Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 216: Sukuna finally subdues Megumi as he goes after Tsumiki and Yorozu

Sukuna and Megumi in the anime (Image via Studio Mappa)
Sukuna and Megumi in the anime (Image via Studio Mappa)

Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 216 is a technically heavy and rapidly moving chapter compared to the previous issues. The chapter primarily focuses on Sukuna’s participation in “the Bath” ritual and his pursuit of Yorozu. It reveals a few interesting details regarding Kenjaku’s predicament concerning the Culling Game as well as Sukuna’s past with Yorozu.

In the Previous Chapter, Uraume helped Sukuna subdue Maki and Yuji before they escaped the Tokyo no. 1 colony. Sukuna’s main objective had been suppressing Megumi, who had tried his best to hinder the utilization of his body and Cursed Energy. Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 216 is titled The Bath.

Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 216 explains Kenjaku’s limited control of the Culling Game and Sukuna’s plans regarding Yorozu and Megumi

Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 216 begins at the Zen'in compound where Kenjaku tells Uraume that he cannot merge Tengen with humanity until the Culling Game ends. However, he created something as complex as the Culling Game in exchange for a Binding Vow to “end what was permanent”, indicating that the ending process is arduous and filled with peril. However, he is currently more interested in the Bath.

Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 216: The Bath

The Bath is an old ritual (Kodoku, derived from the Chinese Gu ritual) where inanimate family heirlooms were submerged in a solution of crushed venomous creatures for 10 months and 10 days in an effort to create a powerful Cursed tool. The ritual has been modified by Sukuna to allow himself access to greater evil as well as subdue Megumi’s soul deeper within his psyche.

Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 216 explains that in order to create the sollution with Cursed Spirits, who crumble as soon as they are killed, Uraume used the Ikejime technique of killing, which entails freezing the Spirit at the time of death and carefully separating valuable parts to distill into a pool of Cursed blood and energy. Sukuna emerges from this Bath an unspecified time later and puts on a garb similar to his original appearance.

Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 216: Sukuna and Yorozu

At Kenjaku’s insistent nagging, he replies that he plans to continue using Megumi as a vessel, and after noting a cut on his finger that did not heal, asks Kogane for Tsumiki’s location. Even though Yorozu had been romantically interested in him in the past, Sukuna claims that he cares nothing for the curse and wants only to destroy the vessel, as doing so will push Megumi irrevocably into subjugation.

In exchange for Sukuna’s points, Kenjaku gives him a lift to Sendai, where Yorozu currently is. Takako Uro, who is shown to be alive, senses his presence and promptly starts panicking, indicating a prior history between the two. Sukuna recognizes Ryu Ishigori as someone he wanted to kill before but could not manage to “Fillet.” (He uses the term San-Mai-Ta-Oroshi, meaning fileting a fish into three sections.)

As Ryu tries to hit him with Granite Blast, Sukuna slices his head in three. He later meets Yorozu in an abandoned complex. Yorozu seems to have traded the wings for a scorpion tail and comments on Sukuna’s new vessel. Sukuna replies that he likes this face better.


Kenjaku’s comments prove that he needs something near-impossible to end the Culling Game, given that the steeper the conditions of the binding vow, the greater the yield would be. Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 216 also solidifies the fact that Kenjaku himself has very little power in the Culling Game, as he is no more than a regular player at this point. this once again raises the issue of the Game Master’s identity.

It is unclear how much time has passed between the events of chapter 215 and Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 216. Sukuna did not spend 10 months and 10 days trying to suppress Megumi, but the duration could stretch from hours to days. The process must not be complete, seeing as she needs to eradicate Tsumiki to completely break Megumi.

Sukuna’s preference for Megumi remains a mystery, considering Kenjaku created a vessel specifically for him. His relationship with Yorozu and its effect on his battle with the possessed Tsumiki Fushiguro is vague as of yet, but one has to admit that the two Curses inhabiting the bodies of the Fushiguro siblings is a bit too much to be a coincidence.

Cofusion regarding Yorozu

The discussion regarding Yorozu’s gender has been confusing so far and irrelevant to the plot at this point. According to most Japanese readers, Kenjaku uses the term “Kare,” a masculine pronoun, to refer to Yorozu. However, the official translations of Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 216 have specified Yorozu as “She/Her.”

Since Yorozu is not a common masculine or feminine name, this distinction depends entirely on Mangaka Akutami’s intention. Yorozu’s gender does not play any role in Sukuna’s plans, nor does it present any advantage to either party in the upcoming battle.

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