My Hero Academia: 8 characters who will do anything to save Bakugo

Deku always looked after Bakugo
Deku always looked after Bakugo (Image via My Hero Academia / Shueisha / Studio Bones)

He would never admit it, but Katsuki Bakugo has more friends than he realizes in My Hero Academia. Bakugo may not seem like it, but he does want to be a hero. No matter the situation, he never gives up and will continue fighting until the end.

Note: There will be manga spoilers up to My Hero Academia Chapter 364 and this article reflects the writer's personal views.

Bakugo is a deeply layered character, but very few people attempt to understand him fully. All they see is a furious boy with a fierce competitive streak. However, some know what he truly stands for in My Hero Academia. For that reason, they are willing to risk their lives for him.

From Deku to All Might, these My Hero Academia characters would give it their all for Bakugo

8) Denki Kaminari


More often than not, Bakugo insults his fellow Class 1-A students. Kaminari is certainly no exception to his rule. Despite this, he does look out for his teammates in My Hero Academia.

During the Provisional Hero License Exams, Bakugo and Kirishima were taken out by Seiji Shishikura and his strange Quirk. It was up to Kaminari to break them free and let them proceed to another round.

Bakugo did place enough trust to throw a grenade toward Kaminari, which proved helpful against Shishikura. My Hero Academia makes it clear that no matter how many arguments they get into, Class 1-A has each other's backs.

7) Eijiro Kirishima


Kirishima gets along with basically everybody in My Hero Academia. Bakugo considers him a reliable ally since their powers mesh well. Kirishima can defend himself with the Hardening Quirk while Bakugo uses his Explosion Quirk.

It should be noted that Kirishima took part in the Bakugo Rescue Operation after he was kidnapped. He went against his teacher's strict orders to save a friend in need. This was a perilous mission that could've resulted in death by the League of Villains.

Kirishima didn't care that he would risk expulsion from My Hero Academia. He did what he thought was right.

6) Shoto Todoroki


Shoto is more of a rival to Bakugo in My Hero Academia. They are considered the strongest Class 1-A students besides Izuku Midoriya. Nonetheless, they had worked together in the past, such as when they defeated random villains after getting their hero licenses.

More importantly, Shoto risked his life to join the Bakugo Rescue Operation in the Hideout Raid arc. Keep in mind that Bakugo was held captive by the extremely dangerous League of Villains.

That speaks volumes about Shoto's brave actions in My Hero Academia. He risked a lot for a classmate with whom he didn't get along with at first. This shows that Shoto never lets personal feelings cloud his judgment.

5) Shota Aizawa - Eraserhead

While they barely got along at the beginning of the series, the student and teacher respect each other. Aizawa visited Bakugo's family after he was rescued from the League of Villains.

In return, Bakugo also understands why Aizawa has to be hard on his students. The Class 1-A homeroom teacher deeply cares about all his students, but he also wants to prepare them for the real world.

In the final war, Bakugo went up against Tomura Shigaraki in the floating U.A. When it seemed like the young student was going to die, Aizawa practically begged the heroes to save him.

4) Tsunagu Hakamada - Best Jeanist


Like several heroes before him, Best Jeanist believes that Bakugo can be whipped into shape. He wanted to mentor him after the Sports Festival.

Although he considered the internship a waste of time, Bakugo secretly cares about Best Jeanist. He didn't want anybody to know about his new hero name until he told his mentor.

During the final arc, Best Jeanist was devastated when Shigaraki seemingly killed Bakugo in My Hero Academia Chapter 362. However, the hero didn't give up hope just yet. He was more than willing to risk his life against Shigaraki to ensure that Bakugo was revived.

3) Shinya Kamihara - Edgeshot

My Hero Academia Chapter 364 dropped a significant bombshell concerning Edgeshot. Although he didn't have the strongest relationship with Bakugo, he wanted to ensure the boy lived through the final war. Edgeshot didn't have to know him personally to make this decision.

Bakugo's heart stopped beating after Shigaraki tore a hole in his chest. To save his life, Edgeshot would have to sacrifice his own. By doing so, Bakugo's heart would have a chance to start beating again.

He might not be seen all that much, but in this brief moment, Edgeshot proved he was worthy of being called a hero.

2) Toshinori Yagi - All Might


Like most characters in My Hero Academia, Bakugo looked up to All Might and greatly admired his abilities. Somehow, he would always find a way to save the day. All Might also believed in Bakugo's potential, but he also wanted to ensure he wasn't too reckless.

Heroes always make it their mission to protect someone. During the Hideout Raid arc, when All For One teleported Bakugo away from All Might's grasp, the hero could only scream in frustration.

All Might must look after his young student in My Hero Academia. Bakugo might have some anger issues, but he also does have good intentions. All Might will do whatever it takes for Bakugo to achieve his goal.

1) Izuku Midoriya


These young students grew up idolizing All Might. However, they have different value systems. Bakugo strongly believes that heroes should always win. Meanwhile, someone like Midoriya believes that heroes should always make it their business to protect others.

This is indeed a very prevalent theme in My Hero Academia. Even as Bakugo continued to brush him aside, Midoriya was always there for him in his time of need. Eventually, they would develop a much healthier rivalry after Bakugo learned the true nature of the OFA Quirk.

During the final war, Shigaraki purposely went after Bakugo since he knew it would anger Midoriya. By this point in the series, these students have grown a sense of mutual respect. Thus, it is safe to say that, Midoriya and Bakugo would sacrifice their lives for each other.

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