One Piece anime resolves a key Egghead arc confusion from the manga

One Piece anime resolves a key Egghead arc confusion from the manga (Image via Toei Animation)
One Piece anime resolves a key Egghead arc confusion from the manga (Image via Toei Animation)

Earlier this weekend, the television One Piece anime aired its latest episode in the Egghead arc, which it is adapting from author and illustrator Eiichiro Oda’s original manga series. Likewise, fans were particularly excited as the latest installment has begun setting up the next stage of the Egghead arc’s events, first by establishing that a traitor is hiding among the Vegapunks.

Fans got their first inkling of this in the latter half of the One Piece anime’s latest episode, which saw Vegapunk Pythagoras attacked by the S-Snake Seraphim before she set her sights on York. Given the authority hierarchy which the Seraphim are set to follow, it’s clear that one of the Vegapunks has indeed given an order which now cannot be overwritten, hence the reveal of a traitor.

Likewise, the One Piece anime was much clearer about this scene in its adaptation, explicitly outlining that the S-Snake Seraphim was the one who attacked Pythagoras. This actually resolves a key point of confusion amongst manga readers from the associated source material, finally bringing an end to the long-standing debate.

One Piece anime confirms S-Snake, not Saint Jaygarcia Saturn, was the one who attacked Pythagoras

Prior to the One Piece anime’s clarification on the matter, many manga fans were under the impression that Saint Jaygarcia Saturn of the Gorosei had somehow attacked Pythagoras. This was largely due to the assailant as seen on the Visual Transponder Snails being portrayed as an amorphous and featureless blob in the corresponding source material.

Fans’ minds went to Pythagoras for two key reasons. The first was that he was already confirmed to be on his way to Egghead Island alongside Admiral Kizaru and his forces. With the Gorosei’s abilities also having been completely unknown by this point, fans were sure he used some sort of teleportation power to quickly invade and depart Egghead Island without a trace.

The second was that, as mentioned above, the Vegapunks were not able to override the order that S-Snake was given to begin attacking everyone on Egghead Island. With the Gorosei being the only ones above the Vegapunks in the hierarchy as far as fans knew at the time of the chapter’s publication, this was a logical conclusion to draw. This conclusion was also more intuitive than recognizing that one Vegapunk can’t override a different Vegapunk’s order.

While never really a point of major importance, it has since been a major point of contention amongst manga readers due to what it could say about Saturn and the Gorosei’s abilities. However, the One Piece anime has put the topic to rest, with its rendition of the aforementioned security camera footage clearly portraying the assailant as the S-Snake Seraphim.

This is largely evident due to the shape of her head and hair in the footage, as well as what her height appears to be when considering the positioning of the camera. These choices, combined with her appearance shortly thereafter, officially confirm that it was indeed S-Snake, and not Saint Saturn, who had attacked Vegapunk Pythagoras.

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