Haikyuu!!: 8 greatest high school volleyball captains, ranked

Shinsuke Kita, Tohru Oikawa, and Tetsurou Kuroo (Image via Sportskeeda)
Shinsuke Kita, Tohru Oikawa, and Tetsurou Kuroo (Image via Sportskeeda)

Haikyuu!! is known for its most suspenseful and intense matches full of exuberant plays, quick attacks, and court-shaking serves. However, none of this would be possible without the team being able to rely on a strong foundation. In Haikyuu!!, the captains play a huge role in keeping their team strong with the right mentality.

The captains in Haikyuu!! are the keystones of their plays with their responsibilities varying in receiving, blocking, setting, or even scoring. These captains tend to stand out or be a hidden gem for the team, and are all essential for the team's performance.

So, let's look at the greatest high school volleyball captains in Haikyuu!!

8) Kaname Moniwa

Kaname Moniwa was the former captain and setter of the Date Tech high school volleyball team. Unlike his teammates at Date Tech who looked quite intimidating, Kaname had quite a timid personality. He was not stern or strict and was often worried about his underclassmen, requesting help from his classmates to stop any arguments between the team.

Kaname Moniwa believed in teamwork and was a reliable captain who could easily boost his team's morale with his pep talk. He was a stand-up captain who would even attend Date Tech's matches after his retirement from high school volleyball to support his underclassmen.

7) Suguru Daishou

Suguru Daishou (Image via Production I.G)
Suguru Daishou (Image via Production I.G)

Suguru Daishou was the third-year captain of Nohebi high school volleyball team. He was an interesting captain when compared to others as he was cunningly competitive. Unlike the Inarizaki High School volleyball team who would own the court using the crowd, Nohebi would gain the referee's favor through their actions. The team was able to do this under their captain's guidance.

Suguru enjoyed mocking others to make them vulnerable through his words. However, he would also get emotionally flustered when put in a similar situation. While his skills as an Outside Hitter were good, his stand-out ability was to put on a facade.

He would admit to net-touches, apologize for any mistakes, etc. to increase Nohebi's reputation, after which he would make use of underhanded methods to win points.

6) Kōtarō Bokuto

Kotaro Bokuto (Image via Production I.G)
Kotaro Bokuto (Image via Production I.G)

Kotaro Bokuto was the third-year captain of Fukurodani high school volleyball team. He played as an outsider hitter and was his team's ace. He was extremely good at scoring and was one of the top five aces, missing out on the top three by a small margin.

Kotaro Bokuto had a cheerful personality as the people who would watch him play would want to root for him. He was a very reliable player who everyone loved to watch, as his teammates would go the extra mile to see him score.

However, Bokuto was also prone to mood swings, rendering him useless during the time he was feeling down. These moments were ones to watch out for in Haikyuu!!

5) Wakatoshi Ushijima

Wakatoshi Ushijima (Image via Production I.G)
Wakatoshi Ushijima (Image via Production I.G)

Wakatoshi Ushijima was the third-year captain of Shiratorizawa high school volleyball club. He was Shiratorizawa's ace while also being ranked the best ace in Miyagi prefecture and one of the top three aces in Japan. What made him special was that he was left-handed, as his spikes had a different spin than what the norm was.

Ushijima had a stoic personality and would often refrain from talking too much. However, he was blunt with his words, causing people to believe that he was acting rude.

This would mean that whatever Ushijima would say, he would mean it. Thus, a simple praise from one of the best in the game would motivate his teammates to play better.

4) Shinsuke Kita

Shinsuke Kita was the third-year captain of Inarizaki high school volleyball club. We were first introduced to him in Haikyuu!! To The Top. He was brought up by his grandmother, who taught him to follow a day-to-day routine. He was not an outstanding player, but he kept training and following his routine, and was finally made the captain in his third year.

Kita was confident in his abilities and would rarely make any mistakes. He was attentive and perceptive, observing his teammates' conditions on and off the court.

He was able to predict his teammates' thoughts and ideas and would often serve them the possible outcomes very coldly. He cared for his teammates and was proud to watch them play.

3) Tohru Oikawa

Oikawa Tohru was the third-year captain and setter of Aoba Johsai high school volleyball club. He was previously Kageyama's senior at Kitagawa Daichi and was touted as the Great King by Hinata.

Oikawa Tohru was a great setter who was able to make his teammates better through his sets. He was able to quickly become compatible with any spiker and would give them the best possible tosses.

Besides his setting, Oikawa was a monster at his serves. His serves were a menace to his opponents, even leaving Daichi stunned in Haikyuu!! season 2. He was aloof yet quite confident in his abilities, which would consequently motivate his teammates to play even better.

2) Tetsuro Kuroo

Tetsuro Kuroo was the third-year captain and middle blocker of Nekoma high school volleyball club. He was known as the "Scheming Captain," who would often be able to read the opponents' attacks and make use of his speed to block-out his opponents. However, he was not all about block-outs. He was able to access any situation individually and come up with an appropriate solution.

He loved his team and coach, and it was his dream to be part of the "Battle of the Garbage Dump" in an official match. In order to do so, he not only mentored his teammates but also helped Tsukishima, the result of which we saw in Haikyuu!! season 3. Along with this, we all know his speech before matches to motivate his teammates.

1) Sawamura Daichi

Daichi Sawamura was the third-year captain of Karasuno high school volleyball club. He was a wing spiker, extremely good with his receives and would often go the extra mile to save his team. We have seen numerous occasions in Haikyuu!! how he has been the foundation that has kept his team going.

The most recent event where he saved his team was in Haikyuu!! To The Top against Inarizaki during the final point. Daichi Sawamura is a natural leader and was strict with his teammates. However, he was always ready to hear out his teammates and consider their opinions.

Daichi was a stand-up person, never letting his team down. His words and actions would often paint a reliable picture of him, thus allowing his teammates to give it their all.

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