10 most powerful Noble Phantasms in the Fate series ranked

Fate series with a lot of Servants (Image via Ufotable)
Fate series with a lot of Servants (Image via Ufotable)

The Fate series, made by Type Moon, has no shortage of strange and otherworldly characters, packing their special attack. Many of the characters in the series are Servants - people who have achieved significant fame in ages past or had otherwise performed a great act.

Think of King Arthur, William Tell, Okita Souji, and many, many more. Even the likes of Helena Nightingale can be counted among these Servants. They are summoned to fight in a Holy Grail War, and they have some pretty strange skills.

Ranking the strongest Noble Phantasms in Fate

For those unaware, a Noble Phantasm is a special attack, or trump card, of a Servant.

Think of it in the same sense as Son Goku's Kamehameha or Tanijiro's Sun Breathing. But these attacks have some pretty strange abilities, so it is natural to wonder which is the greatest power in the Fate Series.

Side note, this article will dive into the Noble Phantasms that have quantifiable effects and can be used by players in F/GO. So, Solomon, King of Magic, is fresh out of luck. There are spoilers ahead.

10) Rule Breaker

Medea's Rule Breaker is seen in the Fate series (Image via Type Moon)
Medea's Rule Breaker is seen in the Fate series (Image via Type Moon)

Rule Breaker is a Noble Phantasm of the witch Medea. While its appearance is unassuming and barely useable as a weapon, its strength lies not in its ability to kill something. Instead, it is useful in servering contracts, curses, and magical effects. Handy when you've got a nasty binding placed on you, and you need to get a new Master ASAP.

Medea is a conniving, cunning witch, and her faithful Rule Breaker is her go-to tool for when she needs something cut apart, whatever the Fate. It also does work as a dagger with a gleaming blade.

9) Tsubame Gaeshi


Sasaki Koijoru, the famed enemy of Miyamato Musashi, is a strange character, even among Servants (and yes, including the loli Jack the Ripper among that). But his sword skills are top-notch, which is no more apparent than with his ultimate technique, Tsubame Gaeshi.

Invented to, of all things, cut down a sparrow mid-flight. But since the sparrows are nimble little birds, Sasaki developed a technique that allowed him to strike three times from three different angles.

If you have trouble understanding that, don't be alarmed. It's just as insane as it sounds. The only reason it's placed so low on this list is because it is just a sword technique and is best suited to one on one duels.

8) Unlimted Blade Works (EMIYA)

Unlimited Blade Works, a loney reward (Image via Type Moon)
Unlimited Blade Works, a loney reward (Image via Type Moon)

When you hear EMIYA playing, you know things will go down. A Reality Marble made by the ever grumbling, ever Gar, Counter Guardian EMIYA. This Noble Phantasm summons EMIYA's inner world, changing the landscape around him into a wasteland of gears in the sky and every weapon he has ever seen.

In this world, EMIYA can use every single Noble Phantasm he can copy and bring it down on his enemy for a world of hurt. Though limited to Noble Phantasms he can use, the sheer scale, plus the limitless amount of swords he can bring down on people in a literal storm of steel, Unlimited Blade Works sets the stage for Fate.

7) Gae Bolg


While the name may sound funny to any non-Irish speaker, make no mistake, this Noble Phantasm, the Gae Bolg wielded by Cu Cuhlian, Ireland's Child of Light, aka Irish Hercules, has two deadly modes. When thrown, this spear can oblireatute an entire castle fortress, complete with a spectacular explosion, but when used as a spear, things get a bit trickier.

When activated as a stabbing tool, the Gae Bolg can pierce the target's heart and leave a wound that cannot heal, no matter what. More than that, though, it can reverse cause and effect, meaning that if you were to dodge it somehow, the spear would rewrite time, so the pointy end is in your chest. An unavoidable Fate.

6) Excalibur


Often called the Last Phantasm, you know it, you love it, it's Excalibur. The world-famous sword is bathed in golden light and can launch a beam of descrution that can rip through whatever stands in its way, be it a pegasus or a giant, otherworldly squid monster piloted by an insane serial killer.

The reason Excalibur, despite being the poster image for Noble Phantasms, is so low on this list is simple. There are just too many that can outstrip it in sheer firepower.

The cons of being one of the first to be introduced in the Fate series. Supposedly, the audience still hasn't seen the true power of Excalibur.

5) Rhongomyniad

If there's a knightly sword, then there is a knightly lance. Rhongomyniad, don't feel too bad if it can't be pronounced, is the holy lance of King Arthur, and it has a few variations. But the one this article is going with is the one used by the 5* Lancer version from Fate/Grand Order. This drill lance is said to contain the power of a thousand Excaliburs and can be used to nuke an entire mountain off the face of the earth.

You could say that this lance is the lance that will pierce the heavens.

4) Ea


One of the OGs Noble Phantasms from Fate Stay/Night. As Gilagmesh calls it, Ea is a drill sword that is said to have been made before the concept of a sword was even invented, which was a long time ago. This Noble Phantasm is listed as one of the few capable of destroying a planet. In one adaptation, Fate/Extra CCC is capable of hurling a galaxy at some unlucky chump.

Good ol' Gil has never used it to its full power, given that he's still standing on the planet should an event occur, but if that thing ever goes all out, it is madness.

3) Absolute Sword - Endless Three Stage

This one is a bit of an oddball, even among Noble Phantasms. With her giant nodachi, Okita Souji Alter's Noble Phantasm, the Absolute Sword, may lack the raw firepower of Ea or Excalibur, but when you need something %10000 dead, look no further.

Designed even to kill things that 'do not exist,' i.e., ghosts, spirits, or concepts, Okita Alter's blade is made to annihilate in a black beam that kills pretty much any Fate it comes into contact with.

2) Avalon


While not an active attack and instead of a perfect defense, Avalon is possibly the greatest Noble Phantasm of King Arthur(ia). Capable of encasing its user in a protective shield from harm and healing the user should they be injured, this sheath can nullify a blast from Ea and send it right back.

When paired with its sister blade, Excalibur, Avalon's power skyrockets, and the user becomes near untouchable.

1) Edin Shugra Quasar


If you want crazy, look no further. In an alternate, alternate universe to the Fate Series, where Servants are people, there stands a primordial goddess split into three. Each one is a tsundere who looks like Fate's mainstay, Rin. But make no mistake, this Rin, or Ishtar Ashtart as she prefers to be called, is capable of some serious destruction.

Using her Noble Phantasm, Edin Shugra Quasar, a mouthful if there ever was one, can kill up to 1000+ people, with no quantifiable upper limits. She uses the power of a universe, after all.

As any reader can probably tell, the Fate series is wacky, weird, and very deep. While it isn't always fun and giggles, its over-the-top nature and metaphysical concepts make it an engaging piece of fiction that fans love the world over.

Disclaimer: This article reflects the opinions of the writer.

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