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AEW Women's Title Eliminator Tournament Show 2 Results - Top star replaced, Massive upsets, and more 

AEW Women
AEW Women's Title Eliminator Tournament.
Modified 23 Feb 2021
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AEW received the worst news possible hours before the next episode of the ongoing Tournament on YouTube as Anna Jay was ruled out due to a shoulder injury.

Madi Wrenkowski was announced as the replacement, and the show began with a match between Nyla Rose and Tay Conti.

#1. Nyla Rose vs. Tay Conti (AEW Women's World Title Eliminator Tournament quarterfinals match - American Side)

Rose and Conti's collar and elbow tie-ups ended in a stalemate. Nyla took control with a big scoop slam followed by the lateral press.

Conti fired back with a chopping kick to Rose's leg. Rose reversed a Dragon Sleeper to deliver a rolling neckbreaker.

The Native Beast then delivered a clean vertical suplex. She punished Tay in the corner by stomping her foot in the face. Rose sent Conti flying across the ring, and she continued to attack with kicks.

Rose taunted Conti, and she ate two kicks in return. Rose caught the third kick and delivered a nasty dragon screw. Nyla tried to dislocate Conti's knee cap with a vicious pull. The former AEW Women's Champion was dominating the match as she landed a big splash.


Rose worked on Conti's right ankle. Tay used her left leg to kick Rose in the face before locking in a quick kneebar.

Rose broke out of it with strong stomps from the back. Back on the feet, Rose stopped Conti with a kick. She then got Tay up for the Beast bomb, but Conti reversed with a hurricanrana.


A spinning heel kick gave Conti a two-count. Rose managed to lay her out with a huge clothesline. Conti sidestepped Rose in the corner before connecting with the forearm strikes and a powerful knee strike. She hung on to Rose's hand before landing a pump kick.

Conti stunned Rose with a hammerlock DDT. She was shocked when Rose was still kicked out of three pinfall attempts. The former NXT Superstar looked frustrated and perplexed. Both women fought off their knees as strikes and chops were exchanged in the middle of the ring of the AEW match.

Conti swung and miss, but she still locked in the Dragon Sleeper. Rose reached out to the turnbuckle, which ended up in her arms.

Rose wanted to send Conti face-first into the exposed turnbuckle, but referee Aubrey Edwards was having none of it. Tay rolled up Rose, but Edwards was distracted by the turnbuckle, and the pinfall was delayed.

Rose escaped defeat and dropped Conti with a Death Valley Driver on the outside. She rolled Conti back in, and the Brazilian star miraculously kicked out at two and a half.

Nyla Rose finally executed the Beast Bomb to finish the AEW match.

Result: Nyla Rose def. Tay Conti to advance to the semifinals of the AEW tournament

Grade: A

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Published 23 Feb 2021, 07:26 IST
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