AEW Dark: Elevation Results - Major star returns, The 619 used, Babyface cheated out of a big win, and more (28th June 2021)

AEW Dark: Elevation.
AEW Dark: Elevation.

The latest AEW Dark: Elevation started with a recap of what happened after the last Dynamite episode.

Eddie Kingston came out and put over Jungle Boy by calling him the future of this great sport. He also took a shot at WWE during his promo, which, as you may have noticed, garnered a lot of attention online.

Nevertheless, the latest Elevation episode finally got underway with the first match of the evening.

Ryan Nemeth & JD Drake (w/ The Wingmen) vs. Gunn Club on AEW Dark: Elevation

Ryan Nemeth kicked off the match with a smooth fireman's carry takeover on Colten. The Hollywood Hunk might be an annoying character, but he is pretty solid in the ring.

JD Drake came in but got caught by a high dropkick. Colten, though, got trucked with a front-face kick. Drake worked on Colten in the corner before tagging Nemeth.

The heels executed a scoop slam-elbow drop combo on a helpless Colten Gunn. Ryan Nemeth danced around the ring before shoving his shoulders into Colten's stomach area.

Colten finally managed to create some separation before making the hot tag to Billy Gunn. Papa Gunn took Nemeth out with two clotheslines and a massive scoop slam. He dropped Drake with a clubbing right-hand strike before missing the Famouser on Nemeth.

The Hunk went for the neckbreaker, but Billy reversed it into the Famouser for the win. Pros don't miss twice.

Result: Gunn Club def. Ryan Nemeth & JD Drake on AEW Dark: Elevation

Grade: B-

Penelope Ford vs. Valentina Rossi on AEW Dark: Elevation

Ford went on the offensive and sent Rossi crashing into the turnbuckle. The Italian-born star got in a few back elbows, followed by the stomps in the corner.

Ford used the buckles to her advantage again to regain control of the match. She executed her trademark rope-assisted throat attack. Rossi, however, got a two-count with a cradle pinfall.

Rossi picked up the pace with two lariats, but she got rocked with a pump kick. Penelope missed the handspring stunner but was on the money with a fireman's carry double knee gutbuster for the win.

Result: Penelope Ford def. Valentina Rossi on AEW Dark: Elevation

Grade: B-

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Edited by Vishal Kataria
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