My Hero Academia Chapter 349 raw scans: Dabi clashes with Shoto, the Second User of One for All appears

The two most important factors in MHA Chapter 349 (Image via Shueisha)
The two most important factors in MHA Chapter 349 (Image via Shueisha)
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A few panels of My Hero Academia Chapter 349 raw scans were leaked today, confirming most of the speculations from the previous chapter.

The focus is split between three different locations in this chapter, going from Uraraka to Deku to Dabi and Shoto.

Additionally, more about One for All and the Second User has been revealed, with the chapter setting up a complete telling of Dabi’s backstory in the next issue. It is rumored that the manga will go on a break next week, but it has not been confirmed.

[This article contains spoilers for My Hero Academia Chapter 349]

My Hero Academia Chapter 349 splits focus across Okuto Island and Kamino, Deku rushes towards U.A.

My Hero Academia, Ch. 348: Toga’s confession of love has shaken Deku! Read it FREE from the official source!

In the previous chapter, Deku rejected Toga’s proposal, leading to a fight breaking out. After being reassured by Uravity and Froppy that they could manage the situation on Okuto Island, Deku left for U.A. in order to confront Shigaraki.

According to the raw scans, My Hero Academia Chapter 349 is titled “Battle Flame.”

My Hero Academia Chapter 349 raw scans: Okuto Island

#MHASpoilers #MHA349 Ok so… chaoter title battle flame… vetstige content… is the last users quirk a fire quirk?!?!

My Hero Academia Chapter 349 starts with Deku flying across the ocean towards U.A. using a combination of Fa Jin and Float. He is unable to utilize OFA at the maximum output due to the new costume. He has nothing to use as a foothold for Blackwhip in the ocean, so he is not going as fast as he can.

The vestige of the Second User appears. He warns Deku that using his Quirk can be dangerous since it has been strengthened by OFA into an unpredictable force. He advises Deku to take the safer and longer route and trust his friends.


On Okuto Island, Toga proclaims that she is fed up with the heroes and will now do what she wants to do. Uravity retaliates by taking a fighting stance and stating that she will also do what she deems right.

Froppy is relieved that Deku is gone since she doesn’t think he is capable of compartmentalizing. Toga reaffirms her belief in the villains by caressing a vial of blood and saying:

“Isn’t that right, Jin?”

Kamino Ward

#MHASpoilers #mha349 #bnha349we're finally going to find out how he got to this so excited for the next chapter omfg....i hope we also find out why he chose the name dabi cause im really curious about that

My Hero Academia Chapter 349 then cuts to Kamino, where the ward is engulfed in flames, reminiscent of Hosu. A Nomu, who can produce large needles, is giving the heroes trouble. Iida shouts at Shoto Todoroki that he can’t go any nearer to the flames without compromising his engines.

Dabi, who had been hanging onto the All Might statue and surveying the area, drops to where Shoto is standing amidst the flames with Burnin, Kido, and Onima. Kido is surviving the heat by redirecting the flames away from him, and part of his face is shown.

#MHASpoilers #MHA349 #bnha349two bird on a wireone says cmon and the other says I'm tired

While Dabi is affronted that Endeavor is not present to confront him, Burnin affirms that they trust the Flame Hero despite not knowing the Todoroki family matters.

Shoto thanks his father’s sidekicks for their support and tells his brother that he is here out of his own free will. This is because he would not be the hero he wants to be if he left Touya to the fate he has chosen.

Dabi concludes that the whole war is a clash of personal ideologies, an upset of everything that holds the system together. Dabi wants to trigger a paradigm shift alongside the League, who are proof of this society’s false ideals.

On this page, Shigaraki, Toga, and Spinner are seen, the latter of whom looks distinctly different from before.

Shoto asks his brother why he did not return to them after he survived the fire at Sekoto Peak. Touya decides that it is time to let Shoto know everything that turned Touya Todoroki into Dabi, a complete origin story.

Further speculations

The two most important developments in My Hero Academia Chapter 349 are the appearance of the Second User and the progression at Kamino.

The Second User uses the older term “Meta Ability,” not “Quirk,” confirming that he is not a time-traveling Bakugo for those who were still holding out hope. His Quirk could be revealed in the next chapter.

Uravity and Froppy seem ill-equipped to handle “Sad Man’s Parade,” which is likely Toga’s next move. Many have raised the issue that Hawks should be present for an end to Twice’s story, just as Endeavor should be present for the retelling of Dabi’s origin.

Shiggy noticed Dabi’s skin falling apart and tried to tell him#MHASpoilers #MHA349

Pieces of Dabi’s skin are seen shedding and burning out, leaving his bones and muscles exposed. Readers will remember that all that was found of Toya Todoroki was part of his jaw, and Dabi’s lower jaw looks both exposed and reconstructed. Most fans have taken it as confirmation that Toya will not be surviving this war.

Dabi’s origin will likely be both tragic and moving enough for Shoto to gain new insights into his brother’s disposition. However, it is unlikely that it would turn him completely against the heroes. Hopefully, the official translation of My Hero Academia Chapter 349 will clear things up.

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