10 most popular maid Anime for fans of Maid-Sama

Maid Sama! (Image via Studio J.C Staff)
Maid Sama! (Image via Studio J.C Staff)

Anime Maid Sama! is the ideal blend of romance and uncomfortable adolescent circumstances to fawn over, as well as strange sentiments and a lot of humor.

Co-education has just been introduced at an all-boys high school, and this anime tells Misaki's story as the new president of the student body. In the guys' eyes, she's renowned as the infamous Devil President for her persistent efforts to improve the school for female students.

She, on the other hand, is hiding something. In her spare time, she works as a maid in a café. The most popular guy in school finds out about her secret, and everything changes for her. Want to watch anime like Maid Sama! but don't know where to start? Since Maid Sama! is such a hilarious program, we have compiled a list of the finest maid anime of all time. The catch? Some of these have a lot of the same characteristics as Maid Sama!

10 most popular maid Anime for fans of Maid-Sama!

1) Mahoromatic


For those who love the Maid Sama genre, Mahromatic is a great choice. Vesper is a covert organization that uses combat androids to confront an army of extraterrestrial invaders. As a formidable fighting robot, Mahoro has won many fights for Vesper throughout the years, but she is nearing the end of her usefulness. It's possible to extend her life to little over a year by conserving what little force she has left. Mahoro is offered the chance to live out the rest of her days as a regular person. As Suguru's maid, a middle school boy who lives on his own after his parents died, she finds a new purpose in her life.

2) Shōnen Maid

A still from the anime Shōnen Maid (Image via Studio Eight Bit)
A still from the anime Shōnen Maid (Image via Studio Eight Bit)

A surprising amount of similarities can be seen in these slice-of-life shows. While the stories and places may be diverse, the major characters are forged from the very same vine. When it comes to work ethic and attitude, it doesn't matter if the other person is a guy or a female. To their own dismay, the characters share a striking resemblance in appearance and personality, and they both wear maid attire. It's Usui in Kaichou, and it's Madoka in Shounen Maid, who are both surrounded by someone who teases them but yet loves about them deeply. It's hard not to fall in love with both of these series since they're so adorably charming, sweet, and warm.

The main distinction between the two programs is that Kaichou is a love story. As Usui and Misaki's romance progresses, Kaichou does as well. Unlike Shounen Maid, this form of love is more maternal in nature.

3) Black Butler


Anime Black Butler seems to be beloved by admirers of Maid Sama!, despite their lack of likeness. In Victorian England, youthful Ciel Phantomhive keeps an eye out for the many strange things that go on. Ciel's faithful butler Sebastian Michaelis lends a helping hand with his alleged supernatural talents. Perhaps this black-clad servant has more to offer than meets the eye.

It was revealed in Ciel's backstory that at one of his darkest times, he struck a deal with a demon, Sebastian, in return for revenge against those who had harmed him. To his lord, Sebastian has become a fantastic butler, and he is eagerly awaiting the delectable feast he will one day prepare from Ciel's soul. As they try to figure out what's causing Ciel's troubles, they develop a friendship that no one can break.

4) Hayate the combat butler

Hayate the combat butler (Image via Studio J.C Staff)
Hayate the combat butler (Image via Studio J.C Staff)

The protagonists of Hayate and Maid Sama have debts they're striving to pay off in the manga and anime series. Both the major characters are employed as butlers or maids, and they put up their best efforts in all they do.

Hayate is sold to the Yakuza by his father after accruing a debt, which initiates his quick escape from a destiny he does not desire. To pay off his family's tremendous debt, he attempts to kidnap Nagi Sanzenin, an innocent young girl.

Hayate's good attitude and a series of misinterpretations lead Nagi to assume that Hayate is expressing his feelings for her. The fact that Hayate is a descendant of one of Japan's richest families is revealed after he saves Nagi from genuine kidnappers and is employed as her personal butler.

Highly competent but doomed to a life of misfortune, Hayate goes to work for his employer, attempting to make the most of the bad luck that seems to follow him wherever he goes. In a comic stance, he has to deal with taking care of a house, fighting off frightening villains, and even unwittingly charming the ladies around him!

5) Miss Kobayashi's dragon maid


Like Maid Sama!, the anime Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid has captivated the crowd. After a long day at work, Kobayashi returns home to find a strange sight looking back at her from the balcony, the snout of a dragon. Toru, a little girl clothed in a maid's uniform, emerges from the dragon and introduces herself.

During a drunken mountain trek the night before, the stoic programmer came across the dragon and gave it room to live in her house since the fabled creature had no place to go.

6) Kami Sama Kiss

Kamisama Kiss (Image via Studio TMS)
Kamisama Kiss (Image via Studio TMS)

Both the series involve a girl and a boy who don't begin their association on a firm footing and gradually develop affections for one other. So, if you're seeking for an a hearty watch like the anime Kaichou wa Maid-sama!, we believe this is the one for you.

Troubled teenager Nanami feels overwhelmed by the burdens of both school and home. A guy offers Nanami a spot at his home when she assists him, and she accepts.

A fox companion named Tomoe, who would not cooperate with a human, serves Nanami as a substitute deity in that shrine. The two finally came to an agreement as Nanami began to develop affection for him despite their difficult start.

7) Uzamaid


Like Maid Sama!, the anime Uzamaid is an excellent timepiece. As a result of the early death of her mother, Russian-born second-grader Misha Takanashi is now living with her Japanese stepfather.

Tsubame Kamoi, a former officer of the JASDF, has been hired as a housekeeper by the Takanashi family. Kamoi seeks to get close to Misha as she tries to battle her in this home comedy.

8) The Duke of Death and his maid

The duke of Death and his Maid (Image via Studio J.C Staff)
The duke of Death and his Maid (Image via Studio J.C Staff)

For fans of Maid Sama!, the anime The Duke and his Maid is undoubtedly a must-see.

The young duke is sadly reminded of the vile power placed upon him, the capacity to harm all he touches. He was sent to a life of virtual seclusion after being ridiculed by his family. Two people make his life a little more bearable, the loyal valet Rob and the flirty maid Alice. Fortunately, they are there to keep him company.

Throughout the Duke's courtship of Alice, he continues to be frustrated by the limitations imposed by his poor abilities. He knows how difficult it is to escape the touch of a loved one and is determined to break the curse.

9) Emma: A Victorian romance


Set in the 19th century London, the anime Emma is the tale of a chambermaid who is infatuated with a gentleman. In contrast, the man's family has a problem with him hanging around with individuals from the poorer strata of society.

However, the bucking convention is frowned upon in 19th-century England's refined society. Hence, Emma and William faced a lot of criticism. How long can their love last in a society where class distinctions are as rigidly enforced as national borders? Viewers of Maid Sama! will be enthralled with Emma: A Victorian romance.

10) Kamen no Maid guy


Similar to Maid Sama!, this anime features a light-hearted comic tone. 17-year-old Naeka Fujiwara is a regular student at her high school. We thought so, anyhow. The tycoon's estate is divided between her and the other heir, who will reach 18 in a year. To protect Naeka and Kousuke from those planning to kill them and take the riches they are to receive, two maids, Fubuki, a beauty with ninja like abilities and Kogarashi, a super-powered man, have been appointed.

That is all from our end. Do let us know which is your favorite maid anime in the comments section below.

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