal.โ€ (H/T:

We hope this report is true because The Purveyor of Violence recently told Meltzer that he is "super happy" with his position in AEW. Mox is relishing creative freedom and additionally making full use of the proverbial forbidden door.

Tony Khan has utilized The Death Rider to his full potential, making him the World Champion during the pandemic era.

The 36-year-old is undoubtedly the company's mainstay, and given how he has been treated so far, there's no excuse for him not to re-sign with them.

#4 Hopefully True: The AEW door for Johnny Elite is widely open for future appearances

JOHN MORRISON??? (now goin as Johnny Elite)WAIT THATS AWESOME ACTUALLYI wanted this guy in AEW day one, good to see him finally here #AEWDynamite

Johnny Elite, who many people know as John Morrison in WWE, made a shocking debut on AEW Dynamite this week.

He appeared as the surprise Joker in the Owen Hart Tournament, where he faced Samoa Joe in a losing effort. His arrival caused a massive fuss, with many wondering whether he had inked a deal with Tony Khan.

PWInsider recently busted the speculation, noting that the 42-year-old had a one-off deal with AEW. While he may not be signed with the company yet, Morrison could still make appearances in the future.

We hope this rumor is true because the former WWE Superstar could provide a lot of dream matchups in the company down the road.

Moreover, Tony Khan will welcome him again with open arms, especially when we know that he likes doing handshake deals. AEW Galaxy may not have seen the last of Morrison in the Jacksonville-based promotion.

#3 Hopefully true: WWE not firing Sasha Banks and Naomi for fear of losing them to Tony Khan?

Sasha Banks and Naomi grabbed the entire wrestling world's attention this week when they walked out of RAW.

The reigning Tag Team Champions were originally scheduled to compete in a six-pack challenge match to crown the #1 contender for the women's title.

The other contestants for the match announced were Becky Lynch, Asuka, Doudrop, and Nikki A.S.H.

Banks and Naomi, however, left the building in frustration following dissension with Vince McMahon over their creative direction. The duo even relinquished their tag team titles to John Laurinaitis backstage.

While the two women could face severe ramifications over their actions, Dave Meltzer noted that WWE wouldn't fire them.

The wrestling journalist cited the company's fear of potentially losing their employees to AEW as one of the reasons behind not punishing them.

We hope Meltzer's information is true because it demonstrates that WWE considers AEW a threat to their hegemony in the wrestling world.

Tony Khan is on a rampant signing spree, and Vince McMahon probably wouldn't want another one of their top employees to jump ship.

#2 Hopefully true: AEW planning to produce a Blood and Guts match soon

Blood and Guts!
Blood and Guts!

Dave Meltzer recently reported that AEW could be planning to bring back the company's deadliest structure, known as Blood and Guts.

As per the reports, the stipulation match may come into effect during the ongoing storyline pitting The Jericho Appreciation Society against The Blackpool Combat Club w/ Eddie Kingston, Santana, and Ortiz.

We hope this report turns out to be true. On this week's Dynamite, the company planted seeds for a mega five-on-five match involving the two teams.

While Jericho initially pitched the idea of doing another Stadium Stampede fight at Double or Nothing, Moxley rejected it.

Given the magnitude of the feud, the Blood and Guts stipulation would add another layer of intensity to their saga.

#1 Hopefully not true: MJF certain to leave AEW for WWE

The Salt of the Earth!
The Salt of the Earth!

Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful Select recently reported that MJF continues to be frustrated over his contract situation.

The Pinnacle leader has even gone on record to say that his co-workers are making an "absurd" amount of money.

Friedman has apparently asked Tony Khan for a raise in his deal.

While the owner doesn't have any issues giving him the desired figure, he wants the 26-year-old to sign an extension for a few more years, which the latter has refused bluntly.

As of this writing, MJF is adamant that he will not re-sign with the company once his deal is up in 2024. The report comes on the heels of another disclosure that the entire situation has made Mr. Khan and Friedman more distant.

We hope this isn't true. It's no secret that The Boss and MJF aren't seeing eye-to-eye right now, but anything can happen in the next two years.

The former MLW is getting the push to become one of the biggest stars in the company. It would be a terrible mistake if he leaves AEW for WWE in the future, simply over more money.

Though WWE's environment could give him considerable exposure, it may come at the expense of his current persona, which is the best thing going on television right now.

What do you make of these rumor stories? Sound off in the comments section below.

We got the AEW Women's World Champion to run down the Forbidden Door Card with us here.

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