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All Chainsaw Man ending themes, ranked least to most loved (Image via MAPPA Studios)

All Chainsaw Man ending themes, ranked least to most loved

One of the biggest pieces of news coming from 2022’s plethora of anime announcements stemmed from the makers of Chainsaw Man deciding to use 12 different ending themes for each episode. This incredibly unique choice has rarely, if ever, been made before, and has almost certainly never been done with the cohesiveness and overall excellence done in this instance.

Chainsaw Man’s endings also succeed in being nearly universally popular, with essentially only one brief moment of one ending theme’s visuals being harshly criticized. Such a success cannot be understated, and MAPPA Studios is worthy of praise for pulling off such an ambitious goal.


Disclaimer: This article purely reflects the author's opinions, which may be subjective. It also contains spoilers from the Chainsaw Man anime series.

Chainsaw Man’s 12 unique ending themes and visuals are all popular, but some saw more success than others


12) Episode 1 ending


While Vaundy’s Chainsaw Blood is far from being a bad ending, it is the least impactful of Chainsaw Man’s 12 unique ending themes and visuals. The song is a head-bopper, but doesn’t cross the line into being a memorable anthem, like others do.

Similarly, the accompanying visuals are mainly scenes from the series’ premiere episode. These two facts combine for an ending which is still great to experience, but isn’t one that most fans will be revisiting on a regular basis.

11) Episode 10 ending


People 1’s Dogland deserves credit for having the most unique accompanying visuals from all of Chainsaw Man’s endings. The scenes blend real-life cinematography with animated versions of several characters, Devils and Fiends included.


The song itself is good, but not quite as memorable and enjoyable as others on this list are. Unfortunately, for the incredibly unique and enjoyable visuals, they’re somewhat held down by a song which fans liked, but didn’t rave about as much as they did others.

10) Episode 11 ending


Violence by Queen Bee is another ending whose visuals suffer from a relatively disappointing song. While Queen Bee’s work here, like People 1’s previously, is still of excellent caliber and quality, the enjoyability of the visuals is somewhat weighed down by the song itself.

That being said, the visuals are amazing enough to warrant it being the highest-ranked among this category of ending.

9) Episode 4 ending


Jouzai by TOOBOE marks the first entry on this list where both the ending song itself and the visuals are of a similar, exceptionally high quality. Fans adored the chaotic nature of the song even more for its association with fan-favorite character Power due to the nature of the accompanying visuals.

Like Power, the song and visuals are chaotically hilarious, never failing to get viewers to smile as they sing along to the words as best they can. One small thing Jouzai loses points for is being possibly too chaotic for some viewers, much like Chainsaw Man itself at times.

8) Episode 6 ending


One of the most unexpectedly popular plotlines of Chainsaw Man’s first cour was the seemingly unrequited love of Himeno towards Aki Hayakawa. It became something that was ceaselessly discussed, only being further fueled by flashbacks during the Eternity Devil arc and beyond.

Rendezvous by Kanaria was the first Aki and Himeno centric ending theme fans see throughout the season, and it fans the fuel of their unrequited love plotline even further. The visuals prominently feature the two of them from various manga panels and anime scenes while also giving time to other characters.

However, the aforementioned focus combined with being such a great song is what truly drew viewers into this theme.

7) Episode 5 ending


Following the chaos that was Episode 4’s ending theme and visuals, In The Back Room by Syudou presents its chaos in a unique, trippy way. The visuals within take viewers on a psychedelic ride, focusing around the Eternity Devil’s powers of limitlessly trapping its targets and forcing them to experience the same sliver of time over and over.

The song is also a fantastic composition, truly being a can’t-resist sing-along jam for its entire 90-second runtime. Combined with the uniquely trippy visuals, it makes for an amazing experience.

6) Episode 12 ending


The accompanying visuals for Fight Song by Eve begin by recapping the major events of the first few episodes, including Denji and Aki meeting and Power moving in with the two. This quickly transitions into brand-new scenes of the trio going about their daily lives in Tokyo, going food shopping and exploring the city with one another.

These feel-good and nostalgic visuals pair perfectly with Eve’s upbeat song, combining to make fans even happier than they otherwise would be of the Hayakawa family’s survival. In both visual and song, it’s undoubtedly worthy of a top-half rank amongst Chainsaw Man’s 12 unique endings thus far.

5) Episode 2 ending


Time Left by ZutoMayo is exceptionally unique for how well Chainsaw Man’s viewers can relate to both the accompanying visuals and the pacing of the song itself. Both combine to create a sense of being thrown into something unknown and exciting, which fans see Denji experience for himself in the aforementioned visuals.

ZutoMayo’s excellent work here as an artist cannot be understated, with Time Left being a near-universal jam which even non-anime fans may find themselves singing along to. Without a doubt, it’s one of the most exciting endings, and it helps to fuel the excitement of those just starting the series.

4) Episode 7 ending


Chu, Tayousei by ano is an absolutely fantastic song which is unfortunately marred by some less-than-appetizing visuals. Nonetheless, a vast majority of the visuals, as well as the song itself, perfectly capture the state of the series at that point. The segue from Himeno asking Denji if he wants to “do it” into the 90s, romancer-JRPG style visuals of the series’ female cast is a perfect transition, instantly drawing viewers in.

Unfortunately, a scene in the middle that sees a trippy, recolored version of Himeno puking into Denji’s mouth is understandably off-putting for many fans. Nevertheless, the song and visuals combine for an excellent experience, despite the halfway point’s unfortunate hiccup in restyling the grossest moment of Chainsaw Man yet.

3) Episode 3 ending


HAWATARI NIOKU CENTI by MAXIMUM THE HORMONE is the heavy-metal, hard-rock anthem which fans were expecting Chainsaw Man’s opening to sound like. Instead, fans get an incredibly memorable ending with unique visuals, which at times almost feel like they’re teasing manga readers about what’s to come much later on in the series.

The visuals are a unique kind of psychedelic, almost assaulting viewers with non-stop scene changes until a sudden stop in the middle sees Denji praying to an angelic Makima. It has an incredible set of visuals which pairs perfectly with Hormone’s song, excitedly preparing viewers for the end of the Bat Devil Arc and beyond.

2) Episode 9 ending


Deep Down by Aimer is given the incredibly difficult task of ending an episode which sees Makima’s powers introduced and Chainsaw Man’s ultraviolent, unforgiving insanity cemented. It absolutely excels at this role, being more than the perfect ending to an episode which left fans asking more questions about Makima than they had ever asked before.

Aimer’s fantastic singing is buttressed by visuals that depict a never-ending pool of blood and guts, created by Makima’s manipulation of an invisible force. These violent scenes being preceded and followed by shots of Himeno walking towards her death, only further help to set the “no one is safe” tone the series will continue to lean into.

1) Episode 8 ending


Unsurprisingly, first death by TK from Ling tosite sigure is the most beloved ending theme for Chainsaw Man. Its focus on Aki and Himeno only further serves to incite the aforementioned obsession fans had with their unrequited love plotline, as well as having fans truly mourning Himeno’s death just moments prior.

While other characters are prominently featured in the ending, the focus in this one is undoubtedly on Himeno and Aki, who were like the royal couple of Chainsaw Man’s first cour. Without a doubt, it deserves its spot as the most popular of all 12 of Chainsaw Man’s unique endings thus far.

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