Chainsaw Man chapter 150: Pochita and Denji find a new dream as their home is burnt to the ground

Chainsaw Man chapter 150: Pochita and Denji find a new dream as their home is burnt to the ground (Image via MAPPA Studios)
Chainsaw Man chapter 150: Pochita and Denji find a new dream as their home is burnt to the ground (Image via MAPPA Studios)

Chainsaw Man chapter 150 was released on Tuesday, December 5, 2023, bringing with it the exciting continuation of the War arc, which has been extremely promising so far. While fans were unsure of what to expect from the installment, it delivered in a major and unexpected way.

One of Chainsaw Man chapter 150's biggest highlights is the return of Pochita, who has a brief conversation with Denji before the latter arrives back at his and Nayuta's home. However, what he discovers, both from speaking to Pochita and at his home, seems set to completely change the course of the current in-series events.

Chainsaw Man chapter 150 implies Denji has achieved his dream by revealing a new one in his sights

Chainsaw Man chapter 150: Dreams

Chainsaw Man chapter 150 begins with Denji carrying Nayuta back to their home on piggyback, passing through the streets of Tokyo as they do so. Everything seems relatively peaceful compared to recent chapters, with people going to work and no obvious and apparent signs of death or destruction. The lone exception in this sequence is a truck being loaded up with dead bodies, but the foreground of the same panel shows people going to work regardless.

Denji is seemingly horrified by what he sees, looking away as Nayuta comments on how she might have to go to school tomorrow. Denji then seemingly remembers the "normal life" he's lived recently, thinking about brushing his teeth with Nayuta, walking their pets with her, his time in school, and dinnertime and bedtime with Nayuta.

In the present, Chainsaw Man chapter 150 sees Denji say he has to get back to the apartment and his ordinary life which he'd always dreamed of having. He says he doesn't need to be Chainsaw Man anymore since he's "super happy" right now, asking Pochita if he hears this. Denji then unintentionally steps on a dead crow, turning back to look at it after seemingly feeling bad.

The crow then becomes Pochita, as Denji becomes his younger childhood self. Pochita sits up and says that their shared dream came true, and asks Denji what he will dream of next. Denji doesn't have an answer, leading to Pochita suggesting they dream of a lot of girlfriends or money. However, Denji says he wants to be Chainsaw Man as the issue returns to the present.

Chainsaw Man chapter 150: Nightmares

Upon returning to the present, Chainsaw Man chapter 150 sees Denji and Nayuta returning home to find their entire apartment complex on fire. Barem Bridge is seen standing amongst the spectators as Nayuta says "the pets," prompting Denji to begin sprinting towards the burning building. However, he is tripped by Barem as he approaches his smoldering home, with Barem saying if he was going to burn someone, it had to be family.

He elaborates that he thought killing Asa Mitaka wouldn't rile Denji up that much since he barely knows her, and adds that cats and dogs "seemed more flammable." A clearly infuriated Denji reaches for his starter, but Barem is shot up just before Denji can transform. It's revealed that Devil Hunters led by none other than Fumiko Mifune have arrived, with Mifune warning the others about Barem's transformation trigger and how to prevent its use.

However, as they're all shooting, Chainsaw Man chapter 150 sees the Whip Hybrid appear behind them, killing one agent and injuring the two others besides Mifune. The chapter ends with the Whip Hybrid laughing, along with the confirmation that the series will be taking a one-week break before its next release.

Chainsaw Man chapter 150: In summation

While Chainsaw Man chapter 150 isn't quite what fans were hoping for or expecting from the issue, it's nevertheless a fantastic installment that sets up an exciting near future. The reveal of Denji's new dream of being able to be Chainsaw Man again plays perfectly into the events of the story's second part thus far.

Emphasizing that he had achieved his dream to a point where both he and Pochita were satisfied was a great choice as well. This small yet impactful scene showcases how much Denji has grown after getting to experience the normal life he's always wanted, and realizes that it simply isn't what he wants out of life.

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