All 9 Titan Shifters in Attack on Titan, ranked from weakest to strongest

Attack on Titan (Image Credit Via Funimation)
Attack on Titan (Image Credit Via Funimation)

In Attack on Titan, there’s a certain group of people who can turn into the titular Titans. Large and almost two-story tall, these creatures can shrug off blows, have little in the way of internal organs, and sometimes come with a unique ability.

Over the course of the story, only nine forms are there, and this article will look at the weakest to strongest Titan forms.

(This article contains spoilers for the Attack on Titan anime and manga, and reflects the writer’s personal views. Some of the embeds contain depictions of canon-typical violence.)

Attack on Titan's 9 strongest Titan forms

9) Cart Titan


Starting off this list for Attack on Titan is the Cart Titan, a small, four-legged form that allows the user to remain in Titan form for a matter of days. Due to its small size, it is easily the least dangerous of the nine. It is a utility-based Titan, with most of its offensive armaments coming from other sources like a cannon strapped to its back.

That’s not to say the form itself is weak. It's just that on its own, the Cart Titan is best served as a driver or a cart to ferry material and people around. Compared to the others on this list, it simply lacks the tools to be a frontline combatant.

8) Jaw Titan

Number eight is the Jaw Titan, a smaller, more nimble form often used by Ymir in the first two seasons of Attack on Titan. Capable of leaping from tree to tree like a monkey, this Titan has a powerful jaw that can pierce armored hides.

But with that monkey-like agility comes fragility, and the Jaw Titan lacks the real offense needed to be stronger. While its small size does make it agile, it also means that one good hit is all it takes to put this form down.

7) Attack Titan


Despite being the titular Titan, the Attack Titan doesn’t have much in the way of offense or defense as other Titans do, and its power is entirely dependent on the skill of the user.

While Eren was able to use it with his martial arts training, this Titan is a very blasé form that doesn’t have a lot of versatility.

While it can send one’s memories into the past or future, such an ability is rather confusing and doesn’t directly aid the user in combat. While its effects on the series as a whole cannot be understated, the Attack Titan itself is by no means special.

6) Armored Titan


The Armored Titan makes its appearance at the start of the series along with the Colossal Titan. Being covered from head to toe in heavy armor means that this behemoth can charge right through heavily defended walls.

But despite these advantages, the Armored Titan doesn’t have the best track record for winning fights. Once an opponent figures out its weaknesses, including slow pace and limited mobility, the Titan is going down.

5) War Hammer Titan


The War Hammer Titan, despite its awesome name, doesn’t get too much of a chance to shine in the series.

Introduced in the final third of the story, it got one battle scene, which it lost. The War Hammer Titan, despite being named after a hammer, could create a variety of blades with its hardening ability, allowing it to skewer its opponents. In addition, the pilot can control it remotely.

All of these factors mean that the War Hammer Titan is a fearsome foe, but it also gets taken out soon after its introduction.

4) Female Titan


The Female Titan is described as an all-around unit in Attack on Titan, with the ability to harden and summon other Titans with her scream. What makes the Female Titan so terrifying is that compared to the others, it has no real weakness. But it doesn’t have a trump card either, aside from its ability to harden, which many other Titan Shifters can do.

If the pilot is skilled enough, the Female Titan can make up for its lack of a trump card with fearsome marital arts or call on other Titans to serve as backups.

3) Colossal Titan


More of a walking artillery unit than a fighter, the Colossal Titan is the one that kicks off Attack on Titan proper by destroying the wall. Its massive height and ability to emit white hot steam makes it a surprisingly devastating stealth weapon. After all, no one expects a 60 meter tall Titan to just randomly appear out of nowhere.

The only reason it isn’t placed higher on this list is due to its size, which makes it an easy target. Its really more of a siege weapon than an out-and-out fighter like the others.

2) Beast Titan


The Beast Titan earns a high spot on this Attack on Titan list due to its unique abilities. Rather than being at least somewhat human-looking, the Beast Titan’s appearance can vary on the user, ranging from monkeys to dinosaurs.

Regardless, it’s one the most powerful forms due to its ability to make the Titans move during the night, hurling boulders with a pitcher’s grace and talking like a normal person. While it’s debatable whether or not this is due to Zeke’s bloodline and skillset, the fact remains that the Beast Titan is something to be feared.

1) Founding Titan

The one that started it all. The Founding Titan, back when Ymir Fritz first became one, had all the abilities of other Titan forms, including the ability to command them.

What’s more, it can start the Rumbling, an apocalyptic event that results in millions of Titans being unleashed upon the world. This Titan is responsible for much of the plot’s backstory.

How it came to be is unknown, with some believing it to be an alien of some kind, or the devil himself. As many fans expected, this is the final enemy of the series, and one the heroes must overcome if they want any semblance of peace in the Attack on Titan Finale.

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