Berserk Chapter 372 (Full Summary): Casca makes a decision as Griffith hints at something ominous

Guts in the Berserk manga (Image via Kentaro Miura)
Guts in the Berserk manga (Image via Kentaro Miura)

Following a long hiatus, Berserk chapter 372 resumed serialization on April 28, 2023, and satiated fans who have long been worried about the fate of their favorite series. Like Gut's tenacious journey, the series has faced many challenges and was even encouraged to continue after the death of its author.

The fact that Guts has been practicing to defeat Griffith all this time just makes things worse after the former's defeat in chapter 371. For a long time, answers were absent. Now that the recent Berserk break is over, things are slowly kicking into high gear in Berserk chapter 372, with Casca's escape.

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers for Berserk chapter 372.

Berserk chapter 372 highlights

The chapter mostly focuses on Casca, who is almost in a daze, wondering if she is in a dream. Readers experience her ordeal after being abducted by the Band of Hawks as several footsteps approach. The maidens who appear want to dress her up for the upcoming ceremony, and most of the chapter delves into the details of how she is clothed.

The maidens praised her appearance and called her "M'lady" before lauding her apparel. Even as they ask if she feels or looks good in her dress, Casca barely speaks, walking as though she is physically present but has her mind wandering elsewhere. Casca is bathed and guided around Falconia, where there is a beautiful panel of a helix tree.

From the corridor, Casca looks down, sees a bunch of knights walking by, and realizes that the Band of the Falcon is emerging on another campaign. Here in Berserk chapter 372, Casca utters the words:

The Band of the Falcon... They are truly brave, valiant.

Berserk chapter 372 showcases a moment when her maidens wonder whether she is being frightened and suggest they move on. As Casca moves into the open field, she is greeted with brilliant, expansive pastures and children playing in the fields. This is followed by a high tea, where Casca finds herself seated at a table, sipping tea, and eating her meal.

It is in the bath, however, when a couple of droplets of the fall, that Casca's conscious mind starts returning. Here, she rebels. Her physical might and status as the powerful deuteragonist of the Berserk manga are on full display. Casca finds herself cornered by the knights, but she puts up a brilliant fight even without armor. She uses ordinary household items around her to fight back.

As she makes a break for it, the manga brilliantly showcases her desperation when she says:

If I don't make it back... then Guts...

However, she is unable to finish her statement and trips and falls and slowly curls down on her blanket. The scene changes as the knights approach Griffith, saying (while referring to Casca):

"The bird now dozes peacefully in her cage... her flight over."

Griffith's Godlike power is hinted at in Berserk chapter 372 as he says:

"The East...

As Zodd looks on disapprovingly at his helplessness in front of Griffith's power, since he had always believed in brute strength over underhanded tactics, the chapter ends with a shot of the Helix Tree and hinting at the omnipotence of the White Knight whose will determines everything.

Final thoughts on Berserk Chapter 372

It feels ominous to see everyone's favorite deuteragonist Casca succumb to the might of her enemies, and no one knows what will happen to her in the future. Knowing Berserk's dark storytelling style, it is difficult to imagine that everything will turn out well. There was barely any mention and no presence of the Black Swordsman Guts in this chapter, but people can expect to see him return in the next chapter.

Griffith's ominous words and seemingly omnipotent abilities create a sense of foreboding in the anime, but people can hope to see Guts take him on and hopefully win. The next installment might focus on Guts coming to Falconia or Griffith setting his next plans in motion. The next Berserk storyline might focus on Casca's emotional turmoil and her second attempt to escape her captor.

As fans try to cope with the legacy of Kentaro Miura, people can watch various installments of the Berserk anime on YouTube and Crunchyroll.