My Hero Academia chapter 346 raw scans: Back-up from U.A. students against Shigaraki’s new form, Mirko in danger

The fight against Shigaraki is the focus of My Hero Academia chapter 346 (Image via TCBScans)
The fight against Shigaraki is the focus of My Hero Academia chapter 346 (Image via TCBScans)
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Fans expected the individual battles to start this week and My Hero Academia chapter 346 did not disappoint. It seems that Horikoshi is starting with the Shigaraki fight, and as such, this chapter does not include Deku’s, Todoroki’s, or AFO’s fights.

Fans can rest assured that Bakugou and Best Jeanist are not as alone against Shigaraki as everyone feared. However, Shigaraki’s new Quirks have come to the forefront in this chapter. Even with support, the hero team is in danger, especially Mirko.

[This article contains spoilers for My Hero Academia chapter 346]

Momo, Denki, and Monoma support the heroes against Shigaraki and his new quirks in My Hero Academia

#MHA #BNHA #MHASpoilers #MHA345 #todoroki #dabiTwo Brothers- MHA 345 coloring

In the last chapter, the heroes successfully separate the villains. AFO was transported to the Gunga Mountains with Endeavor, Hawks, and Tokoyami. The Todoroki brothers were sent to Kamino with Iida and Burnin, while Bakugou and Deku were sent to U.A. to fight against Shigaraki alongside Best Jeanist.

However, Toga snatched Deku away at the last moment to the location where they faced Uraraka, Asui, and Gang Orca. Deku’s danger sense was not activated around Toga.

My Hero Academia chapter 346 raw scans

#MHASpoilers #MHA346 ...Ellos todos juntos. *u* All of them together.

Proving the speculations from last week to be correct, My Hero Academia chapter 346 starts with Mirko, Nejire, Tamaki, and Edgeshot coming out of the portal with Bakugou, who reports that Deku is missing. While Tamaki and Best Jeanist panic, Bakugou guesses that Deku was taken away to another portal, and Nejire states that they should inform someone.

Shigaraki’s eyes are entirely white while he analyzes that he is alone against the heroes and on a surface floating in the sky. He uses “Boku” to refer to himself, the personal pronoun used by AFO instead of his usual “Ore.”

As he touches the ground to use his decay, metal plates come out of the ground to launch him into the air and absorb the decay before it can hit the rest of the facility. Shigaraki hits the forcefield and is electrocuted.

Before he can recover, Best Jeanist binds him with wires. Shigaraki realizes an anti-Decay mechanism and taunts that he can repeatedly destroy them. But the plates are immediately replaced and Best Jeanist replies that they have plenty of resources. He further states that this location was specifically created to stop Shigaraki.

#MHASpoilers #MHA346 Can we talk about the ladies for a sec-

My Hero Academia chapter 346 cuts to the inside of the structure, where Power Loader informs Cementoss that they need to replace the structure. Mei Hatsume requested Momo Yaoyorozu to make more metal plates. Lunch Rush is seen in the background making food for Momo to keep creating.

Best Jeanist said that they know Shigaraki’s powers from his battle with Star and Stripe, and Hatsume came up with this plan to neutralize his decay. The plan was brought to fruition by the joint efforts of Momo, Ectoplasm, Power Loader, and Cementoss.

#MHASpoilers #mha346 #bnha346and then there's denki living his best life like the king he is

The electric fence is powered by Kaminari, Fukidashi, and two other students from different schools with Electric-based quirks. Fukidashi holds the sound effect of thunder and turns it into electricity by his Comic Quirk.

#MHA346 #bnha346 #MHASpoilers Monoma using Awaiza quirk I knew this was gonna happen 😤💯

Shigaraki cannot deflect the shock waves because Monoma is near Aizawa, copying Erasure and using it to nullify Shigaraki. Manual is with them, refreshing Monoma with his water to keep him from blinking and recharging Monoma for as long as they need. However, the heroes run into a glitch because Deku is supposed to hit Shigaraki with Full Cowl at this point in the plan.

She ain’t dead. She just got grabbed. Relax.#MHA346 #MHASpoilers

As they try to work around that, hands sprout from Shigaraki’s arms. No one is aware of this quirk, and Aizawa realizes that Shigaraki was incomplete when they last observed him. Shigaraki says that he is disappointed with Eraser Head’s role and sends his hands towards Mirko. While it’s not Decay, Mirko is caught off guard and some blood is seen.


My Hero Academia chapter 346 assuages all worry by displaying a comprehensive plan. It can be inferred that other students are equally distributed to the rest of the fights to provide backup. However, it would be a terrible oversight on the heroes’ part if they completely forgot that Shigaraki was not complete when he last fought.

It shows a lack of foresight not to anticipate new quirks from AFO’s masterpiece, considering that the entire drive was to catch Shigaraki before the transformation was completed.

Such an oversight seems out of character for people like Aizawa, Yaoyorozu, and Bakugou. My Hero Academia chapter 346 further confirmed that Shigaraki chose not to use his decay out of concern for his comrades in chapter 344.

She been grabbed by hands before. Different threat, but she used to it.#MHASpoilers #MHA346

Mirko has been attacked like this before, so it stands to reason that she would be able to survive. This seems like a fully manifested version of the quirk that Spinner saw Tomura use in chapter 341. Additionally, Shigaraki’s use of “Boku” denotes that he is either linked to or controlled by AFO, which implies that AFO is aware of what is going on in the U.A.

#MHA346 #MHASpoilersI feel in 341 this was Shiggy’s first time using and conquering this quirk. He’s now using it on Bakugo’s team to make up his lack of Decay, something new to Bakugo and Co.

The other three big fights will have to take a back seat unless Horikoshi decides to switch between fights in every chapter. Hopefully, the official translation of My Hero Academia chapter 346 will give the readers more details.

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