10 times Naruto hit his opponents with Talk No Jutsu

Characters who had a change of heart by Talk No Jutsu (image via Studio Pierrot)
Characters who had a change of heart by Talk No Jutsu (image via Studio Pierrot)

Talk no Jutsu wasn't truly a Jutsu after all, as some fans may have mistakenly thought. To describe Naruto's capacity to influence someone's thoughts and ideas just by conversing with them, this name was coined by fans. They crumbled under his control when he utilized this Jutsu on them, no matter how powerful their will was. In his struggles against his adversaries, Naruto relies on his inspirational and sincere remarks.

Naruto has proven that he does not need to defeat his opponents to win bouts physically. This list portrays 10 such instances showcasing the brilliance of the Talk No Jutsu of Naruto and how his words have at times 'cut more profound than any sword', leaving an incredible impact on its receivers.

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Naruto: 10 times Naruto hit his opponents with Talk No Jutsu

1) Zabuza


The arc's reached its zenith with this scene. As soon as Haku had given up his life to save Zabuza, Gato showed up and denounced any relation with Zabuza hereafter. Angry at Haku, Gato kicked the boy's corpse as if he were a piece of road-kill out of spite. Zabuza was utterly unresponsive to this.

After becoming enraged, Naruto attempted to charge at Gato but was restrained by Kakashi. That's when his fury shifted to Zabuza, who had allowed this insult to Haku's memory by letting him know how precious he was to Haku.

Zabuza's reaction to Naruto's Talk No Jutsu stole the hearts of the fans

The speech didn't compel him to rethink his beliefs or personality entirely. It did, however, cause him enough pain that he was no longer able to maintain his façade. Zabuza resolved to give up both his veneer and life to respect Haku's memory and kill Gato.

2) Gaara

Gaara (image via Studio Pierrot)
Gaara (image via Studio Pierrot)

Gaara is what would have happened to Naruto if he had no allies. As a result, he showed a way out of his agony.

A child who only cared for himself, Gaara found pleasure in harming others. When he witnessed Naruto fighting so valiantly to save the people he cared about, he confronted Naruto, asking why he would risk his own life for the sake of others.

He then utilized the infamous Talk no Jutsu to help him comprehend the significance of friendships in life and how they made him stronger. Gaara's life was forever changed due to that encounter, and he then started devoting his time and efforts to helping others.

3) Sasuke


Naruto confronted Sasuke after decades of pleading and imploring him to change his heart, leaving them with just one limb in the process.

Sasuke ultimately yielded to Naruto's insistence shortly after the battle, though. It was a tie, but Naruto had gained the upper hand on Sasuke's soul, demonstrating the limitless potential of the Talk no Jutsu and his will to never abandon his allies or break his promise.

4) Nagato

Nagato, as seen in Naruto (image via Studio Pierrot)
Nagato, as seen in Naruto (image via Studio Pierrot)

We lose the capacity to connect and disregard the existence of others if we don't have relationships. Jiraiya was so moved by Nagato's discussion of the peace that he decided to write a book on it. Yahiko's remarks resonated deeply with Nagato, who had been deeply affected by the trauma of seeing his parents' murders and the ensuing conflicts.

Naruto managed to reawaken Nagato's senses by reminding him of his remarks to Jiraiya. In how Naruto spoke, he and Konan were reminded of Yahiko, a friend they had lost.

Softening his heart, Nagato comprehended that Naruto was looking for serenity without the instinctive desire to murder, and he was able to accept Naruto's words. This is in line with Kakashi's assertion that Naruto possesses a unique ability to affect the hearts of others, whether they are friends or opponents.

5) Kurama


Obito and Madara captured and released Kurama on Konoha, after which it had been imprisoned within Naruto during his struggle with Obito. When Naruto's parents died, they restrained the fox and put it within their newborn infant since only Naruto's lineage could confine them. Even though Kurama seemed to want to corrupt Naruto and make him a lethal weapon as the boy got older, Kurama recognized there was something special about Naruto that set him apart from other people. They became friends because he was kind, which helped Kurama change his violent ways.

6) Obito

Obito Uchiha (image via Studio Pierrot)
Obito Uchiha (image via Studio Pierrot)

Even though he was cruel from the start, Obito was a kind guy at heart, and he recognized genuine serenity and peace in the infamous Infinite Tsukiyomi. As the clans came together to battle Obito and Madara, Obito had to be thinking about something the entire time he was fighting with the combined Shinobi troops.

He just needed Naruto's reassurance to see the actual faults in his definition of peace and how Naruto's peace would be more significant to recognize the individuals he had been battling all along as proof of genuine peace. After all, Obito was well aware that his state of peace was only a genjutsu and that he would finally see Rin again. At first, he was skeptical, but after some persuasion from Naruto, he agreed to try for true peace instead of the artificial kind.

7) Tsunade


When Naruto learns that Tsunade has turned down Jiraiya's invitation to become the village's Fifth Hokage, he decides to put her to the test. In their first battle, Tsunade easily defeats Naruto with one finger, but Naruto subsequently triumphs in their rematch.

After Naruto reminds Tsunade of her lover and her brother, Tsunade comes to admire Naruto for his unwavering commitment to achieving his lifelong goal of becoming Hokage. Naruto demonstrated that he could transform any enemy into a friend with his hallmark Talk no Jutsu triumphs.

8) Neji


While battling Neji in the second part of the Chunin examinations, Naruto used the Talk no Jutsu. He repeatedly employed Talk no Jutsu on Neji throughout the fight, culminating in a Jutsu-enhanced uppercut to the face. Naruto used the last chunk of his Jutsu on Neji as he lay defeated on the ground. A lifelong psychological and emotional scar had already been inflicted on Neji when he was transported to the hospital.

9) Sai

Sai, image via (Studio Pierrot)
Sai, image via (Studio Pierrot)

Captured by Captain Yamato, Sai attempted to betray the group when they were trying to rescue Sasuke. When Sai mentioned how frightening Sasuke appeared and how he did not care about Naruto, Naruto began using Talk no Jutsu on him. He told Neji that he'd do everything it would take to protect him as long as Sasuke was alive. Sai didn't get it, yet he was affected anyway. His relationship with the Kakashi or Yamato team has improved since then.

10) Hinata


In the initial round of the Chunin examinations, Hinata Hyuga faced off against her cousin Neji Hyuga. Neji was enraged at Hinata's familial ties and told her repeatedly that she was inferior and would never be able to surpass him.

Naruto encouraged Hinata using his Talk no Jutsu from the ledge above and showed his total trust in her talents. When Hinata heard those words, it gave her the courage to stand up for herself and strike back with all of her might.

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