10 times Zoro from One Piece made quick work of his opponents

Zoro doesn't play around in One Piece (Image via Sportskeeda)
Zoro doesn't play around in One Piece (Image via Sportskeeda)

One Piece fans can always count on Zoro to showcase his incredible battle prowess. It doesn't matter if his opponent is weak or strong; Zoro is someone who always takes himself very seriously. Given his fighting style, entire matches can be decided with a single finishing blow. Many awesome moments in One Piece can be directly attributed to Zoro's attacks.

However, for every Kuina in the One Piece world, there is also a Tashigi not far behind. In order to become the world's greatest swordsman, Zoro has to deal with many obstacles in his way. Of course, some of his easiest fights can be just as entertaining as his most difficult.

10 times Zoro from One Piece easily defeated his enemies

10) Pica


Back in Dressrosa, Pica already knew he was outmatched against Zoro, so he decided to avoid him instead. Thanks to his Ishi Ishi no Mi, he was able to shift through the stone environment with ease. This stall tactic created a great distance between Pica and the swordsman.

However, Pica was unable to run from Zoro forever, especially when Orlumbus threw the swordsman to the Old King's Plateau. Once Zoro got close enough to use his Sanzen Seka, it was all over. Not even a fully coated Haki body was enough to protect Pica.

9) T-Bone


During the Water 7 arc, the Straw Hats had to use a train to get to Enies Lobby. However, T-Bone was standing in its way, which forced Zoro to finish this fight rather quickly (via Gyūki: Yuzume). It was over in a matter of seconds, making it one of the faster One Piece fights.

Let it be known that T-Bone was not a weak soldier. On the contrary, even Zoro had recognized his strength, which is why he resorted to a very powerful move. T-Bone has the misfortune of running into Zoro in a desperate situation.

8) Hyouzou


Zoro's training with Mihawk certainly paid off after the One Piece timeskip, which he showcased during his arrival on Fishman Island. Hyouzou would've been dangerous back in Arlong Park, given his use of poison techniques and multiple swords. However, Zoro didn't even break a sweat in this fight.

Bored out of his mind, the swordsman barely pays any attention before he breaks all of Hyouzou's swords. Keep in mind that the mercenary was powered up by steroids beforehand. A disappointed Zoro takes his leave, but not before Hyouzou goes for a sneak attack. This proves futile, since the latter is effortlessly cut down in the process.

7) Hody Jones


After flooding the Ryugu Castle, Hody was given a major advantage by fighting Zoro underwater. Despite the odds stacked against the swordsman, Zoro still managed to deliver a devastating blow.

Hody stood no chance in this fight, making him a very underwhelming villain by One Piece standards. All it took was a basic sword technique to give him a grevious wound.

6) PX7


Prior to the One Piece timeskip, the Pacifistas were extremely dangerous threats. Back in the Sabaody Archipelago, the Straw Hats would've had no chance of fighting one altogether.

However, all those years of training pay off in the end. The Straw Hats eventually make their return to the same area, where they encounter these enemies. With a slash and a kick, Zoro and Sanji make quick work of the Pacifista model PX7. They pull it off so effortlessly, which makes this feat even more impressive. Zoro could've easily dealt with multiple cyborgs at once, let alone one.

5) Tashigi


Tashigi always bore a strong similarity to the late Kuina, who managed to give Zoro over 2000 losses in their childhood. Needless to say, Tashigi isn't anywhere near that level of competitiveness.

During a confrontation in Loguetown, she desperately wanted to retrieve Zoro's Wado Ichimonji. Despite her best efforts, her sword techniques pale in comparison. Zoro parries her attacks and quickly disarms her, ending the fight rather prematurely.

4) Monet


Zoro loves to make dramatic entrances in One Piece, such as when he saves Tashigi from Monet's clutches. The short encounter took place on Punk Hazard island, where the Straw Hats and Marines teamed up to take down Caesar Clown.

Sometimes a battle can be won before it even starts. Zoro strikes fear into Monet, which causes her to freeze in place. This gives him the opportunity to vertically slice Monet in half. Although Tashigi delivers the finishing blow afterwards, Zoro is the one who made it happen.

3) 100 bounty hunters


Zoro is never one to be intimidated by anything, let alone the numbers game. One Piece fans got to see just how dangerous he can be when over a hundred bounty hunters went after him, back in the Whiskey Peak arc.

No matter how many bounty hunters were sent, Zoro skillfully dodges their attacks and cuts them down. Throughout the entire fight, he's mostly distracted by Yubashiri, complimenting its light weight. With the use of this weapon, he runs through his opponents with relative ease.

2) Helmeppo


After the events of Enies Lobby, Helmeppo confronts Zoro at Water 7. The Marines wanted to bring them to justice.

Despite training from Garp himself, Helmeppo was still too weak to fight Zoro. The swordsman deflects every strike before disarming the Marine completely. Keep in mind that Zoro was also fighting other Marines prior to Helmeppo's arrival.

This is a very short fight, which shouldn't be surprising to one Piece fans. Helmeppo is flashy, but he lacks any way to get past Zoro's defenses. In fact, the swordsman never really goes on the offensive.

1) Mr. 5


Back in Whiskey Peak, Mr. 5 and Miss Valentine could barely get Zoro's attention. To put it into perspective, the swordsman spent more time fighting Luffy (after a misunderstanding) than he did the Baroque Work agents.

When Zoro and Luffy get tired of their constant interference, the Baroque Works agents are swiftly dealt with. Zoro delivers a single blow to knock Mr. 5 away.

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