10 anime to watch if you liked Classroom of the Elite

The two 'Classroom of the Elite' protagonists as they appear in the anime (Image via Classroom of the Elite, Kadokawa Media House, Lerche)
The two 'Classroom of the Elite' protagonists as they appear in the anime (Image via Classroom of the Elite, Kadokawa Media House, Lerche)

Classroom of the Elite is a well-loved anime that takes an interesting approach towards the cliche high school trope. It features a hierarchical system that aims to group students in classes from A to D, with A being the best and D being the worst. Those in Class A get treated the best by everyone in the school, and Class D students get treated the worst.

Kiyotaka Ayanokouji was placed in Class D, along with others the school deemed to be the worst. He aims to climb the ranks along with his classmates to become one of the top dogs of the school.

Following the success of Classroom of the Elite, here is a look at other similar anime series that have kept fans hooked all the time.

Note: This article contains spoilers for each of the anime series listed.

10 anime series that fans of Classroom of the Elite will enjoy

10) Assassination Classroom


In this anime, the students of Class 3-E of Kunugigaoka Middle School are confronted with an almost impossible task. After the destruction of almost the entire moon, they are tasked with killing Koro-sensei, the creature who was believed to be behind it.

However, this mission is much harder than any of the students expected due to Koro-sensei's ability to move at speeds up to Mach 20, and his immense durability.

Despite their task to kill a seemingly insurmountable creature, Class 3-E had the time of their lives. They learnt a lot about being assassins and quickly realized that Koro-sensei is the best teacher they ever had.

9) The Irregular at Magic High School


Magic was once thought to only exist in fictional stories; however, at the turn of the 21st century, magic has become the main source of systemized technology that everyone can use. It is even taught by schools as a technical skill. At First High School, the students are taught magic by impressive magicians.

The students in each class are separated into either the First Course or the Second Course, based on their entrance exam scores. Tatsuya Shiba gets placed into the Second Course and is thought to be completely inept in magic. However, he has immense technical knowledge and unique magical abilities. This makes him an outlier amongst his peers at First High School and everyone else in the anime.

8) Chivalry of a Failed Knight


Blazers are people with an incredibly unique ability to manipulate their souls to conjure weapons. They spent much of their time studying this ability and training at Hagun Academy to eventually become Mage-Knights. As anime like this typically goes, there is a student ranked at the very bottom, Ikki Kurogane.

However, on his first day at the school, he met the A-ranked Blazer Stella Vermillion by accidentally walking in on her changing. The anime follows Ikki as he struggles against the discrimination he faces as the only F-ranked Blazer at Hagun Academy, all while trying to climb the rankings.

7) Asterisk War


The Invertia was a disastrous and unexpected disaster that changed the world immensely. The power of various nations declined and paved the way for the creation of the Integrated Empire Foundation. At the same time, Invertia also gave birth to a new type of human with superhuman physical capabilities known as Genestella. These special people use their gifts to fight in entertainment battles known as Festas.

The series follows Ayato Amagiri as he transfers to Seidoukan Academy in hopes of getting better training. He accidentally sees Julis Riessfield, an incredibly popular student, undressed, and she challenges him to a duel. After the fight was broken up by the student council president, Ayato revealed that he was only there to find out the truth about his missing sister.

6) Kakegurui


Hyakkou Private Academy aims to prepare their students for life in the real world. However, since each of the students who attend have rich parents and wealthy families, the school has traditions that make it different from every other academy. During the day, it acts as a normal school where students go to class and learn, but by night, it becomes a cesspool of gambling and cheating.

One of the main characters, Yumeko Jabami, transfers to Hyakkou Private Academy. On the surface, she seems sweet and naive, always failing to understand whenever someone insults her. However, once she begins gambling, her thrill takes over and she becomes borderline insane. She will do anything it takes to feel the adrenaline rush that comes from gambling, regardless of whether she wins or loses.

5) Hyouka


Houtarou Oreki is a freshman in high school and wishes to live a boring life to conserve as much energy as possible. However, his sister decides to crush his dreams by forcing him to revive the Classics Club. Luckily for him, fellow freshman Chitanda Eru has already signed up to join the club, making his job easier.

Although he thought having Chitanda as a member was going to make everything easy for him, he was entirely wrong. Oreki quickly finds himself wrapped up in Chitanda's curiosity as she tries to solve daily mysteries and have fun at the same time.

4) Misfit of Demon King Academy


The demons and humans were at war with each other 2,000 years ago. This resulted in an overwhelming amount of bloodshed and chaos, leading Demon King Anos Voldigoad to sacrifice his life for a peaceful future. The Demon King Academy was then created in preparation for Anos' return.

However, when he returns 2,000 years later, Anos finds out that the Demon KIng everyone has following is a fake. Anos juggles being a student at the Demon King Academy, investigating the fraud who has replaced him, and putting arrogant nobles in their place.

3) The Fruit of Grisaia


Transfer student Yuuji Kazami is the primary protagonist of the Fruit of Grisaia anime. He was recently admitted to Mihama Academy, and although he aims to live a quiet and peaceful life, his time at Mihama Academy is anything but. Yuuji quickly became acquainted with a handful of girls who attended the academy and learned more about each other as the series progressed.

Each girl is seen as a fruit that has begun to decay after falling from their tree. It is Yuuji’s job to save these girls from their problems while saving himself at the same time. This anime is a harem unlike Classroom of the Elite, but the two anime both showcase themes that require further inspection beyond just a glimpse.

2) Absolute Duo


Similar to the Chivalry of a Failed Knight anime, Absolute Duo features individuals known as Blazers. They are capable of materializing special weapons from their souls and using them in combat. These people attend Kouryou Academy High School to further develop their abilities, usually with a partner so the pair can attain Absolute Duo.

Main character Tooru Kokonoe attends this academy to gain the training and power to go after the mysterious man who killed his sister and friends. Although everyone else at the academy has Blazes that manifest as weapons, his manifests as a shield. This causes him to be the center of attention at the academy and is targeted by dark organizations that are intrigued by his Blaze.

1) Trinity Seven


The Breakdown Phenomenon was a disastrous occurrence that kick-started the anime. It destroyed Arata Kasuga's hometown and led to the disappearance of everyone else who inhabited the town. However, by using the grimoire his childhood friend gave him, Arata created an artificial reconstruction of his home town.

Unfortunately, one day his peace came crumbling down again when Lilith Asami came looking for the grimoire. She found Arata and gave him two options. He either gives her the grimoire or she takes it from him while killing him.

Quickly, Arata thought of another option, enrolling at the Royal Biblia Academy. He attended a school filled with beautiful girls in an attempt to learn more about magic and about the Breakdown Phenomenon.

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