10 Naruto characters who everyone started disliking as the series progressed

Certain characters in Naruto did not live up to fans' expectations (Image via Pierrot)
Certain characters in Naruto did not live up to fans' expectations (Image via Pierrot)

There are some really interesting characters in the Naruto series. From individuals who have their own version of peace, to individuals who want to be strong and all powerful, this series has them all.

Interestingly enough, most of the characters are loved by the entire fan base. However, there are a few individuals who were loved by the fans initially but who didn't manage to live up to expectations as the series progressed.

This article will look at 10 such characters who fell off the popularity chart as the series progressed.

Note: This article reflects the opinion of the writer.

10 Naruto characters whose popularity decreased over time

10) Tobirama Senju


Tobirama Senju was a really problematic character in the Naruto universe. He was a powerful Shinobi and had created many of the jutsus that Shinobis currently use.

However, he was one of the prime reasons that the conflict with the Uchiha clan escalated. Rather than using his influence to de-escalate the situation, Tobirama took steps which made the situation worse. He also killed Izuna, Madara's brother, causing the latter to hate Konoha from the bottom of his heart.

9) Tenten


Tenten is a prime example of a character who had a lot of potential but did not get to showcase her range due to bad writing. She was a very ambitious character, but ended up doing nothing with her life.

For a Shinobi who wanted to be a successful Kunoichi like Lady Tsunade, Tenten ended up owning a weapon shop, as seen in Boruto. Her skillset would have made her an asset during the numerous skirmishes and the Fourth Great Ninja War, but she was never in the scenario whenever such things occurred in Naruto, leaving fans wondering where she was.

8) Choji


During the initial few arcs in Naruto, Choji was a cute character — and that's where his identity ended. Choji was often seen running away from conflict and he ended up crying at every chance he got, something that fans found extremely annoying.

As he grew up and the series progressed into Shippuden, Choji turned into a formidable Shinobi, but was rarely seen in battle. And the times when he did make an appearance, he failed to make a significant difference or leave an impact, which has made him insignificant in fans' eyes.

7) Konohamaru


Konohamaru is a loud and young brat. Although the identities of his parents were never disclosed, Konohamaru is the grandson of Third Hokage Hiruzen Sarutobi.

It's slightly odd to see him on this list because he's a really gifted Shinobi. However, there are a few things that the fans hate about him. First of all, Konohamaru learnt the Rasengan at a very young age.

It should be considered as an achievement as it is a technique that even the most hardened Shinobi face difficulty in mastering. However, the technique is sacred and he should never have learnt it at a young age.

Moreover, Naruto taught him this technique at a time when he himself hadn't been able to perfect it. Also, the series has a lot of characters who yell at the top of their voice for no reason whatsoever; fans could do without another one.

6) Hinata


Hinata is a character that was written just to be the love interest of the main character in the series. Whatever little she did in the series was out of love for Naruto. which also happens to be her prime personality trait. Moreover, she's been in the series for quite a long time but fans know very little about her, other than the fact that she's in love with Naruto.

To make things worse, her love interest was oblivious of her feelings towards him and continued to remain oblivous for a long time in the series. Moreover, Hinata could never leave a mark in battle, making her just another character without any major impact in the series.

5) Kabuto


The entire fan base of the series hated Kabuto from the very beginning. His first appearance was enough to make everyone squirm in their seats. Kabuto Yakushi is probably the only villain in the series who isn't loved by anyone amongst the fans.

While many attributed this to the fact that he had no backstory, this thought was debunked in Naruto Shippuden when his backstory was revealed. The said story probably made the fans dislike him even more, making it difficult for everyone to connect with him as they did with many other villains in the series.

4) Kiba


Kiba is another character who fans hated because of poor writing. Kiba is a character that many people roast left and right because of the way he is. Moreover, he's a weak character and did not leave a significant mark in the series.

That said, everyone thought Kiba would improve as the series progressed into Naruto Shippuden, but that never happened. Kiba stayed as the kid who kept on screaming, "I WANT TO BE HOKAGE," but never worked towards it. Some fans believe that Akamaru was more significant than Kiba, and it's slightly true because Akamaru is cute, and Kiba is, well, Kiba!

3) Obito


Obito Uchiha is one of the major antagonists of the entire Naruto series. He taught many individuals, including Kakashi, some really important lessons in life. However, fans believe that the motivations behind his actions lacked substance.

Many fans also believe that Obito whines a lot. For a character that left such a huge impact on the entire series, his whining personality and the lack of substance behind his motivations does not sit well with the fans at all.

2) Sakura


Sakura was supposed to be a very important character in the series but she did not leave a major impact like her comrades Naruto and Sasuke.

She was more of a crybaby from the very beginning and obsessed over Sasuke throughout the series. Her character grew a bit in Naruto Shippuden and she stopped being a crybaby, but her obsession with Sasuke remained.

Moreover, Naruto and Sasuke always cast a shadow upon her with their abilities. They kept growing at a fast pace, something that Sakura couldn't keep up with.

1) Danzo


Danzo is probably the only other character on this list that no one really liked from the very beginning. He was the root cause of many major issues in Konoha, and applied underhanded tactics as and when he could in Naruto.

He was influential in the creation of The Root, an offshoot of the Anbu who were involved in several shady activities. Moreover, the massacre of the Uchiha Clan was his decision, and was probably one of the worst decisions he ever took.

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