10 reasons why Floch Forster is the most irritating character in Attack on Titan

Floch Forster as seen in the Attack on Titan anime (Image via Wit Studio)
Floch Forster as seen in the Attack on Titan anime (Image via Wit Studio)

While Attack on Titan certainly has its divisive characters, there are few who do so more violently than Floch Forster. From his introduction during the Return to Shiganshina arc to his contributions in the story’s final arc, he always seems to rub some people the wrong way.

Part of this is due to his almost cruel honesty, saying what’s on his mind regardless of how it makes others feel. Moments such as him telling Armin that many military officials view his survival in Shiganshina as a mistake are a perfect example of his brutal honesty.

Here are ten reasons why Floch Forster is one of the most irritating characters in Attack on Titan.

Burning down Marleyan civilian blocks, 9 other actions make Attack on Titan's Floch incredibly irritating

1) Erwin vs Armin resurrection debate


In Attack on Titan’s Return to Shiganshina arc, Floch debates with Levi, Eren, and Mikasa over who should get revived between Armin or Erwin. He argues for Erwin’s survival, saying he’s the only devil who can lead humanity to victory. He also inaccurately discredits Armin here, saying he’s not fit to lead when even Erwin himself said so while still alive.

2) Betraying the Survey Corps


When Floch betrays the Survey Corps in the first half of Attack on Titan’s final season, the scene perfectly details why Floch is so irritating. His cocky, know-it-all attitude when talking down to Hange and others is incredibly annoying. His involvement in the spinal fluid wine plan being revealed here only further highlights his negative attributes.

3) Public execution of Onyankopon and Yelena speech


Making for one of the best scenes so far in Attack on Titan’s final season, Floch’s arrogance gets the better of him here. Instead of killing his two prisoners, he continues to gloat about the Eldian Empire’s power, and how foolish his two prisoners were to oppose it. In great fashion, he’s eventually made to be the fool when Jean and his prisoners escape unharmed.

4) Telling Armin his survival was a mistake


In the aftermath of Return to Shiganshina, Floch tells Armin that his survival was thought to be a mistake by everyone who read the report. While the looks of nearby military officials do confirm this, he had no right to just outwardly say this to Armin. It’s a quintessential Attack on Titan scene which perfectly shows why Floch is so irritating to most of the fanbase.

5) Telling Hitch that Marlowe regretted entering the Survey Corps


Just before turning his attention to Armin, Floch tells Hitch that Marlowe was incredibly brave and the only thing keeping the urgent recruits together. While this seems to be a touching moment, he ruins it by saying he’s sure Marlowe regretted being there in his last moments.

Arguably, this Attack on Titan scene proves better than any other why Floch is so annoying. His brutal honesty, as well as seemingly championing himself for said honesty, is incredibly arrogant and off-putting to anyone, fans, friends, and foes alike.

6) Burning down civilian areas in Liberio


When the attack on Liberio is launched, Floch is seen being rightfully reprimanded by Jean for excessively targeting civilians. Instead, he argues that the only thing in Liberio are “enemies and the places they live,” essentially arguing for the murder of civilians, which is a war crime.

Although a quick Attack on Titan scene, it perfectly demonstrates Floch’s final season mindset.

7) Floch arguing to do nothing at Shiganshina since they die either way


When Erwin is making his final speech during Attack on Titan’s Return to Shiganshina arc, Floch points out and argues for doing nothing since they’ll die no matter what. By this point, fans have seen so many resolute Scouts happily sacrifice themselves for the sake of pushing humanity forward.

Watching Floch completely disrespect their sacrifices here is infuriating to long-time fans of the series. The original Levi Squad and so many others laid their lives down to get Eren and company to this point, only to have Floch try and invalidate their sacrifices.

8) Floch questioning Levi's decision


While Floch doesn’t do more here than ask for an explanation, that alone is enough to get on fans’ nerves. Minutes prior, he ridiculed Eren and Mikasa for rebelling against and questioning Levi’s choice of resurrecting Erwin. Now that things aren’t going his way, he’s suddenly fine with questioning the orders, actions, and motives of his superiors.


9) Floch fighting the alliance at the port

Floch as seen in the Attack on Titan anime (Image via MAPPA Studios)
Floch as seen in the Attack on Titan anime (Image via MAPPA Studios)

While fighting the alliance at the Paradis port, Floch’s determined and genocidal dedication is incredibly irritating. Even when it seems all is lost, he continues pushing the Yeagerists to fight, as their numbers fall by the dozens. The way in which his beliefs shine through in this final confrontation perfectly encapsulates why Floch is so irritating.

10) Floch’s death

Hange, as seen in the Attack on Titan anime (Image via Wit Studios)
Hange, as seen in the Attack on Titan anime (Image via Wit Studios)

Finally, in his last appearance in Attack on Titan, Floch’s perseverance and dedication proved to be incredibly annoying. He latches onto the boat the alliance is using, following them all the way to the mainland in the water. In one desperate attempt, he once more tries to kill the alliance members before being taken out by Mikasa.

Even more irritating is that he does somewhat accomplish his goal by shooting holes in the plane’s fuel tank. This, in turn, leads to Hange’s death in order to buy time for the plane to take off. While she, quite literally, goes out in a blaze of glory by taking down a couple of Colossal Titans with her, Hange’s unfortunate death still lies solely in the irritating Floch’s hands.

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