My Hero Academia: 4 biggest rivals to Shigaraki (and 4 greatest allies)

Truly a battle of good versus evil (Image via My Hero Academia / Shueisha / Studio Bones)
Truly a battle of good versus evil (Image via My Hero Academia / Shueisha / Studio Bones)

Tomura Shigaraki has made several friends and foes in My Hero Academia.

It's not just heroes that Shigaraki has to worry about. Many villains also crave the same power that he does. Shigaraki has to juggle between several rivals that want to bring him down.

Regardless, he isn't without any powerful allies in My Hero Academia. Had it not been for the League of Villains, Shigaraki would've been finished a long time ago. Dangerous criminals work best with other dangerous criminals.

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Warning: Manga spoilers ahead.

These are Shigaraki's biggest threats in My Hero Academia

4) Kai Chisaki


Overhaul is a former Yakuza leader who ran the Shie Hassaikai. His main objective was to eradicate Quirks with a very special drug. Naturally, he didn't get along with Shigaraki in My Hero Academia. The League of Villains lacked strategic planning for their long-term goals.

Shigaraki never forgave Overhaul for his role in killing Magne and crippling Mr. Compress. It also didn't help that he was forced to work under him for a while. In the end, however, Shigaraki made sure he was the only major player in the game. Revenge is a dish that's best served cold.

By the end of the Shie Haissaikai arc, Overhaul was finally defeated by Izuku Midoriya. Shigaraki made sure to pay him a visit during hospital transport. Not only did he destroy Overhaul's arms to make his Quirk useless, Shigaraki also stole his entire drug operation.

3) Rikiya Yotsubashi


Re-Destro is nothing like Overhaul in My Hero Academia. The leader of the Meta Liberation Army believes that Quirks are fundamental rights. He wants to rebuild a world in which everybody can use them freely. However, Re-Destro first needed to deal with Shigaraki and his forces.

The League of Villains had no choice but to fight the Meta Liberation Army. Otherwise, Re-Destro will let the heroes know where to find Shigaraki. He even kidnapped Giran to draw them out into the open.

At first, Re-Destro didn't respect Shigaraki for his lack of ambition. However, after his defeat at Deika City, Re-Destro gave up his leadership abilities to Shigaraki. They joined forces to become the most powerful villain organization in My Hero Academia.

2) Cathleen Bate


Sometime in the past, All Might inspired the number one hero of the United States. It was rather fitting that she would eventually fight Shigaraki to save the world. All Might and All For One are destined to oppose each other forever.

With the ridiculous power of the New Order Quirk, Star and Stripe was a dangerous threat. All For One didn't even want to fight her until Shigaraki had the OFA Quirk in his possession.

Despite her death, she did manage to outsmart Shigaraki. His body was severely damaged and he lost multiple Quirks. The villains only won a pyrrhic victory in My Hero Academia. All For One was absolutely furious with the results.

1) Izuku Midoriya


Shigaraki is to darkness what Midoriya is to light. The former represents All For One, while the latter speaks of One For All. Neither side is willing to compromise on what they believe in. No matter what happens, they are destined to fight each other in My Hero Academia.

Midoriya isn't like most people on this list. Somewhere deep within Shigaraki lies a young child named Tenko Shimura. Despite everything that happened, the hero still wants to save him somehow.

My Hero Academia fans have no idea how this will end. This bitter rivalry will determine the fate of the entire world. The world's greatest heroes and villains will have to make that decision for themselves.

Meanwhile, here are his most valuable partners in My Hero Academia

4) Kurogiri


In the early days of My Hero Academia, Kurogiri had to look after Shigaraki. The latter was prone to anger, which often led to hasty decisions. Kurogiri was responsible for reigning in Shigaraki's worst impulses.

There's a reason why All For One entrusted him with this difficult task. Kurogiri is the one who prevented Shigaraki from taking out Himiko Toga and Dabi. They would eventually prove to be reliable allies.

Although he was later captured by the police, Kurogiri taught Shigaraki everything he needed to know in My Hero Academia. The latter would eventually learn how to be patient and plan ahead. By doing so, he was able to outsmart the likes of Overhaul and Re-Destro.

3) Jin Bubaigawara


Twice might seem like comedic relief, but his tragic backstory resonates with Shigaraki. Neither villain had anywhere else to go in hero society. Twice was responsible for building relationships in the League of Villains.

With the power to duplicate anything, Twice proved himself to be a valuable asset. He would often trick heroes and villains into fighting the wrong person. More importantly, he was also a double agent who ruined Overhaul's plans during the Shie Hassaikai arc.

Of course, with his eventual death in the Paranormal Liberation War, Twice can no longer provide Shigaraki with any further use. His Quirk was considered dangerous enough to classify him as an S-ranked villain. Twice never had the chance to clone the likes of Gigantomachia.

2) Kyudai Garaki


Kyudai is among the smartest characters in the entire series. He was also the personal doctor of All For One.

This man is responsible for creating the Nomu, powerful beasts who serve the League of Villains. Kyudai also made sure that Shigaraki would tame Gigantomachia before lending him further power. He even performed a very dangerous surgery to strengthen the villain.

At one point, the doctor outright admitted that he only wanted to live for Shigaraki's own sake. Kyudai was eventually captured and sent to prison. Of course, damage has already been done by this point. Within the span of a few short months, Shigaraki became a global threat.

1) All For One


Shigaraki would've led a completely different life if he never ran into All For One. The villain chose him to be his main successor in My Hero Academia. Tenko Shimura was simply clay to be sculpted into Tomura Shigaraki.

All For One gave him everything he needed, including Gigantomachia and Kyudai Garaki. Of course, Shigaraki also had to work for it. With that said, it can be argued that All For One doesn't have the best intentions here. He wants to merge with Shigaraki to create the ultimate villain.

All For One is definitely a toxic influence on Shigaraki. In the final arc of My Hero Academia, they are still fighting for control over Shigaraki's body.

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