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AEW Dark Results - Brodie Lee Jr. attack, New theme song debuted, Star picks up first win, and more - 5th January 2021

AEW Dark.
AEW Dark.
Modified 06 Jan 2021, 10:41 IST
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Excalibur and Taz kicked off the first AEW Dark episode of the new year. 

#1. Nick Comoroto vs. Jungle Boy on AEW Dark

Jungle Boy debuted his new theme song, and it sounded phenomenal. It was a Christmas gift from Tony Khan to Jungle Boy.

Comoroto used his power to dominate the early goings of the match. Jungle Boy countered with his speed. Jungle Boy got Comoroto out with a Hurricanerana, followed by the Tope Suicida.

Comoroto looked great as usual as he sent Jungle Boy face-first into the middle rope. The former NXT Superstar continued the methodical punishment to Jungle Boy's face. A verticle suplex got him a 2-count.

Comoroto kept shutting Jungle Boy's attempts to fight back. Nick hit a big power slam for another near fall before Jungle Boy finally kicked off his comeback after Nick missed a running knee in the corner.


Jungle Boy locked the Snare Trap for the win following a flipping knee strike to the back.

Result: Jungle Boy def. Nick Comoroto on AEW Dark

Grade: C+

#2. Alex Garcia vs. Nyla Rose on AEW Dark

Alex Garcia came out of the gates hot with a series of strikes and a few basement dropkicks. Nyla Rose was taken off her feet, but the early momentum didn't last for long.

Rose dropped Garcia with a Samoan Drop. Rose hit the Beast Bomb to finish the match.

Result: Nyla Rose def. Alex Garcia

Grade: D

Vickie Guerrero cut a promo after the match about Garcia not learning a lesson. Rose got a table into the ring and sent Garcia through it with a Beast Bomb as Vickie laughed in the background.

#3. Ariel Levy vs. Scorpio Sky on AEW Dark


Both men kicked off the match with the collar and elbow tie-up. Sky got Levy off his feet with the heavy-handed strikes and uppercuts. Sky executed the Russian Leg Sweep as Levy reached for the ropes.

Levy used the momentary distraction from the ref to connect with a strike. Levy followed it up with a driving knee strike for a 2-count. Both men exchanged strikes in the middle of the ring. Sky faked a knee strike and caught Levy with a rising knee followed by a faceplant.

Levy escaped a suplex and responded with a neck breaker for a 2-count. Back on the feet, Sky connected with a dropkick followed by the TKO for the win on AEW Dark.

Result: Scorpio Sky def. Ariel Levy on AEW Dark

Grade: C

Marko Stunt and Brodie Lee Jr. segment on AEW Dark

Marko Stunt came out with a mic in his hand, but Negative One (-1) made his way to the ring with a mic in his hand himself.


Brodie Lee's son began his promo by taking a shot at Marko. Negative one said that Marko always needed someone's help to win. Negative one added that he'd be taller than Marko when he grows up. They almost came to blows as Cody, QT Marshall, and The Bucks came out to separate the two. Negative one was like a boy possessed as he broke free and followed Marko Stunt.

It was hilarious!

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Published 06 Jan 2021, 10:41 IST
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