5 times Boruto animation amazed fans (& 5 times it was disappointing)

Some scenes are beautiful, others are the stuff of nightmares (Image via Sportskeeda)
Some scenes are beautiful, others are the stuff of nightmares (Image via Sportskeeda)
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Hate it or love it, the Boruto series is here to stay for a long while. While many fans of the franchise are happy about this fact, others feel the series should end for various reasons. One of their biggest complaints involves the inconsistent animation quality of the series.

Sometimes, the scenes are animated in such a gorgeous manner that people could confuse them with pieces of art. However, there are other moments where the animation looks like they were handled by small children.

As such, in this article, you will find five examples of anime moments where fans love Boruto’s animation and five that viewers regret watching.

Disclaimer: This article reflects the author’s opinion and contains spoilers.

Konohamaru’s Rasengan and 4 other stunningly animated Boruto scenes

1) Naruto Baryon Mode


As of now, the strongest enemy in the Boruto franchise is Isshiki Otsutsuki, a cunning alien who resurrected himself in the body of a human to conquer Earth. Not even the joint forces of Sasuke and Naruto were enough to deal with this fearsome opponent. That is why Kurama allowed Naruto access to a new and powerful form, the Baryon Mode.

During his combat against Isshiki, the animators truly did a spectacular job. The colors used are vibrant, and the movement of the characters feels fluid, natural, and expertly choreographed. As much as fans love to complain about the sequel in general, there have been little to no complaints about Baryon Mode Naruto’s scene.

2) Ikada’s sea dragon


This scene, in particular, comes from one of the most criticized arcs in the entire Boruto anime, the Funato War arc. For many fans, the show did a poor job handling the conflict, creating a boring experience that they did not enjoy. Nevertheless, it gave us one of the most beautiful animated moments in the series.

The members of the main branch of the Funato clan have an incredible ability that allows them to have complete control over the sea. Thanks to this power, they can do whatever they want with the ocean, as long as they can imagine it.

After Boruto threw himself off Ikada Funato’s ship near the end of the arc, Ikada jumped after his friend, awakening his power and giving fans a look at his majestic water dragon.

3) Konohamaru’s Rasengan

This rasengan scene with Konohamaru was the highlight of the episode #BORUTO

Like its preceding series, Boruto anime is infamous for having an ungodly amount of fillers between important arcs. While most of these filler episodes are not noteworthy on their own, many fans choose to skip them. But if they skipped the most recent filler episode, they have lost their chance to see Konohamaru performing the most beautiful Rasengan in the series.

Motivated by the Hokages in his life, Naruto and his late grandpa, Sarutobi, Konohamaru created a gorgeously animated Rasengan to prevent the bomb tag from exploding. The color scheme used for this scene was marvelous, and you can really see the love that the animators had put behind the moment.

4) Naruto and Sasuke vs Momoshiki


Before Isshiki and the other events in the series, Boruto and his friends had to deal with the imposing Momoshiki. This alien creature wanted to harvest Naruto’s Chakra to become more powerful than him.

But the biggest mistake Momoshiki ever made was underestimating Naruto and Sasuke. Together, they gave the Otsutsuki the fight of his life, giving the fans some of the most awe-inspiring moments in the entire franchise. The characters feel alive, and their movements are extremely graceful. This is enough reason for the fans to remember this fight, even though it is the first big battle in the series.

5) Sasuke vs Kinshiki


When talking about the amazing animation quality in Boruto's battles, the fight between Sasuke and Momoshiki’s right hand, Kinshiki, is one of the best examples. Before the previously mentioned battle against Momoshiki, Sasuke was tasked with investigating the arrival of the two Otsutsukis, coming face to face with Kinshiki in the process.

They faced a quick but decisive battle that allowed both to showcase their power perfectly. While the fight was over in a short time, it was masterfully animated with clashing colors and backgrounds that only added to the mystic feeling behind this encounter.

Urashiki teleporting and 4 other Boruto scenes fans could have live without seeing

1) Boruto Crying


If one were to talk about mediocre animation in the Boruto anime, there is no better example than the scene when the protagonist is crying. These kind of scenes are supposed to be emotionally charged, designed in such a way that they would let the fans know about the seriousness of the situation.

Boruto's crying scene accomplished the exact opposite, either making fans laugh or outright making them mad. The face drawn on our protagonist's face at that moment looks completely silly, making it hard to find a redeeming quality for this scene. This moment will live in infamy for as long as fans can remember it, and with good reason.

2) Team 7 running after Boruto and Kawaki


The week after blessing fans with Ikada’s stunning water dragon, the animators behind Boruto gave fans one of the most ridiculous scenes in the entire anime. Boruto and Kawaki, who had been arguing during that arc, finally decided to let the others know how frustrated they were by fighting.

Instead of stopping them, the remaining members of Team 7 and Naruto decided to observe the fight from afar. The fight was animated in a lazy manner, but it was still fairly enjoyable to watch.

The real issue began after the characters involved in the scene decided to start running. Instead of giving them fast-paced animations to suggest the action, the team behind the scenes decided to create static images that bounced around in the background. It was honestly embarrassing to watch the episode at that point, giving haters even more reason to complain about the show.

3) Kashin Koji throwing a Kunai


A series as action-packed as Boruto needs to have dynamic scenes that encapsulate the agility and skill behind being a ninja. Something as simple as throwing a kunai can give fans a lot of insight into how talented a Shinobi is.

This is why fans were so disappointed when Kashin Koji was seen making use of the previously mentioned weapon. Koji never actually throws the kunai. He is simply shown extending his hand with a sound effect, creating the illusion of the weapon being used. It may have been a small moment, but it was enough for some fans to realize the lack of detail the series suffers from.

4) Urashiki’s teleportation

Erm uno the budget was low for this episode with the way Urashiki was teleporting 💀💀💀🤨

The Otsutsuki clan is filled with beings with overpowered abilities that are incredibly interesting to witness in the show. Most of the time, these powers are handled with care and dedication, giving fans a real spectacle whenever they are used. Yet, Urashiki's teleportation was executed in a sluggish fashion.

Fans understand teleportation happens almost instantly, and it is hard for the untrained eyes to follow. However, this is no excuse for popping a character in an out-of-exist without a trace of movement behind it. This was disrespectful and fans still remember the irritation that these scenes caused them.

5) Boruto vs Urashiki


Urashiki’s teleportation was already bad enough, but not even that could have prepared fans for the atrocities committed during his fight against Boruto. The fight started on a horrible note, with the young Uzumaki being launched almost comically by one of Urashiki’s long-range weapons.

Seconds later, our protagonist tried to attack the Otsutsuki again by running in the slowest and clunkiest manner possible. The movement was almost robotic, as if the frames were not completely animated before the episode came out. This caused outrage among many fans, who were genuinely excited to see our hero face Urashiki.

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