Naruto: 10 best Sasuke Uchiha quotes that hit the spot

Some of Sasuke's best quotes in the series (Image via Masashi Kishimoto/Shueisha, Viz, Naruto)
Some of Sasuke's best quotes in the series (Image via Masashi Kishimoto/Shueisha, Viz, Naruto)

Sasuke is one of the most important characters in the Naruto series and has certainly influenced the plot by a great deal. Those who started watching the anime were probably in their early teens and grew up watching characters progress.

Sasuke is so popular because of how edgy he is, which certainly appeals to teenagers who are a great part of the demographic.

One of the biggest reasons why Sasuke was well-known was because of his dialogues. There were a ton of self-loathing and angsty lines which some people could relate to. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular dialogues by Sasuke in Naruto.

10 iconic quotes by Sasuke Uchiha from the Naruto series

1) Sasuke’s Introduction

"My name is Sasuke Uchiha. I hate a lot of things, and I don't particularly like anything. What I have is not a dream, because I will make it a reality. I'm going to restore my clan, and kill a certain someone."

When Sasuke was first introduced in the series, a ton of fans loved his character design. While he might have been aloof, he was certainly quite strong and was one of the most talented kids in the academy. This was one of his lines in the series during the introductory stages that hinted his horrid past with his brother and the Uchiha clan.

2) Bonds

"Having too many bonds causes one to lose focus, weakening their strongest wish, their greatest desire."

Sasuke developed good friends since he was deployed in numerous missions with Sakura and Naruto. However, he realized that he needed the right amount of power and hatred in order to beat his brother.

Sasuke sought power since he wanted to avenge the entire Uchiha clan, and decided to flee the village as well. He realized that he shouldn't stray from his path and that friends would only get in the way of his goal, and that was to kill Itachi.

3) Strength

"I have told you before, I'm an avenger. I don't care about this test, Chunin or whatever. 'Am I strong?' That's the answer I want."

This is one of those quotes that really showed just how far Sasuke was willing to go in the Naruto series. He wanted two things that he thought were crucial in beating Itachi: hate and power.

Sasuke was desperate enough to seek power from Orochimaru and decided that he would take his help in order to kill Itachi since he was responsible for the death of the former's entire clan.

4) Special

"Naruto... I know you're special, but I am more special than you!"

This line might be a little cringeworthy, but when fans were teenagers and listened to this line, it certainly spoke to their angsty parts.

Sasuke would get quite irritated because Naruto was quite loud and always talked about his goals of becoming a Hokage, while all Sasuke wanted to do was to kill his brother. He also hated that Naruto constantly got better and had more chakra, which allowed him to do things Sasuke couldn’t.

5) Dream

“My dream doesn’t exist in the future. It lies in the past. That’s the only place it exists.”

This is yet another quote that really highlighted his fixation on Itachi and the revenge he was plotting for all those years. Sasuke really wanted to kill his brother because the Uchiha clan was something he was proud of.

He was traumatized by all the blood and bodies he saw that night. It must have been very difficult to see his parents get killed by his brother and Itachi’s apparent reason for doing so was to test his abilities, which fans realized was a lie towards the end of the series.

6) Naruto

“Naruto... it's too late, nothing you can say will change me! I'm going to kill you and every last person in your beloved village! It's time to make your choice! Kill me and become a hero, or die at my hand and become another one of my victims!”

This is yet another popular dialogue that the character had in the series. Naruto is someone who wanted to change Sasuke’s approach and wanted to prevent him from going down a path of no return.

However, he had made up his mind and all he seeked was revenge for all the wrongdoings he had seen. This is why Naruto and Sasuke often fought against each other in the series.

7) Sakura

“Was she having fun in her little make-believe fantasy of true love? As for me, I have absolutely no reason to love her and likewise, I can see no reason why she would love me."

This is one of those lines that honestly made sense and had most fans agreeing with Sasuke. Sakura developed a strong infatuation for him during their early days at the academy and it hadn’t changed since then.

Naruto and Kakashi had to save Sakura because Sasuke was about to kill her. Despite all of that, she loved him and it was only logical that this was going on in his head because he genuinely couldn’t figure out the reason at the time.

8) Path

"This is the path I walk. Neither you nor anyone can change hat."

Sasuke got a taste of power after he received the Curse Seal from Orochimaru during the Chunin Exams. This made him realize that Orochimaru could possibly give him the right amount of power in order to defeat Itachi.

This made him decide to flee Konoha in search of Orochimaru at that time and Sakura attempted to stop him. She wanted Sasuke to stay with her and not do anything evil.

9) Skills

“You’re actually worse than Naruto.”

Sakura wanted to spend some time with Sasuke prior to the Chunin Exams because she was in love with him and wanted the relationship to progress. However, Sasuke wasn’t all that interested and he even went to the extent of commenting on her skills as a ninja.

He said that she should spend more time training and focus on her abilities as a kunoichi because she was worse than their third teammate. Sakura was hurt for obvious reasons, and it's something that fans certainly remember.

10) Help

“I don’t know. My body moved… Of its own accord…Fool.”

One of Team 7's first missions was fighting against Haku and Zabuza. They clearly struggled against Haku who specialized in Ice Release and almost killed Sasuke in the process.

When Sasuke jumped in front of Naruto to save his life, the latter questioned his decision to do so. He didn’t want Sasuke to help him out at the cost of his own life. Sasuke said that he hated him but his body just moved and he didn’t think too much about it.

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