8 most impactful arcs in Naruto, ranked based on popularity

8 most impactful arcs in Naruto, ranked based on popularity (Image via Pierrot)
8 most impactful arcs in Naruto, ranked based on popularity (Image via Pierrot)

Being the most marvelous anime of all time, Naruto has never stopped giving endearing and memorable arcs. The story centers on Naruto Uzumaki, who was acknowledged as a monster by the people of Konoha for being a Jinchuriki of Nine-Tails.

However, that doesn't make him turn on the villagers or hold a grudge against them, instead, he chooses to outshine and accomplish his dream of becoming a Hokage. Naruto's journey is a rollercoaster of emotions and each arc teaches a valuable lesson. It's not unusual that the franchise has had a lot of fillers, but it has still delivered arcs that are going to be cherished forever.

Top 8 arcs like Land of Waves that are exceptional highlights of the Naruto franchise

8) Land of Waves Arc


In this arc, Team 7 sets out on their first-ever C class mission to escort Tazuna, a master bridge builder from the Land of Waves. The mission becomes 'S class' after team 7 and Kakashi encounter Zabuza, a rogue ninja, who is also an acclaimed member of the Seven Ninja Swordsman of Hidden Mist.

Zabuza, along with his loyal subordinate, attacks team 7 and Kakashi, however, he loses the fight and dies alongside Haku. This arc portrays a picture of reality in Naruto, by showing true aspects of life and death.

7) Sasuke’s Recovery Mission


After getting defeated by Itachi, Sasuke realizes that he’s weak, and in his current state he won’t be able to land even a single hit on his elder brother. With the determination of becoming strong, he accepts the proposal of Orochimaru and leaves the Hidden Leaf along with the Sound Four.

Naruto, with his friends, tries to catch Sasuke and change his mind about deserting the village, in which they utterly fail. Each one of these ninjas fight exceptionally well and display their strongest techniques, and prove that they were not weak.

6) Akatsuki Suppression Mission Arc


This arc is all about the fight between Team 10 and the two members of Akatsuki, Hidan, and Kakuzu, which ends on a sad note. It shows the potential of Shikamaru’s tactical intelligence coordinating with Asuma to defeat the Akatsuki members.

However, Asuma gets killed by Hidan’s Curse Technique. The death of Asuma changes Shikamaru and he becomes more mature later after he takes his revenge by burying HIdan alive.

5) The Fated Battle Between The Brothers Arc


This arc focuses on the most anticipated fight between Sasuke and Itachi. The epic battle between the Uchiha brothers is one of the greatest fights in the history of Naruto.

Sasuke finally defeats his brother, and Tobi later reveals about Itachi’s sacrifice. Itachi was posing to be an antagonist, but in reality, he saves the village from another war and becomes the uncredited and untold hero of Konoha.

4) The Chunin Exam Arc


The Chunin Exam iss the starting point of Naruto and his adventure. In this arc, all the peers of the protagonist, and the other characters who later become an essential part of the series, demonstrate their shinobi prowess to level up their hierarchy from Genin to Chunin.

This arc is said to be too short with just 12 episodes, but it is one of the best arcs in the series.

3) The Tale of Jiraiya The Gallant Arc


This arc is said to be one of the saddest arcs in Naruto's franchise. Jiraiya travels to Amegakure to gather intel on the leader of the Akatsuki. After getting caught, he gets into a fight against the Six Paths of Pain in his sage form.

Jiraiya demonstrateS his exceptional senjutsu prowess by taking down a few of the paths, but later he eventually gets killed. Moreover, this arc is the first time fans see the titular character break down in the anime after Jiraiya's death.

2) The Five Kage Summit Arc


Before the Fourth Great Ninja War, the Kages of all Five Great Nations finally come together after generations of rivalry. However, this time the summit is held to resolve a common cause, which is to eliminate Akatsuki.

White Zetsu disrupts the summit by announcing that Sasuke Uchiha is nearby. Obito posing as Uchiha Madara appears at the summit, declaring war as well as revealing the Eye of the Moon Plan.

1) Pain Assault Arc


The Pain Assault Arc has been the most enthralling out of all, as it commences after the death of one of the most beloved characters, Jiraiya. Pain enters Konoha with the other paths and starts spreading chaos and destruction. In his pursuit of finding the Jinchuriki of Nine Tails, Naruto Uzumaki, he kills many citizens of the village.

Pain uses Rinnegan’s Almighty Push and destroys the village as a result, leaving a large crater covering the village to an extent. In this arc, Naruto Uzumaki becomes the Hero of the village after destroying Pain and the other paths.