Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Super Stage - Teen Gotenks teased, new film clips shown, and more

A part of the key visual announced at the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Super Stage (Image via Shueisha)
A part of the key visual announced at the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Super Stage (Image via Shueisha)

The Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Super Stage took place on February 19, at 6:30 PM EST. While the Super Stage did not showcase a new Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero trailer, three clips of the film were shown, as well as other significant announcements.

The Super Stage's three guests were executive producer Akio Iyoku, producer Norihiro Hayashida, and director Tetsuro Kodama. Hosting the panel was Sascha, who introduced all three and asked questions during the Super Stage.

Follow along as this article breaks down every major announcement and reveal from the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Super Stage.

Everything discussed at the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Super Stage

Full key visual and Teen Gotenks' tease

From left to right, director Tetsuro Kodama, producer Norihiro Hayashida, and executive producer Akio Iyoku (Image via Shueisha)
From left to right, director Tetsuro Kodama, producer Norihiro Hayashida, and executive producer Akio Iyoku (Image via Shueisha)

After the three panel guests were introduced, the segment dove right into discussing the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero's key visual. The film staff discussed how the key visual is unique due to everyone posing like they’re about to do a special attack. They continued, saying each pose is meant to portray something about the poser's personality.

Some characters were discussed more in depth, and of particular note in this area was Pan. Iyoku pointed out that Pan seemed to be a little older than when she was last seen. He continued by telling viewers Pan may be “one of the superheroes this time,” in a half-joking, half-serious way.

After some prodding by Sascha regarding the timeline of the film, the second half of the key visual was revealed. Revealed in the missing half of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero’s key visual was a teenage Goten and Trunks, doing the Fusion dance. Following Sascha's noting of their age, Iyoku said “some time has passed… since Broly,” referring to the Super: Broly film.

Iyoku further implied Trunks and Goten to be teenaged, and said the series had seen him thus far as a child and a man, but not a teen. While not the big, green reveal some fans were hoping for (and others, dreading), this is still a welcome development for a beloved group of characters.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero clips

The Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero stage then began showing three separate clips from the film. Each clip was built upon a scene from the movie previously revealed in the trailer, essentially showing fans more of what had already been seen.

The first clip shows Dr. Hedo either escaping from or launching an attack on a prison area. The clip opens with an establishing shot of the prison, before showing Dr. Hedo walking out of a gate and throwing something in. As he walks away, the explosion clip seen in the second trailer for the film plays out as previously seen.

The film staff then discussed the animation style, and how it allowed for great lighting and shadowing effects. The clip in question demonstrated this beautifully as it showed Hedo slowly walking out of an unlit area into a lit area.

The second clip expanded upon Gamma 2’s attacking of Piccolo, as previously seen in the second Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero trailer. Gamma 2 is seen attacking Piccolo and beginning the fight, before talking to Piccolo while flashily posing and twirling a shark-modeled gun.

Gamma 2 then engages Piccolo in close quarters combat, eventually knocking the Namekian down into some rubble, creating a smoke cloud. The clip was meant to highlight the tiny details and the quality that the film's animation style allows. The particular example given were the creases present in Gamma 2’s clothes as he posed.

Finally, the third clip expands upon Gohan’s confronting of the Red Ribbon Army. It shows him rushing Gamma 2, as well as Gamma 1 rushing towards Gohan where the two headbutt. Gohan then goes into Super Saiyan (like in the second trailer) before the clip ends.

The third clip is meant to highlight the fluid and quick motion of the characters, and how detailed the background remains with this animation. Iyoku also took the time to discuss the inclusion of rain, and how it further emphasizes the speed and fluidity of their motions.

North American release date and other announcements/features

While coming much later in the presentation than the film clips, the North American release date for Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero was announced as being sometime this summer. Sascha and the film staff seemed very excited to provide this much-anticipated release date.

Before getting to that, however, the panel discussed how the Red Ribbon Army came to be the film’s antagonist. Iyoku began discussing how they wanted the battle to take place and be focused on Earth.

Iyoku and staff continued, and said that the parameter naturally led them to the ever present Red Ribbon Army. Having ended this line of discussion, the film staff teased that while the Red Ribbon Army functions as one unit when they have to, this isn’t always the case. Perhaps this was meant to tease discord amongst the group’s leadership, which will be seen in the film.

In a special treat, Dr. Hedo’s Japanese voice actor Miyu Irino then answered several fan questions. Many of these related to Irino’s experience voicing Hedo, of which he said only good things.

He even went as far as to share that he viewed voicing such “a cute one” like Hedo as a good challenge for his voice acting skills. The interview ended by showing film clips of Irino’s performance as Hedo, which he then commentated on. After thanking fans, the interview session ended.

While she didn’t provide any big news or additional information, Masako Nozawa did appear and thanked everyone for watching and supporting the film in pre-release. Despite not having any news to break, fans are always happy to see Goku's Japanese voice actor make an appearance.

Wrapping up Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Super Stage

The Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Super Stage broke a lot of great news regarding the film and what fans can expect. The announcement of Teen Goten and Teen Trunks appearing is incredible, as well as the tease of Teen Gotenks’ additional debut.

Furthermore, the analyzation of clips by the present film staff offer great insight into why the computer graphic animation style was chosen. While not the most exciting section, this was no doubt the most informative part of the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Super Stage.

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