10 best anime characters like Might Guy from Naruto

Korosensei, Might Guy, All Might
Korosensei, Might Guy, All Might (Image via Lerche, Studio Pierrot, Bones)

Might Guy is one of the most beloved characters from the popular anime series Naruto. Known for his eccentric personality, bowl haircut, green jumpsuit, intense taijutsu skills, and undying passion, he has left a lasting impression on viewers.

Might Guy is characterized by his energetic and passionate personality, taking his intense taijutsu training to the extreme. However, behind this seemingly over-the-top demeanor lies an unyielding heart rooted deeply in his devotion to working hard, protecting others, and never giving up no matter the odds.

For fans who want more characters that embody similar traits as Might Guy, here are 10 of the best anime characters that resemble the “Blue Beast” of the Hidden Leaf Village.

Disclaimer: This article reflects the writer's opinion and is not ranked in any particular order.

Kamina, Ikkaku Madarame, and 8 anime characters like Might Guy

1) Kamina - Gurren Lagann

Kamina (Image via Gainax)
Kamina (Image via Gainax)

Much like Might Guy, Kamina from mecha anime Gurren Lagann has an infectiously energetic and inspiring spirit. He is a fiercely passionate young man devoted to challenging the status quo by defiantly facing any obstacle in his path.

No matter how desperate the situation or powerful the enemy is, Kamina never loses faith in his and his allies’ ability to triumph through sheer force of will. His dramatic speeches often ignite fighting spirit in others, spurring them to reach heights they didn’t think were possible.

Like Might Guy opening the Eight Gates against Madara or taking on Kisame despite perilous odds, Kamina laughs in the face of seemingly insurmountable challenges and miraculously finds a way to overcome them.

2) Ikkaku Madarame - Bleach

Ikkaku Madarame (Image via Studio Pierrot)
Ikkaku Madarame (Image via Studio Pierrot)

3rd squad officer Ikkaku Madarame from Bleach loves fighting with the same fiery passion as Might Guy. Though part of the serious Gotei 13 squads, Ikkaku’s extreme love of battle often results in him grinning madly mid-fight.

Much like Might Guy, Ikkaku has no problem taking fights to the limit if it means getting to test his skills against a strong opponent. Ikkaku even withholds the true potential of his Zanpakuto so that he can have more exciting drawn-out fights rather than quickly defeating his opponents.

Additionally, Ikkaku prefers to stay under the radar to avoid promotion. As a fellow expert martial artist devoted to honing his skills, Ikkaku embodies the same crazy fighting spirit as Konoha’s prized taijutsu expert.

3) Franky - One Piece

Franky (Image via Toei Animation)
Franky (Image via Toei Animation)

Cyborg shipwright Franky of the Straw Hat Pirates has more than a few things in common with Might Guy. They are both rugged and emotional, and endlessly pursue their craft with innovative techniques and extreme dedication.

Franky has quite an eccentric personality, just like Guy. His appearance is distinguished by his speedo, open shirts (sometimes Hawaiian), crazy hairstyles, and flashy custom cyborg-body modifications for battling.

However, underneath the flash lies a man who is both fiercely loyal to friends and infinitely creative in solving problems with his expertise. Franky directly channels his overflowing passion into building and developing fantastical ships for his crew by any means necessary.

4) Joseph Joestar - JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

Joseph Joestar (Image via David Production)
Joseph Joestar (Image via David Production)

Might Guy and Joseph Joestar are both quick-thinking, hot-blooded fighters who use unpredictability and outlandish skills to outmatch opponents. Their wild personalities lead them to make dramatic entrances and loudly announce their presence to enemies in confrontational situations.

In battle, Joseph utilizes strange diversionary tactics much like Guy relies on opening inner gates to perform extraordinarily dynamic techniques. They excel in keeping opponents off balance with their sporadic strategies and refusal to be restrained by standard limitations.

While also specializing in cunning tactics, Might Guy and Joseph Joestar share plenty of similarities when it comes to loudly facing conflict with brazen, youthful intensity. The two would likely get along famously with their kindred bold spirits if they ever met each other.

5) Yusuke Urameshi - Yu Yu Hakusho

Yusuke Urameshi (Image via Studio Pierrot)
Yusuke Urameshi (Image via Studio Pierrot)

Spirit detective Yusuke Urameshi is a classic example of a scrappy punk hero in the vein of Might Guy’s spirited determination. He faces supernatural battles and threatening monsters with a daring bravado backed by an ironclad will to win at all costs, very similar to Guy’s overall approach to challenges as a ninja.

Yusuke loves testing his skills against the toughest opponents and trains relentlessly with the motivation to always exceed his limits, much like Might Guy’s Primary Lotus technique. Their shared refusal to give up when the chips are down turns desperate losses into comeback victories.

6) Lee Pai-Long - Shaman King

Lee Pai-Long (Image via Xebec)
Lee Pai-Long (Image via Xebec)

Lee Pai-Long is an eccentric kung fu movie star in the anime shonen series Shaman King. As an exaggerated parody of famous martial arts actor Bruce Lee, Pai-Long exhibits outrageous speed and power, and screams out loud battle cries while fighting just like Might Guy at his most extreme.

Pai-Long and Guy share a flair for dramatic entrances, such as when Guy made a dramatic entrance to save Kakashi and his team from Kisame, or Pai-Long's exaggerated martial arts display to make his presence known.

As devotees of martial arts who act very animated about their combat skills, Pai-Long is a modern anime character cut from the same cloth as Konoha’s prized Sublime Green Beast of Prey.

7) Mumen Rider - One Punch Man

Mumen Rider (Image via Madhouse/JC Staff)
Mumen Rider (Image via Madhouse/JC Staff)

In terms of gutsiness despite being hilariously outmatched, C Class hero Mumen Rider from One Punch Man earns a comparison to how fearlessly Might Guy takes on any enemy regardless of superior power.

Despite being a regular human, Mumen Rider refuses to back down from disaster-level demon threats, driven by his principle to protect the weak. Mumen Rider's tenacity in facing unwinnable fights mirrors Guy’s spirit in opening the seven gates against Madara or taking on Kisame against crippling odds.

While most heroes only act when they know they’ll get recognition, Mumen Rider and Guy’s primary motivation comes from an unbeatable drive to be heroes who maintain morale and defend those in need.

8) All Might - My Hero Academia

All Might (Image via Bones)
All Might (Image via Bones)

As the world’s greatest superhero, All Might from My Hero Academia shares quite a bit in common with Konoha’s top excellence of hard work, Might Guy. They’re both the most iconic mentors of their respective series who inspire future generations of heroes with their fearless attitudes.

All Might maintains peace with his unmatched strength and charisma, while still reinforcing ideals of rising to the task even when afraid. Similarly, Guy confidently accomplishes impossible missions while passing lessons about perseverance onto Rock Lee and Team Guy.

Beyond their reputations for being the most motivated heroes around, All Might and Might Guy are larger-than-life figures renowned for uplifting spirits thanks to always holding their heads high and facing adversity with clenched fists.

9) Korosensei - Assassination Classroom

Korosensei (Image via Lerche)
Korosensei (Image via Lerche)

The extremely powerful yet good-natured Korosensei from Assassination Classroom shares Might Guy’s mentality of pushing students to unlock their full potential through extraordinary teaching methods.

Korosensei cleverly finds customized ways to help problem students improve themselves, much like how Guy draws out talent in unskilled ninjas like Rock Lee. They both take on roles as unorthodox mentors that students initially struggle to understand but come to deeply respect.

While Korosensei’s abilities are far beyond that of humans, his playful personality and creative approach to nurturing talent mirrors the way Guy’s contagious passion excites students to keep improving. Their shared commitment to preparing the next generation of heroes/warriors is quite admirable.

10) Bang (Silver Fang) - One Punch Man

Bang (Silver Fang) (Image via Madhouse/JC Staff)
Bang (Silver Fang) (Image via Madhouse/JC Staff)

Veteran hero Bang, also known as Silver Fang, shares several parallels with Might Guy as a supremely devoted martial arts master. As an elite master of his respective craft, Bang has cultivated his body to the absolute peak over decades of intense training.

His mastery of martial arts allows him to accomplish incredible physical feats despite his advanced age, mirroring Might Guy's ability to open the Eight Gates through taijutsu skill alone. Though subtle in his methods compared to Guy's boisterous flair, Bang confronts threats with a similar fearless drive.

With their unmatched combat abilities and penchant for pushing limits, Bang and Might Guy exemplify unrelenting diligence to tirelessly bettering their explosive hand-to-hand combat mastery without restraint.


Might Guy’s burning passion, boisterous personality, and embodiment of hard work over natural talent have made him one of the most beloved Naruto characters. Fans drawn to Guy’s heartfelt principles can find characters that capture similar energy and values across many great anime series, whether it's mentors like All Might, fighters like Ikkaku Madarame, or innovators like Franky.

Dedicated and lively individuals who proudly showcase creativity, loyalty, and youthfulness at their finest will always garner devoted fans, which perfectly sums up why Might Guy's flame continues to powerfully burn bright as a one-of-a-kind anime icon.

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