5 Reasons why Bryan Danielson is AEW's best signing of 2021

Bryan Danielson has been a massive asset to AEW in 2021
Bryan Danielson has been a massive asset to AEW in 2021
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Bryan Danielson is easily the biggest superstar to have jumped ship from WWE to AEW this year. While the likes of Jon Moxley and CM Punk have come close, it is hard to understate the impact that the American Dragon has had since he joined Tony Khan's Promotion. Danielson is currently on an unbeaten streak, although he did have a draw against Hangman Adam Page at Winter is Coming.

So far, Bryan Danielson has proved at every turn that he has been an important asset to Tony Khan's organization. Here are 5 reasons taking a look at why he is AEW's best signing of 2021.

#5 Bryan Danielson bought his mainstream appeal to AEW

Bryan Danielson's debut at AEW saw fans screaming their lungs out. The legendary status he built in the wrestling community during his time in WWE certainly did not fade when he jumped ship to AEW. Bryan Danielson and Kenny Omega had a match of the year contender in the Grand Slam Edition of Dynamite at Arthur Ashe Stadium on his in-ring debut.

The entry of Bryan Danielson into the AEW has certainly helped legitimize Tony Khan's promotion, much like Chris Jericho did. Signing big names like Danielson and CM Punk serves a similar purpose of getting AEW into the mainstream wrestling community. This is just one of the reasons why the American Dragon has been such a profitable acquisition for AEW.

#4 Bryan Danielson is proficient on the mic

"I consider these kinda like my final three years as a full-time wrestler."@bryandanielson discusses being the best version of himself at this time in his career 🔊@davidlagreca1 @THETOMMYDREAMER @AEW #AEWDynamite #AEWFULL interview on the podcast:…

Bryan Danielson's skills with the mic had been established well before he started his career in AEW. The All Elite audience got a taste of his speaking talent with his perfectly executed promo setting him up against Hangman Adam Page.

While Bryan Danielson has admitted to not being on the level of the Rock when it comes to talking on the mic, he is still a formidable speaker. the American Dragon has come a long way, and he still has time to grow. Furthermore, AEW is fresh new ground that benefits greatly from the likes of Bryan cutting effective promos.

#3 Bryan Danielson is a subtly brilliant performer as a heel too

Tensions escalated quickly when the No. 1 contender @bryandanielson confronted NEW #AEW World Champion Hangman @theAdamPage on #AEWDynamiteFULL VIDEO:

Surprisingly for many, the American Dragon turned heel after he came into the ring to congratulate Page on winning the AEW World Championship.

As Jim Cornette puts it, Bryan's heel turn was seamless and brilliant. The segment between the American Dragon and Hangman firmly established the heel turn, but what was impressive about how Danielson played his part so well that the crowds were booing him by the time it ended.

Further down the line, Bryan's dismantling of the Dark Order also saw him acting like a jerk and flaunting an attitude worthy of a villain. From a Babyface that gets cheered by every fan, Danielson very skillfully turned the masses against him. A performer that can play both roles is a huge asset for AEW.

#2 Bryan Danielson has a unique move set that combines the old school with modern styles

Bryan Danielson proud as FRICK of his technical wrestling skill! #AEWDynamite #AEW #AllEliteWrestling #AEWonTNT #ImWithAEW

Bryan Danielson's technical ability surpasses most of his peers in the wrestling business currently. He has been compared to the likes of Ric Flair in terms of his in-ring capability. Danielson certainly has had legendary mentors to refine his skills. A combination of signature maneuveurs and some out-of-the-box moves make for a very special style that only the American Dragon can display.

While AEW has an inclination towards high-flyers, Bryan Danielson is a fresh and unique addition to the roster. His presence in the array of extremely talented wrestlers only serves to elevate the status of AEW.

#1 Bryan Danielson's losses will also act as jumping off points for AEW wrestlers

Jim Cornette Claims Hangman Page vs. Bryan Danielson Is The Best AEW Championship Match Ever…

WIth an unbeaten streak at AEW, Bryan Danielson has proved that he is not someone who is going to go down easy. His feud with Hangman Adam Page was anticipated as a possible defeat for the no. 1 contender, but that match resulted in a tie as well. Clearly, there are plans to make Bryan's first defeat an important moment.

One of the perks of having a legendary wrestler is that their losses will act as springboard's to their opponent. The same principles will be used in AEW as well, most probably to establish a homegrown All Elite star as a major future contender. Tony Khan's promotion, while with a lot of prospects, is still relatively young. The original All Elite superstars need to have proper guidance from veterans, and Bryan Danielson is perfect for the job.

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