7 mind-boggling Domain Expansions in Jujutsu Kaisen, ranked

Megumi's Domain Expansion in Jujutsu Kaisen (Image via Gege Akutami/Studio MAPPA)
Megumi using Domain Expansion in Jujutsu Kaisen (Image via Gege Akutami/Studio MAPPA)
Megumi using Domain Expansion in Jujutsu Kaisen (Image via Gege Akutami/Studio MAPPA)

Jujutsu Kaisen is known for its complicated Cursed Techniques and their detailed explanations. Domain Expansions are rooted in a user’s Cursed Technique, becoming a physical manifestation of the most potent form of the technique.

It’s safe to say that some of the Domain Expansions described in the series are hard to wrap our heads around, despite mangaka Gege Akutami’s extensive info dumps in the middle of chapters and sometimes even in the author’s notes. But this article will attempt to explain some of the most puzzling domains in Jujutsu Kaisen and rank them from least to most complicated.

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Unlimited Void and 6 other fascinating domains described in the Jujutsu Kaisen series

7) Horizon of the Captivating Skandha

Was cool to finally see which cursed spirit was behind the domain Geto and all of them were in so long ago. Forget how advanced the techniques of the special grades are, mainly because Gojo had been stomping them all prior to these fights lmao

The Horizon of the Captivating Skandha is the first incomplete domain showcased in Jujutsu Kaisen. An incomplete Domain Expansion is one that does not have a barrier of its own, which can make the domain unstable unless contained within a prepared physical boundary.

Dagon could cast his domain even while he was a Cursed Womb, but it was contained within the walls of an apartment. He was able to trap Nanami, Maki, and Naobito Zenin in a complete domain during the Shibuya Incident arc after evolving from his Cursed Womb stage, which led to the sure-hit condition of his Domain Expansion being activated.

#jujutsukaisen Chapter 108 - Domain expansions continue to be my favorite aspect of jujutsu fights, each one is so unique and tailored to its user; it’s always refreshing whenever it’s used by a character as each domain has its own abilities and rules that need to be figured out

The true nature of Horizon of the Captivating Skandha was a vast mass of water, with an unlimited swarm of fish-like shikigami which do not exist until they’re close enough to attack, resulting in a guaranteed hit.

6) Malevolent Shrine


Sukuna’s existence within Yuuji Itadori’s body is itself a complicated concept since the Jujutsu Kaisen manga explains that he usually resides within an Innate Domain cast inside Yuuji’s mind. But barring the very first time, the King of Curses has used Domain Expansion every time he has taken over Yuuji’s body, giving readers clues to understand how his domain works.

JJK yet again with another fire chapter this week. Top 2 manga in Jump for me currently. Malevolent Shrine went crazy and this is just a sample of what it's truly capable of. Imagine when he gets all his parts back by the end game of the series... Ryomen Sukuna is the truth.

Malevolent Shrine is the only complete domain in the series which does not require boundaries since Sukuna can precisely control the range of his attack, with the known maximum in the manga being 200 yards. The two main attacks that Sukuna uses within his domain are Cleave and Dismantle, where the former cuts through anything with cursed energy, while the latter attacks all inanimate objects in its path.

5) Self-Embodiment of Perfection


Self-Embodiment of Perfection is Mahito’s Domain Expansion, rooted in his innate Cursed Technique, Idle Transformation. Mahito’s Cursed Technique allows him to manipulate and warp the souls of those he touches. The interior of his domain manifests as a space, every inch of which is lined with his hands, symbolizing the sure-hit condition of his technique.

Inside his domain, Mahito can warp a person’s soul even without touching them. This is a double-edged sword against someone like Sukuna since when Yuuji broke the barrier and jumped into the domain, the sure-hit technique automatically affected Sukuna, who punished Mahito’s insolence by using Cleave on him.

4) Chimera Shadow Garden


Season 1 of the Jujutsu Kaisen anime ended with Megumi Fushiguro casting his domain for the first time, even if in an incomplete form. The Chimera Shadow Garden stems from the Zenin clan’s Ten Shadows technique, which allows Megumi to summon shikigami using shadows as intermediaries and even store weapons in his shadows.

Megumi’s Domain Expansion looks a lot better now. Hopefully it lives up to the hype because tbh everyone been dickriding Megumi since day 1 and I just don’t think he’s that strong or has any elite feats #JujutsuKaisen #JJKSPOILERS #JJK

Chimera Shadow Garden allows him to manipulate shadows like a fluid, tangible substance and create clones of himself out of those shadows to fight alongside him. Megumi cannot weave a Barrier Technique to contain his domain yet, which is why it lacks the sure-hit condition. Still, Chimera Shadow Garden increases the potential of his innate Ten Shadows Technique to 120%.

3) Unlimited Void


Infinity is a very dodgy concept, and Satoru Gojo’s Unlimited Void domain is the pinnacle of its physical manifestation. Anyone caught inside Gojo’s Domain Expansion is subjected to boundless raw information, so the overload of senses and information immobilizes them completely. When caught inside the domain, Jogo described it as seeing and feeling everything at once so that he saw and felt nothing.

v/z: gojou's domain, 無量空所 = unlimited voidv/z literally two pages later: no wait, let's make it "immeasurable void" instead

The effects of Unlimited Void are not felt by Gojo or anyone he is touching. During the Shibuya Incident in the Jujutsu Kaisen manga, Gojo activated his domain for just 0.2 seconds to prevent the civilians from suffering permanent damage after being exposed to Unlimited Void. Even then, the civilians experienced half a year’s worth of information in that time, falling unconscious where they stood.

2) Idle Death Gamble

Spoilers..Idle Death Gamble Done by me .#呪術廻戦 #JJK #JJKSpoilers #Hakari

The Culling Game introduced some interesting characters, armed with equally intriguing Cursed Techniques and Domain Expansions. Third-year Tokyo Jujutsu High student, Kinji Hakari’s Idle Death Gamble is one of the most complex Domain Expansion techniques readers have encountered in Jujutsu Kaisen.

A Barrier Technique enforced upon his innate Cursed Technique, Pure Private Love Train, Hakari’s pachinko-themed domain enforces the sure-hit condition to manipulate the probability of winning a jackpot.

Though Hakari cannot consciously use Reverse Cursed Technique, he goes into an unkillable mode for 4 minutes and 11 seconds. During this time, he has unlimited cursed energy and can heal even fatal injuries automatically.

1) Deadly Sentencing

I killed themJujutsu Kaisen-ColoringDone by meChapter 165#JJK #JJK165 #jujutsukaisen #itadori #higuruma #judgeman

Hiromi Higoruma’s Deadly Sentencing is one of the most complex Domain Expansions featured in the Jujutsu Kaisen manga. Deadly Sentencing is a court-based domain lacking a sure-hit clause and is presided over by the shikigami related to Higuruma’s innate Cursed Technique, Judgeman.

Judgeman acts as an omnipotent judge who has all information regarding the target, who is the defendant in the domain, as well as the caster, who is the prosecutor. The defendant is charged with a crime and can either remain silent, deny the charges or plead guilty.

jjk 165when higuruma's shikigami declares yuuji guilty in the 1st trial, their eyes remain shut but, this time, they're tearing open the rope/thread shutting them closedI wonder if this is because yuuji confessed his guilt or because the punishment is more severe

If the defendant is found guilty, Judgeman imposes upon them one of seven sentences, ranging from Confiscation, which prevents the defendant from using any Cursed Techniques, all the way to a Death Penalty. The Death Penalty changes Higuruma’s weapon, a judge’s hammer, into an Executioner’s Sword, which can kill the target in a single strike.

Final thoughts

Domain expansion: Okkotsu, Ishigori, UroCollab with @Bokunocolor !! Ty bb heheh[ jujutsu kaisen ch 178 ] manga coloring #呪術廻戦 #JJK #JujutsuKaisen

Domain Expansions are considered the most powerful technique in a jujutsu user’s arsenal, but complexity does not necessarily denote power. There are a lot of powerful Domain Expansions in Jujutsu Kaisen, including Jogo’s Coffin of the Iron Mountain and the Smallpox Deity’s Graveyard Domain.

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