8 most notable female Pro Heroes in My Hero Academia

Midnight can take out enemies when they least expect it
Midnight can take out enemies when they least expect it (Image via My Hero Academia / Shueisha / Studio Bones)

The female Pro Heroes of My Hero Academia are considerably underrated. While they may not get the same character development as their male counterparts, these women are still very popular within the fanbase.

Regardless of whether they are support units or fighters on the frontlines, female Pro Heroes have made significant contributions in My Hero Academia.

Here's a quick look at the more notable female crime fighters in the series.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the writer's personal views. It also has manga spoilers that haven't been translated to the anime yet.

Midnight, Mt. Lady, and 6 other female Pro Heroes that fans love in My Hero Academia

1) Shino Sosaki - Mandalay


Mandalay is a strong and capable leader of the Wild, Wild Pussycats. At their height, they were ranked 32nd in the official hero rankings.

Mandalay was responsible for helping out the U.A. high schoolers in the Forest Training Camp arc. She also looked after young Kota after his parents were killed.

With her useful Telepath Quirk, Mandalay can telepathically send messages to multiple people. She is quite the support unit in My Hero Academia.

2) Ryuko Tsuchikawa - Pixie-Bob


While her partner Mandalay is calm and reserved, Pixie-Bob is a very hyperactive person. However, she is rather sensitive about her age in My Hero Academia.

Pixie-Bob is a more direct fighter, thanks to her Earth Beast Quirk. She can manipulate the ground and create earth golems.

Since her creations have no thoughts or feelings, Pixie-Bob is the perfect teacher for training Class 1-A and Class 1-B. They don't have to hold back against her techniques.

3) Nemuri Kayama - Midnight


Class 1-A owes a lot to Midnight in My Hero Academia. The U.A. teacher is responsible for helping them come up with hero names, such as Froppy for Tsuyu Asui and Uravity for Ochako Uraraka.

While Midnight does have a few sadistic moments, she does care for her students and will do anything to protect them. Her tragic death in the Paranormal Liberation War caused several of her students to break down in tears.

With the Somnambulist Quirk, Midnight could use her bodily aroma to put anyone to sleep in My Hero Academia.

4) Yu Takeyama - Mt. Lady


Mt. Lady is among the first Pro Heroes ever seen in the series. With the help of her Gigantification Quirk, she can grow large in size and fight huge monsters. There are plenty of them in My Hero Academia, so her assistance is greatly appreciated by the general populace.

Mt. Lady is currently ranked 23rd in the hero rankings. She is a solid fighter, but she also has a tendency to cause some collateral damage.

5) Ryuko Tatsuma - Ryukyu


Ryukyu is a highly intelligent fighter in My Hero Academia. She also happens to be a very good teacher, considering she looks after Nejire Hado and her students, Ochako Uraraka and Tsuyu Asui.

This strong fighter can turn into a dragon with her similarly named Quirk. My Hero Academia fans can always expect her on the frontlines for major battles, such as the Paranormal Liberation War.

6) Rumi Usagiyama - Mirko


Mirko's strength and speed in My Hero Academia remain unparalleled, thanks to her Rabbit Quirk. She often jumps into the fray against even the most powerful monsters, such as the High-End Nomu in the Jaku Hospital.

Mirko is responsible for interrupting Shigaraki's performance surgery in the Paranormal Liberation War. Although she lost several limbs in the process, she can still fight by using her prosthetic enhancements.

7) Nana Shimura


All Might would never have gotten anywhere without the guidance of his mentor. Nana Shimura is the seventh OFA Quirk user. She taught All Might how to make the world smile while saving everybody.

Despite her death at the hands of AFO, she would be the last OFA user to fall against him. All Might would later destroy the villain not once but twice. Unfortunately, AFO was able to groom her grandson, so he became his potential successor.

In a way, Nana bears responsibility for the rise of Tomura Shigaraki and Izuku Midoriya in My Hero Academia. She remains a vestige in the OFA Quirk, tutoring Midoriya in the process of learning his new powers.

8) Cathleen Bate - Star and Stripe


Cathleen Bate, or Star and Stripe, was the number one hero of the United States. After the sudden retirement of her personal hero All Might, she might've even become the strongest hero in the entire world.

Her New Order Quirk breaks down the laws of reality, giving her extremely high potential in My Hero Academia. AFO didn't want to deal with her until he stole the OFA Quirk.

Despite giving up her life against Shigaraki, the hero still managed to outsmart the villain at the last moment, destroying a few of his multiple Quirks in the process.

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