My Hero Academia: 4 classmates that Mineta can beat (and 4 he can’t)

Mineta is a very good support unit on the battlefield (Image via Studio Bones)
Mineta is a very good support unit on the battlefield (Image via Studio Bones)

Minoru Mineta isn't the strongest fighter in My Hero Academia by any means. However, his strategies make up for his lack of strength in the series. He is physically weak but is a very good thinker.

Mineta relies on his Pop Off Quirk, which produces sticky balls that can stick to any surface.

My Hero Academia characters often underestimate Mineta, which can lead to a quick upset. The Grape Juice Hero knows how to trap his opponents with carefully laid traps. Having said that, he would have a hard time against certain students in Class 1-A.

Note: To make this article interesting, it will not include Izuku Midoriya, Katsuki Bakugo, or Shoto Todoroki.

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My Hero Academia classmates that Mineta could win against

4) Toru Hagakure


Toru Hagakure is not a physically gifted fighter, but her invisibility allows her to sneak around undetected.

As seen in the Joint Training session, Hagakure is not a very intelligent fighter either. She gave away her position during her brief skirmish with Manga Fukidashi, despite having no reason to. This gave Itsuka Kendo the opportunity to grab Hagakure.

Mineta could easily cover the ground using his Grape Rush technique. This would make it very difficult for Hagakure to approach him. If any of the sticky balls touched her, she would lose her stealth advantage. Mineta would know where she is just by looking at a moving ball.

3) Rikido Sato


A single punch from Rikido Sato would knock the living daylights off Mineta. However, strength isn't everything in My Hero Academia.

Mineta can maneuver around Sato by throwing his sticky balls and bouncing off them. The match is over as soon as Sato accidentally steps on a sticky ball.

With that said, Mineta would have to be on the move constantly. He's always been good at running away from opponents, such as Midnight in the Final Exams. He could easily develop a strategy to catch Sato off guard.

2) Koji Koda


Koji Koda is among the few characters in My Hero Academia who can summon animals to fight on their behalf. Mineta would certainly be annoyed having to deal with birds attacking him. He would have to use Grape Buckler to protect himself from physical attacks.

Mineta's best hope would be to repeatedly throw several balls at Koda. He would need to act quickly since Koda needs time for his commands to work.

Mineta could also chain a string of sticky balls for long-distance attacks. This could help the Grape Hero against various flying creatures.

1) Hanta Sero


This match-up can go either way in My Hero Academia. Hanta Sero is yet another Class 1-A student who relies on trapping his opponent with an adhesive. He can build an entire blockade with tape alone.

Regardless, Mineta's small size works in his favor since he becomes much harder to hit. He also has the higher mobility to dodge Sero's attacks, especially if he litters the battlefield with sticky balls. He can even cover Sero's tape with the material, which allows him to bounce off it.

Of course, it really depends on where they fight in My Hero Academia. Mineta is much better off in a flat surface area, while Sero can take advantage of high-rise structures. Again, this match will be determined by environmental factors.

My Hero Academia classmates that Mineta would lose to

4) Denki Kaminari


Mineta prefers to fight as far away from the enemy as possible. Even then, he doesn't always get this advantage.

Long-range attacks go a long way in My Hero Academia. Denki Kaminari covers a widespread distance with his Electrification Quirk. Even if he were to get stuck by sticky balls, he could still attack Mineta with Target Electro.

Mineta is a rather small target, but he lacks the speed to dodge electricity. He can easily get stunned, especially if Kaminari unleashes powerful bursts.

3) Tsuyu Asui


Tsuyu Asui knows Mineta all too well in My Hero Academia. No matter how many traps he lays out, she has the mobility to get around them. Her Frog Quirk allows her to travel long distances with her jumps. She can also stick to walls.

With that said, Tsuyu would have to avoid using her tongue since it's a perfect target for Mineta's Pop Off Quirk. Of course, she can rely on her leg strength for a devastating kick.

Tsuyu can break through dragon scales, a feat she demonstrated against Hiryu Rin during the Joint Training arc. Mineta is not going to fare well in a direct confrontation with her.

2) Tenya Ida


Realistically, Tenya Ida would just outspeed Mineta with his Recipro Burst. This method allowed him to defeat Ibara Shiozaki in the Sports Festival. The Class 1-B student couldn't land a single hit with her vines.

Mineta could try laying out his traps, but he wouldn't be given a chance. Tenya's leg strength and speed are more than enough to knock out the Grape Juice Hero. Mineta's weak constitution is a major detriment in My Hero Academia.

Tenya is also a very good strategist, given his role as the class representative. His keen intellect was demonstrated several times in the series, such as his excellent test scores and placements in physical exams. He is definitely smart enough to figure out Mineta's tactics.

1) Fumikage Tokoyami


Fumikage Tokoyami is among the strongest Class 1-A students out there. There is a reason why he trained under Hawks, the number two Pro Hero of Japan. His Dark Shadow is a giant summoning creature that can be used for offensive and defensive purposes.

Mineta can't really do much here since Fumikage can overpower him right away. His weak physical skills are clearly evident when put up against the likes of Dark Shadow.

It should be noted that Fumikage also has really good reflexes in My Hero Academia. He could easily avoid getting hit by Mineta's sticky balls. Even if he gets stuck, Fumikage could still grab the Grape Juice Hero from a long distance.