My Hero Academia: 4 popular theories that became true (and 4 that haven’t been proven)

Eraser Head and Present Mic were shocked to learn what happened to their old classmate (Image via My Hero Academia/Shueisha/Studio Bones)
Eraser Head and Present Mic were shocked to learn what happened to their old classmate (Image via My Hero Academia/Shueisha/Studio Bones)

Most fan theories end up getting disproven in My Hero Academia, but more than a few actually hold up.

Speculation has always been a fun aspect of this superhero manga. Mangaka Kohei Horikoshi often leaves behind clues for his readers to follow.

Be warned; this article contains major spoilers from the manga. Surprisingly, a good number of My Hero Academia theories were proven correct. Of course, there are still a few more left to be confirmed before the series finally ends.

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Oboro Shirakumo's identity, One For All's villainous counterpart and 2 other My Hero Academia theories that were proven correct

1) One For All had a villainous counterpart


This theory dates back to the early days of My Hero Academia. All Might gave Izuku Midoriya a Quirk known as One For All, which allowed the young protagonist to stockpile tremendous power.

Naturally, readers thought of the phrases "one for all" and "all for one." There was speculation that All For One would be the evil counterpart. Of course, the main difference is that it would take away Quirks rather than give them away.

Chapters 57 and 59 would confirm that this was the case.

2) Hawks liked Tokoyami because he was a bird


During the Hero Killer arc, the U.A. high schoolers needed to apply for Hero Agency Internships. Fumikage Tokoyami was taken under the wing of Keigo Takami, better known as Hawks.

Both characters had a very obvious bird motif. Some fans even joked that Hawks chose Tokoyami simply because of this similarity. However, this particular theory was only partially correct.

Hawks admitted that he liked Tokoyami for his bird features but ultimately wanted to get more information about the League of Villains. By this point in My Hero Academia, Class 1-A fought them several times.

3) Oboro Shirakumo was Kurogiri


My Hero Academia had a spin-off series known as Vigilantes, which featured a flashback character known as Oboro Shirakumo. He used to be Shota Aizawa's classmate. Unfortunately, he was tragically killed in the line of duty.

Long before the Paranormal Liberation War, some fans assumed that Shirakumo was connected in some way to Kurogiri. Shirakumo can be translated to "white cloud," while Kurogiri can be translated to "black mist." Theorists believed that Shirakumo's corpse was turned into a Nomu by All For One.

This was indeed the case in My Hero Academia. Gran Torino and a few detectives had arrested Kurogiri, but he wouldn't give them any leads. A few DNA samples later, they figured out the horrifying truth.

4) Dabi is Toya Todoroki


This had to be the most obvious theory in My Hero Academia history. Nonetheless, fans were excited when Dabi confirmed it during the Paranormal Liberation War.

Fans believed there was a strong connection between Dabi and Shoto Todoroki ever since they first crossed paths in the Forest Training Camp arc. They both had powerful Quirks related to fire. Shoto also had a missing brother who died in a fire, while Dabi had numerous scars on his body.

Dabi even had a staredown with Enji Todoroki at the end of the Pro Hero arc, which centered around the Pro Hero's path to redemption. It wouldn't be until a few arcs later when Dabi revealed his true identity.

Origin of Shigaraki's Quirk, Shinso-Aizawa relationship and 2 other My Hero Academia theories that haven't been proven or disproven

1) Aizawa is Shinso’s father


Aizawa has definitely taken a strong liking to Shinso. He's very much like a father to him in My Hero Academia. Interestingly enough, some theorists believe it's more than just figurative.

For several years, fans have speculated that Aizawa might be Shinso's biological father. They both share a rather sleepy appearance in My Hero Academia. Aizawa is also far more involved with Shinso than his own students.

Of course, it's nothing more than pure speculation at this point. Aizawa sees a lot of himself in Shinso. They both had seemingly villainous Quirks that lacked physical combat use. He felt it would be unfair if Shinso didn't get accepted into the Hero Course because of that.

2) All For One stole Deku’s Quirk


This is a very common theory in My Hero Academia circles. At the beginning of the series, Izuku Midoriya was told he was Quirkless. His doctor had a very strong resemblance to Kyudai Garaki, a personal assistant for All For One.

Some fans believe that Midoriya's original Quirk was stolen, especially since they aren't satisfied with the "double joint" theory proposed by the doctor.

Kyudai is still making sporadic appearances in the final arc. He may still have a role to play in My Hero Academia.

3) All For One gave Shigaraki his Quirk


All For One is not above manipulating anybody for his own selfish needs. This likely includes Tomura Shigaraki, his successor.

It's not farfetched to believe that All For One gave a young Tenko Shimura his Decay Quirk. This ultimately led to the complete destruction of his family.

All For One is a master planner in My Hero Academia. If this particular theory were proven true, it means he could easily manipulate Tenko Shimura to become Tomura Shigaraki. Remember, the boy had nobody else to turn to. All For One could've planned his successor from the start.

4) Tenko Shimura will somehow be saved in the end


This is a rather crazy theory by My Hero Academia standards. Tomura Shigaraki might not get a second chance, but that doesn't mean Tenko Shimura won't. The above video from Vocal Pineapple Academia explains this in greater detail.

During the Star and Stripe arc, Shigaraki tried stealing New Order from a dying Cathleen Bate. Instead, the Quirk revolted against his body right before destroying itself. More importantly, there was a scene featuring Tenko inside the vestige world, calling out for Izuku Midoriya.

Back in the Paranormal Liberation War, Midoriya made it clear that he wanted to save Shigaraki. The idea is that he will somehow manifest the vestige world into reality, perhaps with the second OFA user's Quirk. Tenko will then be saved from the vestige world, all while Shigaraki is defeated.

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