Naruto vs Sasuke final fight disrespect has longtime fans in disbelief

Sasuke and Naruto at the end of the final fight as seen in the 20th anniversary trailer (Image via Vizmedia)
Sasuke and Naruto at the end of the final fight as seen in the 20th anniversary trailer (Image via Vizmedia)

The Naruto vs Sasuke fight at the very end of Kishimoto’s manga is not only a turning point in the story but also makes for an intensely emotional sequence. It is not just the culmination of the rivalry brewing throughout the series, but also encapsulates a key philosophy of the series. The Sage of Six Paths puts it briefly: the purpose of the past is to shape the future, suggesting that even hate can be transformed into love.

Thus this entire Naruto vs Sasuke fight sequence is dear to nearly every fan of Kishimoto's manga series. Now, given the significance of this moment in the series, it is only natural for fans to react strongly when they feel it is being disrespected.

Recently, such a situation has arisen where a post on platform X has received a lot of attention for what fans perceive as a lack of respect towards the final battle.

Naruto vs Sasuke being compared to lesser anime fights draws ire

Much of the manga is about Sasuke gaining power to voluntarily enter the world of darkness, to be truly alone, so that he can suck in all the hatred and be the enemy to the shinobi world. This way, he believed, the shinobi world would remain united.

Sasuke had been able to cut many ties as a result, but Naruto refused to give up on him since, despite their rivalry, he still viewed Sasuke as his best friend. Naruto understood what it is like to be lonely because he also grew up alone and ostracized.

Naruto vs Sasuke as seen in the anime (Image via Studio Pierrot)
Naruto vs Sasuke as seen in the anime (Image via Studio Pierrot)

Eventually, Naruto convinced Sasuke to abandon his mission, encouraging him to view the world from a different perspective and understand the pain of others. Thus, the fierce battle where both rivals fought till they exhausted their chakra, and resorted to fist fight, and even lost an arm each, came to an end with their reconciliation.

For anyone familiar with anime and manga, the Naruto vs Sasuke battle is a must-have in any list of remarkable final fights. A recent list has rightly included this battle, but according to fans, the other final anime fights on the list do not deserve to be considered at par with Naruto vs Sasuke.

How have Naruto fans reacted?

An exhausted Sasuke and Naruto continue fighting (Image via Studio Pierrot)
An exhausted Sasuke and Naruto continue fighting (Image via Studio Pierrot)

A prominent tweet criticizing the compiled list of top anime fight scenes in the last decade features LeBron James, the famous American professional basketball player for the Los Angeles Lakers. The accompanying text implies that just as LeBron is a cut above his peers, the final battle scene in Naruto surpasses those in the other series listed.

The list includes battles like Saitama vs Boros in One Punch Man, Deku vs Shoto in My Hero Academia, Levi vs Beast Titan in Attack on Titan, and Mob vs Koyama in Mob Psycho 100. Here is how fans have reacted:

"No one touching Naruto vs sasuke level," tweeted one fan of the series.
"Out of all of these I don’t think any of them even come close to Naruto vs. Sasuke. They’d been building up to this ultimate rematch ever since the first time they fought as kids and when they met at the 5 Kage summit," opined another fan.
“This is actually a solid question.
I'd argue DS and MHA's fights are important to the landscape of the anime fandom today, but stuff like the JoJo's fight and Naruto vs. Sasuke were iconic because everyone was anticipating them.
There are just so many factors to consider,” one X user justified the importance of the final fight scene.

Indeed it is shocking to see that some iconic battles from Dragon Ball and One Piece are also missing from the list. But anime lovers have agreed that DIO vs Jotaro from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure deserves a spot alongside Naruto vs Sasuke.

“Respect DIO vs Jotaro, legit one of the most iconic fights in manga history, especially in Japan,” wrote one X user.

Thus, anime fans have really reacted negatively to the list.

“they also should’ve excluded naruto vs sasuke to make it fair tbh, no bias just straight facts,” wrote a fan sarcastically.
“Snuck in tanjiro vs random demon number 55,” criticized an X user.
"how *** did that demon slayer bs sneak on here?
Are there really no better anime fights to add?" questioned another X user.

Rejecting Tanjiro's battle with Rui reveals a lot about the significance of Naruto's emotional and philosophical aspects, as Demon Slayer is among the best anime ever made purely on the basis of its visuals.

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