10 most satisfying moments of revenge in anime, ranked

Shikamaru burying Hidan alive (Image via Studio Pierrot)
Shikamaru burying Hidan alive (Image via Studio Pierrot)

Anime characters walking down the path of retribution and reclaiming their honor is the most satisfying thing for fans. Despite the path not being an easy one due to several obstacles, the person has to push forward to accomplish their long sought-out revenge.

Although there have been many revenge moments in the anime, there are a few that managed to give goosebumps to the viewers. This article will list 10 iconic moments of revenge in anime that have made a huge impact on everyone.

Most satisfying instances of revenge in anime

10) Shinichi Izumi eliminates the parasite that killed Kana (Anime: Parasyte The Maxim)


Kana Kimishima was a disobedient girl who often used to hang out with delinquents. After her confrontation with Shinichi, she started developing feelings for him. Kana had a special ability where she could sense a parasite from longer distances.

However, distinguishing between Shinichi and other parasites was impossible for Kana and that’s how she ran into a killer parasite. Unfortunately, she was quickly killed at the hands of the deplorable creature.

Raging with anger, Shinichi asked Migi to handle the defense and with his left hand, which had no superhuman abilities, he pierced through the parasite's chest and ripped its heart in a flash.

9) Rinne gives her bullies a taste of their own medicine (Anime: Vivid Strike)


Rinne Berlinetta was once a jovial and cheerful individual who was mostly concerned about her adoptive grandfather Roy Berlinetta. However, the latter's death took a heavy toll on her and she changed to being an aloof individual.

Moreover, Rinne harbored an undying rage for not being with Roy in his last moments. This was probably not a good time for anyone to mess with her and especially not for her bullies. Rinne not only brutally mauled her three bullies but also left them traumatized with a nightmare.

8) Rei Ogami decimates the entire G-Falcon gang over a dog (Anime: Code Breaker)


After Sakura got surrounded by G-Falcon gang members, a stray dog came out of nowhere and started biting everyone to save her. But the dog got tossed around like a ball and was severely wounded by the kicks. Sakura tried to save the dog but she got kicked away.

However, Rei Ogami turns up at the spot and puts the dying dog out of misery by snapping the neck. Sakura got enraged by this but she didn’t know that the dog was going to die anyway.

Subsequently, after that, Rei burned one of the gang members to ashes and asked the rest to surrender for their crimes. However, when they refused, Rei massacred the entire G-Falcon by engulfing them in his flames.

7) Mob vs Koyama (Anime: Mob Psycho 100)


Mob loves his younger brother and even Ritsu’s terrible words are enough to break their brotherly bond. When Koyama beat Ritsu within an inch of his life, Mob came to the rescue but was a little hesitant to use his esper capabilities.

Mob got beaten up by Koyama a little, but when the latter started punching Ritsu, his limit reached 100%. The protagonist unleashed his wrath on the infamous villain.

6) Keyaru gets revenge for being tortured (Anime: Redo of the Healer)


Initially, Keyaru was chosen as one of the Heroes for his healing abilities. However, as he didn’t belong to the kingdom, he was treated like an animal by Freia the Magic Hero. Furthermore, Keyaru had a lot of admiration for the latter. Despite being under hallucinogenic drugs, he had a perfect recollection of everything that happened to him.

After breaking free from the shackles and drugs he was put under, Keyaru gets the Philosophers’ Stone and uses the item to go back four years time to exact revenge against the people who tortured him.

5) Tatsumi kills the Princess Aria (Anime: Akame Ga Kill!)


All Tatsumi ever wanted was to get enlisted in the Empire’s military and earn enough money to help his impoverished village. He embarked on this journey with his two friends, who got separated from him on the way to the Empire.

Losing all of his money to an unknown person, Tatsumi became hopeless, but Princess Aria took him in and offered him food and warm clothes.

However, the ugly side of her kindness was revealed by the Night Raid, who showed him his other two friends in a dungeon where people are tortured to death. Without giving a second thought, Tatsumi slashed the princess in two with his blade.

4) Tanjiro kills the Hand Demon (Anime: Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba)


Tanjiro vs. Hand Demon took place in the Final Selection Arc on Mount Fujikasane. After his encounter, he came to know that the demon is responsible for the deaths of 13 former students of Urokodaki, including Sabito and Makomo.

Filled with rage and dejection, Tanjiro charges head-on against the demon and swiftly cuts through each of its limbs before decapitating its neck.

This was a pivotal fight for Tanjiro’s upcoming journey. He not only took revenge for himself but also for every single person who got killed by the demon.

3) Roy Mustang kills Envy (Anime: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)


Maes Hughes was Roy’s best friend. The former was killed by Envy, one of the Seven Deadly Sins of Homunculi. After coming to know that Envy is responsible for Mae’s death, Roy became fuelled with rage and vengeance.

The two clashed, with Roy losing himself in rage and reducing the Homunculi to ashes. With his Flame Alchemy, he slowly burned Envy to crisps and took his revenge in the end.

2) Sekai stabs Makoto to death (Anime: School Days)


Sekai was an eccentric individual who would do anything for her friends, which is why she helped Makoto out with Kotoha. However, Sekai knew that Makoto had commitment issues and wasn't good with other girls. The former had strong feelings towards Makoto, which the latter doesn’t even care about.

After Sekai confronted Makoto for the things he did to her, the latter publicly berated her. After he tries to get along with Kotoha, Sekai becomes furious and stabs him to death.

1) Shikamaru kills Hidan (Anime: Naruto)


After Hidan kills Asuma Sarutobi, Shikamaru gets furious and determined to take his revenge by killing the former. Although it was impossible to kill someone like Hidan due to his immortality, Shikamaru had already prepared a perilous end for him.

Shikamaru took him to the Nara Forest which belonged to his clan and dug a large grave. Wrapping Hidan in explosive tags, the young ninja blasted him to pieces. Before burying the former alive for eternity, Shikamaru stated that no one is coming to rescue him and that he will remain buried till the end of the time.