Goku from Dragon Ball vs. Kaguya Otsusuki from Naruto: Who would win in a fight?

Goku in ultra instinct form (Image via Toei animations)
Goku in ultra instinct form (Image via Toei animations)

Every time a godlike final boss like Naruto's Kaguya Ōtsutsuki shows up, fans always flock to the internet to ask the simple question of whether Dragon Ball's Goku can defeat them. The answer is usually yes, unless the opponent happens to be of significant standing or power.

On one side, we have Goku, the lead protagonist of the long-running series Dragon Ball who has beaten Saiyans and Gods and fought against strong opponents from other dimensions. On the other, we have Kaguya Ōtsutsuki, the progenitor of Chakra and the Naruto universe, and the godlike final boss of Naruto Shippuden.

This article will attempt to tackle the question of who will reign supreme in the battle of these gods from the Naruto and Dragon Ball franchises.

Note: The article reflects the author's views and contains many spoilers for both shows.

Dragon Ball's Goku vs. Naruto's Kaguya

Let us break down the fight systematically.

Goku's Warrior Profile


Goku, a member of a near-extinct race called the Saiyans, was raised on Earth by his grandfather Gohan after he hit his head and got amnesia. After Gohan's death, Goku lived alone for most of his life until a chance encounter with a girl named Bulma changed everything.

As an experienced fighter, Goku has done it all. He has triumphed over powerful foes including King Piccolo and Moro. His Saiyan abilities grant him the ability to become stronger every time he has a near-death experience. He has gone all the way from Kaio-Ken to Ultra Instinct.


In fact, his first transformation into Super Saiyan God created shockwaves throughout the universe. He's also faster than light, but given the inconsistencies with power scaling in the Dragon Ball universe, that may not be accurate.

However, it is important to remember that Goku is neither perfect nor infallible. He can still die because of diseases, injuries, and drowning among other thing. He also cannot breathe in space. He has been beaten nearly to death by more powerful opponents, especially in Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super, and has needed aid more than once to triumph. Goku also happens to be too trusting, which is a weakness in combat.

Kaguya Ōtsutsuki's Warrior Profile


A member of the celestial clan Ōtsutsuki, Kaguya is considered the mother of all chakra and progenitor of the Naruto universe. Once she consumed the chakra fruit from the god tree, she was able to control the entire ninja world. Over time, she grew tyrannical and sought to subjugate the world. It took her sons several months to seal her away.

Her abilities are godlike, befitting an Ōtsutsuki. She can tear through space and time and create multiple dimensions. She uses all chakra natures, and her spirit bomb style Expansive Truth-Seeking Ball is able to dissolve the world into nothing on impact, shattering space and time. Her All Killing Ash bones disintegrates anything into ash upon contact, as seen with Obito.


Kaguya was able to flash-freeze Naruto and Sasuke, and there doesn't seem to have any limit to her chakra. She can handle physical combat and deliver deadly blows. Her notable abilities include:

  • Regeneration of any lost part of her anatomy
  • Interstellar travel
  • Hypnosis, mind-reading and memory erasure
  • Emission of shockwaves to maim or blow up opponents
  • Effective immortality without a Karma

Kagya has all three dojutsu and can become the Ten Tails, or at least some monstrous amalgamation of it. She was only permanently sealed away and not killed, as none of the ninjas left had the ability to kill her.

Goku vs. Kaguya


Upon closer examination of the Naruto's matriarch's abilities and endurance, it is clear that she would be a formidable opponent for Dragon Ball's Goku, especially when he is not in his Ultra Instinct form. We have to bear in mind that Goku has found himself in trouble mostly in cases when he could not account for the opponent's X-factor (Ginyu's body swapping, for example) or when he stubbornly thought he could handle everything himself.

There is a chance that Kaguya can zap Goku into space. In that case, Kaguya wins by default because Goku can't breathe in a vacuum while she can. However, if he is zapped into her other dimensions, Goku will be able to keep up. An ice planet with a rapid temperature drop? His ki and blasts would keep him warm. A desert environment might be difficult, but the Saiyans withstand extreme heat all the time. Goku will also be comfortable on the gravity planet because of his training. The acid planet is a curveball, but ki can help to block liquids and infiltration of the body as seen in Dragon Ball Z's Buu saga.


Dragon Ball's Goku is vulnerable to mental influence and genjutsu, as breaking out of it would require either disrupting one's flow of chakra, strong smells, or pain not associated with the genjutsu. Goku has been caught in illusions before, though not hypnosis or sleep spells. That is, at least, one vulnerability Goku has, in addition to the aforementioned drowning and illness.

Kaguya also happens to be immortal and can heal from wounds. Nothing less than total obliteration would suffice. However, Goku can't fight for months and years to deplete her chakra.

Given the relative level of strength, Goku's start-up mastery over his various forms (Ultra Instinct in particular) and his victory over tougher opponents like Jiren, Moro, Gas, we can assume that Goku would win against Kaguya. The fight will be very difficult, however, especially if he doesn't start at Super Saiyan Blue. With Kaguya's mental reading abilities, the Infinite Tsukuyomi, her endurance and endless array of powers, Kaguya will wear down Goku, but he will still triumph.


Limiting himself to energy blasts would probably work provided that Kaguya can't absorb them since she can absorb ninjutsu. It's unknown whether ki would be absorbed likewise. Her bones would probably be shattered by the sheer power of the ki radiated outwards if and when Goku tapps into his more godly powers. It will definitely guarantee Goku's victory.

It would have helped if Goku had aid, considering it took Team 7 and Obito at the end of Naruto Shippuden to seal Kaguye away. By himself, he'd want to see just how strong Kaguya could get, which is a weakness many Dragon Ball villains have exploited in the past.

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Edited by Mohini Banerjee
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